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men fighting back


              1. Having large sums of money in ANY bank. (They are all con men see HERE)
              2. Having any kind of mortgage with a bank. (They are all scams see HERE)
              3. Marrying and signing a state marriage certificate. (Notice NO small print see HERE)
              4. Having a child. (Maybe the single most dangerous threat to a mans welfare see HERE)
              5. Entering ANY court especially NO JURY civil courts.(Mason judges make it up see HERE)
              6. Hiring a lawyer anywhere across the globe. (ALL part of the Bar associations see HERE)
              7. Trusting any politician.(They are ALL on the take see HERE)
              9. Taking out any type of credit especially for a large purchase like a car (see HERE)
              9. Trusting any journalist who answers to the corporate media (see HERE)
              10. Trusting any cop who answers to masonic superiors (see HERE)
              11. Allow social workers, lawyers and judges with a homosexual (HERE) or radical feminist (HERE) agenda to decide
              on the future welfare of your children (see HERE)
              12. Doing any form of business with a FREEMASON. ( ALL of the above included see HERE)

them and us



We all strive to better ourselves , in our lives and in our children's lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others. The ruling mafia have created an underclass for a number of reasons and would include letting us all know that if we do not follow their rules we may end up on the streets. Also their mass media propaganda machine ensures the poor, disabled, vulnerable and sick can be used as a punch bag and blamed for ALL the ills of the world and have us believe it is the POOR that are stopping us from bettering ourselves.

This is maybe the most ruthless and devious lie created by the press barons who have ensured the sheeple's venom is vented towards those least able to defend themselves while distracting attention away from the ruling mafia who live opulent lifestyles and with riches so VAST no one can truly comprehend how vast that wealth is. Fortunately the internet is rewriting history and exposing the myths within a propaganda machine that must break this despicable cycle of deceit and were a psychological battle has been waged on our minds to ensure we remain compliant with the ruling elite's demands. We must all re-learn to respect those who need our sympathy and understanding, not venom, and we must also be aware that every man facing injustice will allow in the end all men to face that same injustice .

Without fighting for the weakest in our society, while complying with the ruling mafia's orders, we condone and perpetuate a well orchestrated master plan that will allow these evil bastards to hold onto power unless our humanity has a massive wake up call and remove that ruling elite from power in one way or another. It is only in the interests of the ultra wealthy that this system can carry on ad infinitum. Everyone else will continue to suffer, as they have done throughout history, while the ruling mafia carry on their deceitful and diabolical plans and all part of their new technological order.


The best index to a person's character is how they treat people who can't do them any good, and how they treat people who can't fight back.



  • The X Factor vision of society blames the poor for their predicament
  • Campers descend on central Paris to highlight plight of homeless
    Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals?
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice?
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms?
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants?
    Do you think bailiff's act honestly when evicting homeowners?
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children?
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare?
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services?
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health?
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous?
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us?
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ?
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security?
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line?

    If you have been reading and watching the complicit media for most of your life you likely have been brainwashed into believing all of the above, when in fact many are criminals or forced to act in a criminal way for their masters. They only get away with murder to protect the self appointed elite pulling the strings of their satanically controlled duped goons who act ONLY in the interests of the psychopathic madmen and women running the world while living in VAST OPULENCE.

    You might also believe that the latest credit crunch is affecting everybody, but look closely at the facts and you will see there is a tier of privileged individuals who NEVER suffer during controlled recessions. In fact they PROSPER while millions struggle to survive the sudden changes of fortune brought about by the few at the top deciding to rein in the pittance they provide in sustenance to the masses primarily to stop any major dissent from their form of enslavement and tyranny . For centuries these few dynastic families have been getting away with absolute murder turning generation upon generation of our forefathers into slaves for the ultra wealthy. Unless we stop them now our children and grandchildren will suffer the same deviant world they claim is some kind of civilized society. They have required a massive propaganda network to get away with this for so long, but by the day that machine is grinding to a halt in the mass exposure of the monstrous evil they have been getting away with.

    Do not be fooled by the fancy clothes and ancient traditions, these mobsters have been using subtle and devious tricks of the trade , disguised as some sort of esoteric knowledge, or so they claim, while using thuggery, blackmail, bullying and abuse to persecute anyone who steps outside their masonic bubble. These maniacs and psychopaths have been raping and murdering in endless wars they create to keep us all in fear and in our lowly place.

  • Super Rich The Greed Game (VIDEO)
  • Credit crunch? 619,000 millionaires living in Britain rising 17 per cent over the last two years
  • A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocracy
  • Pay gap between highest and lowest earners growing faster in Britain than any of the world's richest countries
    wake up Your passionate way with words is a daily source of energy to me and, I would expect, lots of others subscribers---keep it up!!...john
    There are hundreds of websites, probably thousands, devoted to men’s issues and combating feminism. Something for everyone. We are glad the topic is under discussion from every angle. But if you really want to understand the New World Order conspiracy, one site stands above the rest because it has the correct New World Order worldview (or close to it): International Men’s Organisation.
    From a review by the NWO University Forum
    Brilliant website matey I read it often and it blows my mind how much information you have gathered over the years well done dude. Sullers
    RELIABLE TRUTH SITES partisan 17 June 2012
    These are some sites that I find informative and balanced and more so, those sites somehow inspire and move one towards the light of Truth. HERE
    I have been reading stuff on your website for some time and can relate to everything that is being exposed. Glad there is a website out there which is really showing up and exposing it all. Kind regards DR
    Hi! Great site! Telling it like it is. Keep it up! Best Regards, Dr.Les Dove
    Love the site, you have a done an awesome job Dan
    I am an avid reader of International Mens Organisation. JB
    We love!
    I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website. Thank you for your wonderful resources. VB
    I just checked your website and I am blown away!! Its so cool to be in contact with you!! Axel
    I have been reading your site for some time now and gaining a deep insight into the workings of this so called democratic western world we live in. I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much. Just as a good mate of mine always says: Ignorance is the worst sin. Therefore the revealing of knowledge and understanding must be the greatest virtue. Thanks again Rory UK
    Amazing info on the site keep up the fab work. NN
    Dear Sirs , I just want to say how much I love your site. I've been an avid truth seeker for many years and would be a big time follower of the Jeff Rense program, but I really think your site is one of the best, well laid out and most interesting alternative media site. I've only known of its existence over the last week, but I'm already hooked on it. Keep up the fantastic articles and pressure on the NWO scum. Name and email supplied
    I just suddenly found your site on the internet, and WOW - it really is packed with useful information about the inhuman beasts who are planning the NWO. Their activities are far advanced in my country Sweden, but England is leading with regard to public camera watching. Unfortunately your multimillion population seems to be as sleeping as our 9 million sheeple. Good luck and keep holding up the torch of Knowledge! Best regards , Name and email supplied from Sweden


    We try and ensure most of what is published is important and highly relevant to men globally and especially those men made homeless and penniless by the evil misuse of the law and courts that have a feminist / homopaedo / masonic /zionist / law society driven agenda.

    We reproduce important articles under 'fair use' and in the 'public interest' with due credit to our sources.




    We are not here to promote the ultra-rich but to counter their mass media buddies who are trying to convince us there is NO MONEY and that the political lackeys, who they fund, are making policies, NOT for the greater good of all the world's people, but to make the ultra-rich even richer. Less than 1% of the people of this world own more than 90% of the world's wealth and that we aim to correct the lies and deceit about just who are responsible for that massive imbalance.

  • USA wealth inequality - top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%
  • Rich 1% own half the world’s wealth (VIDEO)
  • Britain's richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population
  • Pseudo austerity has starved the peasants to feed the billionaires pulling ALL the strings
  • Just five super-wealthy families own more than the poorest 12 MILLION Britons put together
  • £13,000,000,000,000 trillion: The hoard hidden by global elite
  • How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes
  • Feminist leaning Guardian think its great women make up 10% of super-rich billionaires list
  • No austerity for World's super-wealthy who spend their riches on luxury travel adventures
  • So much for austerity propaganda as Billionaires' club welcomes 210 new members
    global population

    Controlled temporarily by 5 million+ freemasons hand picked by the ruling mafia
    One mason for every 1427 people on the planet.
    Out of 196 countries in the world masons are embedded in 164 of them.

  • 5,000,000 Freemasons walk among us (VIDEO)
    Have You Heard The HORRIBLE TRUTH About ISIS? VIDEO
    White cop shoots black teenager 16 times VIDEO
    Protesters March In The Streets Of Chicago After Release Of Police Shooting VIDEO
    Turkish President Erdogan claims Russian jet downed in line with "rules of engagement" VIDEO
    Why The NWO Hates Syria VIDEO
    Are the Freemasons even MORE powerful than anyone thought?
    Mass media just starting to catch up with alternative views as to what's been going on.

    Conspiracy theories have flourished for years. But a secret archive reveals how their members may have shaped Britain's history For centuries, they have shrouded themselves in secrecy. So murky is their history, their origins are opaque even to themselves. Their rituals are conducted in private, with members swearing a melodramatic oath that threatens them with ‘having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots and buried in the rough sands of the sea at low-water mark’ should it be violated.

    But what’s inspired endless rumour and speculation is how the influence of this shadowy organisation reaches to the very heart of the Establishment — to senior politicians, high-ranking military men, diplomats and spies, chief constables and scientists.

    They are, of course, the Freemasons. And according to a secret membership archive open to the public for the first time, the number of leading figures in British history is likely to be even greater than conspiracy theorists would have you believe. The newly released list of two million names includes at least five kings (most recently Edward VII, Edward VIII and George VI), the present Duke of Kent, statesmen Winston Churchill and Lord Kitchener, military genius the Duke of Wellington, authors Rudyard Kipling and Arthur Conan Doyle, England manager Sir Alf Ramsey, the explorer Ernest Shackleton, the scientist who discovered penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming — and flamboyant playwright Oscar Wilde.

    According to estimates, there are 250,000 Masons in Britain and six million Masons worldwide. They may be relatively few in number, but they wield considerable influence across all sections of society.


    Not long after the Titanic sank on April 14, 1912, there were calls on both sides of the Atlantic for an inquiry not only into why the liner went down on its maiden voyage, but why there was such an extraordinary loss of life. In the U.S., the Senate blamed not only the vessel’s owner, the White Star Line, but also the British Board of Trade for allowing her to sail with far too few lifeboats.

    In Britain, however, the official inquiry appeared lenient to the point of farce — possibly owing to the high-level involvement of a number of leading Masons who may have had a vested interest in covering up for their fellow members. The investigation was headed by a Free-mason — Lord Mersey — initiated into a lodge in London in 1881. The President of the Board of Trade, Sydney Buxton, was a Mason, who was also a member of a London lodge.

    It is claimed that Lord Pirrie, the chairman of the Belfast shipyard that built the Titanic and a director of White Star’s parent company, was a Mason. And, furthermore, two of the inquiry’s experts were Freemasons. Professor John Biles, a specialist in naval architecture, had joined the Clausentum Lodge in Woolston in Hampshire in 1890, and Edward Chaston, a senior marine engineer, had been initiated into the St Nicholas Lodge in Newcastle the same year.

    Today, we cannot be sure that all these men deliberately worked together to undermine the investigation, but the strong suspicion is that it was in their common interest for the inquiry to be a whitewash — as many believe it proved to be. It concluded that the Board of Trade’s oversight and regulation, the White Star Line and the captain were not to blame. It was the fault of excessive speed and the iceberg.

    The very mention of the Freemasonry — one of the world’s oldest and biggest non-religious organisations — is guaranteed to prompt a rash of contradictory reactions. Defenders rightly point to its tradition of charity fund-raising and official websites promote it as an ‘enjoyable hobby’. Indeed, the website of the United Grand Lodge of England recommends it for ‘making new friends and acquaintances’.

    But do such close friendships lead to too much power being vested in individuals who favour fellow Masons in everything from promotions to business deals? Membership lists are notoriously hard to get hold of, making it difficult to detect corruption. Others believe the Freemasons, with their arcane ceremonies, secret handshakes, lambskin aprons, embroidered sashes and gold rings, and their ornate symbols — the square, the compass — are more the stuff of pantomime.

    There aren’t many ‘private societies’, after all, whose members swear an oath blindfolded, bare-chested, with nooses around their necks and a dagger to the heart — and with the left trouser leg rolled up. Yesterday, however, proved to be a field day for those who claim the Freemasons are a force not for good, but for bad.

    Working from the complete English Masonic membership records dating from 1751 to 1921, genealogical website Ancestry has established that at least five people associated with the official inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic were Freemasons. It argues this may have influenced the findings, which exonerated most of the key figures involved. It was also claimed yesterday that one of the most notorious murderers in British history may also have been a Mason.

    According to a new book by Bruce Robinson, the writer of the cult film Withnail & I, none other than Jack the Ripper was a Freemason. It begs the question whether his identity was covered up, allowing him to carry on with his murderous campaign in which five women died. The websites of modern-day Masonic lodges, some of which pay at least lip-service to being less secretive, talk virtuously of how it is frowned upon for a member to use his Masonic status for a career leg-up.

    But down the centuries, their clandestine activities have — however unfairly — convinced many that as a fraternity they were collectively up to no good. There have been glimpses of serious wrongdoing. The late Yorkshire architect and Freemason John Poulson was jailed for seven years after being found guilty in 1974 of bribing public figures to win contracts.

    The judge called Poulson an ‘incalculably evil man’ and his conviction precipitated the 1972 resignation of Conservative Home Secretary Reginald Maudling, who had been a director of Poulson’s firm. Freemasons’ origins in Britain seem to date back at least to the late 14th century. The Freemasons believe their roots — and their very name, and hence their symbols — lie in the masons who built the great medieval cathedrals, such as Salisbury, started in 1220.

    Certainly, by the end of the 17th century, there were several lodges — as the individual Masonic societies are known — dotted around the British Isles, with at least seven in London. It was in the capital that four lodges came together in June 1717 to form the first ‘Grand Lodge’, which published its first minutes and constitution in 1723.

    Within a few decades, the Masons started to attract to their number some of the most influential men in London society, including members of the Royal Society, artists and writers such as William Hogarth and Alexander Pope, and members of the aristocracy, right up to dukes. In 1776, the Freemasons opened a sumptuous hall as their Grand Lodge in Great Queen Street, Central London. This was replaced in the Thirties by the monolithic Freemasons’ Hall.

    Their web of influence spread throughout the country and society. Some lodges met at taverns and inns — and today, many taxi drivers, plumbers and even dustmen are Masons. There are two lodges for women Masons. While the Freemasons insist their private meetings do not mask anything nefarious, that was not universally so. In the late 18th century, for example, a lodge in Brentford was accused of plotting to kill George III. The conspiracy did nothing to deter his two sons, George IV and William IV, from becoming Masons.

    Freemasonry really took off in the wake of the two world wars. In the three years after World War I, 350 lodges were established, and in three years after World War II, nearly 600 were set up. The Freemasons claim this was due to an increased number of men ‘who wanted to continue the camaraderie they had built up during their war service, and were looking for a calm centre in a greatly changed and changing world’.

    That may well be so, but it does not answer the question that many have asked about their activities for nearly three centuries: who benefits from whatever it is they do? The Masons themselves or is it society at large? The Freemasons do not deny that much of their generosity is allocated to themselves and their dependants, often in the forms of healthcare and education. But there is nothing wrong in creating a society for mutual benefit.

    And good causes benefit. Each year they give £1 million to the Royal College of Surgeons ‘for the betterment of mankind’. Most members are surely honest, decent and altruistic. But it is hardly surprising, given the closed way members go about their business, that cynics maintain some Masons’ primary ambition is to give each other favours and backhanders, turn blind eyes, wave through promotions, sign contracts and bestow all manner of benefits not available to others.

    So, are the cynics right? Read the stories on this page and judge for yourself.

    Killings: The murders carried out by Jack the Ripper in 1888 have been blamed on scores of individuals


    As any ‘Ripperologist’ will tell you, the murders carried out by Jack the Ripper in the East End of London in 1888 have been blamed on scores of individuals — from the author Lewis Carroll to the artist Walter Sickert, and even the Duke of Clarence, eldest son of Edward VII. However, a new book by the scriptwriter Bruce Robinson — They All Love Jack: Busting The Ripper — claims the killer could have been the singer Michael Maybrick, who, despite his lowly occupation, was on the Supreme Grand Council of Freemasons and protected by a police force riddled with Freemasonry. Robinson argues that strange graffiti found at one murder scene consisted of Masonic symbols. More grisly still, he claims the wounds carved into the face of victim Catherine Eddowes were a pair of compasses — symbols associated with Freemasonry.

    ‘The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down,’ says Robinson. ‘Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is, however it’s done, you protect the brotherhood — and that’s what happened.’ Thanks to the recent release of the Freemasons’ archives, we can see that many figures associated with the investigations were members of the secret society.

    The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Charles Warren, for example, and his colleague Chief Inspector Donald Swanson were Masons, as were two coroners who ruled on the murders. Furthermore, three of the police doctors who examined the victims were Freemasons.

    ‘They weren’t protecting the Ripper, they were protecting the system he was threatening,’ says Robinson. ‘And to protect the system, they had to protect him. And the Ripper knew it.’


    Freemason: 'Infamous villain' Kenneth Noye

    Kenneth Noye, who is serving a life sentence for the ‘road rage’ murder of Stephen Cameron in 1996, was once dubbed Britain’s ‘most infamous villain’. He also happens to have been a Freemason.

    A criminal from a young age, Noye ran a protection racket at school, stole money from his local Woolworths and did a stretch in borstal for selling stolen bicycles. His apprenticeship in villainy over, he spent his 20s immersed in the criminal underworld and was eventually arrested in 1977, aged 30, for handling stolen goods. Noye managed to avoid being charged, partly because he was a police informer, but also perhaps because he had decided to join a Hammersmith-based lodge of the Freemasons that same year.

    It later emerged that he was even put up for membership by two police officers, and rose to become Master of the Lodge. Over the next few years, Noye built up a criminal empire with activities all over the globe.

    He smuggled gold and drugs and was involved in the infamous Brink’s-MAT robbery of 1983. His Masonic status could not spare him from a 14-year jail sentence for that crime. He was finally kicked out of the Free-masons — but not until three years after his conviction.

  • Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment, claims secret archive that lists two million members - including Winston Churchill - and reveals secretive group of elites ruled society for 200 years
  • American cops seized more property than criminals stole in 2014 – FBI VIDEO

    They use the same scams in Britain called the 'Proceeds of Crime' act
    How Corrupt is Britain? VIDEO
    France now more repressive of boycott calls than Israel

    On 20 October, France’s highest court of criminal appeals upheld the conviction of a dozen Palestine solidarity activists for publicly calling for the boycott of Israeli goods.

    The ruling by the Court of Cassation adds to growing concerns about the harsh crackdown on free speech, backed by French President François Hollande, since the murders of journalists at the offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo in January. It also makes France, in addition to Israel, the only country to penalize appeals not to buy Israeli goods.

    But the French law, which includes criminal penalties, is arguably harsher than Israel’s which allows boycott supporters to be pursued for financial damages, but not jailed.

    “Sad day”

    “This decision is bad news for the respect of freedom of expression in our country,” France’s century-old human rights group Ligue des Droits de L’Homme said. “It is one of the outcomes of the desire to silence all criticism of the policies of Israel’s governments and any opposition to the grave human rights violations of which they are guilty,” the group added.

    (Update: It should be noted that Ligue des Droits de L’Homme has itself filed a legal complaint against two boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists in Montpelier for an allegedly anti-Semitic Facebook posting during Israel’s summer 2014 war on Gaza – a move that is totally inconsistent with its professed commitment to free speech.) The campaign group BDS France said the court decision marked “a sad day for French democracy when a call to boycott a criminal state that violates human rights is no longer self-evident,” and the government could “distort the spirit of the law whenever it affects a political partner.” CRIF, the leading pro-Israel lobby group in France, welcomed the ruling.

    French anti-Palestinian groups have actively backed the judicial crackdown – under the guise of combating anti-Semitism – hoping it will put an end to the campaign of BDS.

    Criminalizing peaceful protest

    In 2009 and 2010, a dozen BDS activists entered supermarkets in the eastern city of Mulhouse, where they shouted slogans, handed out leaflets and wore shirts urging the boycott of Israeli products. Their purpose, as BDS France explains, was “to inform customers about the ethical problems involved in the purchase of goods coming from Israel,” including that their production “is part and parcel of the apartheid situation endured by the Palestinian people, the dispossession of their lands [and] the refusal of the refugees’ right of return.” In 2010, Michèle Alliot-Marie, then justice minister, instructed prosecutors to go after BDS activists across the country.

    In December 2011, the Mulhouse activists were acquitted of charges brought by local prosecutors. But in 2013 an appeal court found them guilty under a 1972 law which provides up to a year in prison and large fines to anyone who “provokes discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or a group of people by reason of their origin or their membership or non-membership in a specific ethnic group, nation, race or religion.” The activists were sentenced to fines and costs amounting to $35,000. The Court of Cassation upheld the 2013 conviction.

    “Israeli nation”

    The activists were found guilty for speech calling for “discrimination” against the producers and suppliers of goods by reason of their belonging to the “Israeli nation.” In a supreme irony, apparently not appreciated by the French judges, Israel’s own high court rejected in 2013 the existence of any “Israeli” nation. Israel recognizes only Jewish nationality as well as other ethnic and sectarian categories to which it assigns citizens and non-citizens against their will.

    French magistrate Ghislain Poissonnier provides background and legal analysis of the Mulhouse case in an article for AURDIP, an organization of academics who support Palestinian rights. He writes that the 1972 law, an amendment to France’s 1881 press law, was intended to combat “discrimination against physical persons and in no case in order to prohibit peaceful calls to boycott the goods of a state whose politics [are] criticized.” Poissonnier adds that the Court of Cassation violated established principles in French and European law and its decision is all the more questionable given the abundance of calls in recent years for boycotts of goods from other states accused of violating human rights.

    The judges, he says, disregarded key facts: the supermarket actions were totally peaceful and store managers brought no charges; there was no interference in the freedom of commerce; the goal of the activists was to bring about the respect for international law; and Israeli goods often carry fraudulent labels to conceal that they come from settlements that are illegal under international law. The activists – and the BDS campaign in France – are, moreover, publicly committed to opposing all forms of racial and religious discrimination, including anti-Semitism. In another irony, the French government is now pushing strongly for new EU-wide rules to clearly label settlement goods presumably so consumers can boycott them.

    Suppressing free speech

    Journalist and free-speech campaigner Glenn Greenwald has been particularly scathing of France’s free speech hypocrisy since the Paris march following the Charlie Hebdo massacre “led by dozens of world leaders, many of whom imprison or even kill people for expressing prohibited views.” PA leader Mahmoud Abbas joined world leaders in Paris on 11 January to march for free speech, including the right of French cartoonists to depict the Prophet Muhammad in a bestial manner. Philippe Wojazer Reuters Writing at The Intercept, Greenwald says that the “absurdity of France’s celebrating itself for free expression” is vividly highlighted by the conviction of the BDS activists.

    “Ponder how pernicious this is. It is perfectly legal to advocate sanctions against Iran, or Russia, or Sudan or virtually any other country,” Greenwald observes. “But it is illegal — criminal — to advocate boycotts and sanctions against one country: Israel.” He notes that leaders of anti-Palestinian groups in Europe want France’s crackdown to serve as a model for other countries, a goal shared by the powerful US Israel lobby group AIPAC. Canada’s outgoing Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper already threatened to use hate speech laws to target BDS activists.

    Given his record of attacks on BDS activists and his cozying up to Israel in recent days, there is little reason to hope that incoming Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be any less intolerant. As for France, even the US State Department-funded think tank Freedom House is expressing concern over the growing restrictions on free speech. In its latest annual report on Internet freedom, France gets a severe downgrade. Freedom House says that the government and police went into “overdrive” since the Charlie Hebdo killings prosecuting people for things they said online and passing decrees giving ministers the power to block websites.

    Such measures, Freedom House states, “threaten Internet freedom in the country.” One of the cases the report cites is of the high schooler arrested for posting an ironic cartoon on Facebook. The recent documentary Je ne suis pas Charlie (“I am not Charlie”), by James Kleinfeld, follows journalist Max Blumenthal during a tour of France. The film, which can be viewed online, examines the atmosphere of racism and oppression since the Charlie Hebdo killings.


    Ghislain Poissonnier laments that with the Court of Cassation decision, “our country becomes the only one in the world — alongside Israel — to penalize civic appeals not to buy Israeli goods.” He hopes the activists will appeal their convictions to the European Court of Human Rights.

    Its record, he says, is “traditionally more protective of freedom of expression” than the French judiciary and thus “gives reason for hope to all those who were shocked by a decision that leaves France totally isolated.” BDS France is demanding an end to the prosecutions of activists under Alliot-Marie’s 2010 decree and has affirmed its support for the individuals convicted for their speech.

    Unbowed by government repression, BDS France “calls upon everyone, in France and all around the world, to implement the decision of the Palestinian people: to promote the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against the State of Israel until it respects international law and the universal principles of human rights.” “For any citizen with a conscience who is mindful of the rights and the dignity of peoples, to promote BDS is not only a right but a moral duty.”

  • France's judicial mafia (no jury)upholds ruling against activists who called to boycott Israeli products; French law prohibits targeting of nations for discrimination (even when they are mass murdering in Gaza)
  • Labour Party boycotts security firm G4S over business ties with Israel(VIDEO)
  • Germany's largest department store boycotts Israeli products (VIDEO)
  • UK Labour Party boycotts security firm G4S over business ties with Israel VIDEO
    Largest German department store boycotts Israeli products VIDEO
    Brutal attacks by American cops go on unabated VIDEO
    French attack leads to mass hypocrisy of two western leaders
    Britain's Eton gangster David Cameron and America's mafia don Barack Obama have been high profile of late ranting endlessly about the horror of the killings in Paris . A great opportunity for mass murderers themselves to hide their sins behind what might well prove to be another false flag.

    However look at the recent background to these supposed great leaders their media keep telling us about and something very different appears despite their perceived genuine grief at those innocents who died in Paris.

    Cameron and his vile cronies in the tory party are behind the mass killing of thousands of victims of their state assassins the DWP and former sidekick ATOS that also includes a recent suicide of one of their own party Elliott Johnson, who suffered torment, bullying and abuse at the hands of their lackeys. More British citizens have died thanks to Cameron's mafia than during the French attacks yet the media don't dramatize those deaths anywhere near to the same degree as it isn't guns and bullets that caused their deaths it is the persistent use of psychological torture perpetrated on weakened individuals that finished them off.

    No blood or guts just a sinister silent campaign of murder inflicted on those they deem USELESS EATERS. This is so dire that we are to believe that the British, or more likely a Southern English population have voted them back into power at the last election despite a long history of finishing off those facing the wrath of draconian welfare cuts. The British establishment have a long history of vile campaigns against the peasants.

    Obama paints a picture of sympathy for the Paris victims while black Americans are being gunned down en masse by a police force that is now totally out of control and has always been masonic controlled and used to assassinate anyone not following the sinister American dream that for millions is now a nightmare. More American citizens have died while Obama was holding the reins of power than those killed in the latest French attack.

    Here is the total hypocrisy of two nations leaders, that are behind the most subtle and devious mass murder of their own people, yet have the audacity to tell those nations that THEY and THEY ALONE will defend them against so called terrorism. Both are warmongers who continue to light the firestorm across the Middle East, started by war criminals Bush and Blair and yet we have the bizarre scenario where they are supposedly speaking on behalf of us all about our rights and freedoms that they themselves are totally abusing in the mass murder of citizens of Britain and America. What is even more bizarre is that the sheeple buy into the fact that they are deluded into believing they will be protected by a political mafia with a long history of murdering their own people.

  • Tory suicide exposes bullying, harrassment and blackmail behind their vile regime (VIDEO)
  • Tory assassins ATOS and DWP
  • Jeremy Scahill accuses Obama of Assassinations of Women And Children Including Americans!
  • Whistleblower: America's assassination campaign has killed more civilians than militants(VIDEO)
  • After Snowden: Privacy, Secrecy And Security In The Information Age VIDEO
    Homeless Ex-Banker: 'The American Dream Is a Load of Crap'

    A man who chased the carrot on a stick for 30 years ends up with nothing. Welcome to America.

    If you are an American who hasn't chemically lobotomized yourself with prescription drugs, you probably know that “something is wrong around here.” Even the genetically modified potatoes at your local Walmart are aware that something is horribly amiss.

    But the full weight of our current nightmare is difficult to comprehend; it certainly can't be condensed into a 100 character “tweet”. But the story of “Allen”, a former banker who now spends his days in San Francisco soup kitchens, serves as an sobering allegory for America's universal decline. Allen, who worked for 30 years in the corporate world, is 61 years old with 2 college degrees. Now he has nothing. His story was featured in an HBO documentary, “San Francisco 2.0”. Coming from an ex-banker, Allen's comments about the state of America are both damning and poetic:

    I think we're rapidly becoming something like Venezuela, where there's a very small, ultra-rich class, and everybody else is poor — and the middle class is shrinking. I think the American Dream is a load of crap. There is no American dream. It's a nightmare for most people.

    And he's right. The irony is that HBO's documentary is about America's “young, successful innovators” — but the vast majority of young Americans face the same fate as Allen. And unlike Allen, they will never experience, even briefly, “the good life.” Consider:

    22% of American children live in households with incomes below the federal poverty level. 45% live in “low-income” households.

    Social mobility is a myth: “While a majority of Americans might think that hard work determines success and that it should be relatively simple business to climb and remain out of poverty, the reality is that the United States has a relatively entrenched upper class, but precarious, ever-shifting lower and middle classes.”

    1% of American adults work as slave labor for our bloated, increasingly for-profit prison system. (1 in 10 African American males under the age of 30 are “living the dream” behind prison bars.) In total, the United States has less than 5% of the world's population, but more than 20% of the world's prison population.

    If you're young (and not in prison), you probably don't even have a job: Joblessness among young Americans is worse than it was during the Great Depression.

    Even if you get a job, your salary will be garbage: “the middle class hasn’t seen its wage rise in 15 years. In fact, the percentage of middle-class households in this nation is actually falling. Median household income has fallen since the financial crisis of 2008, while income for the wealthiest of Americans has actually risen.”

    Factor in our totally dysfunctional, overpriced education and healthcare systems, and you begin to see the terrifying reality facing young Americans: Cut-throat wage slavery that not even John Steinbeck could have fathomed.

    We can't help but chuckle — or weep? — at how HBO presents Allen: He's a “dinosaur” who can't survive in our “adapt or die” world — driven, of course, by young, hip “innovation.” What are these people smoking? According to HBO, Allen is nothing more than a regrettable byproduct of our glorious, cellphone app-driven economy. He represents “the dark side of progress”. Ha-ha.

    Bullshit. George Carlin said it best:

    [The owners of this country] don't want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they're getting f*cked by a system that threw them overboard 30 f*ckin' years ago. They don't want that. You know what they want? They want obedient workers. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all of these increasingly sh*ttier jobs with the lower pay…The owners of this country know the truth. It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    Enjoy the rat race. Allen certainly has.

  • American academic association votes to boycott Israeli institutions VIDEO
    UK's housing crisis reaches epic proportions VIDEO
    JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick VIDEO
    MP blames "militant feminists and politically correct males" (freemasons) for stirring up problems between men and women
    An issue we have been raising for decades now being discussed by the political mafia as to WHY so many men die from suicide.

    An MP has blamed "militant feminists and politically correct males" for stirring up problems between men and women.

    Conservative Philip Davies said there was an attitude in Parliament that equality "often applies just to women". But his comments were criticised by fellow Tory MP Maria Miller, who accused him of trying to belittle discrimination faced by women. They were speaking as MPs debated male suicide and International Men's Day.

    International Men's Day is celebrated on 19 November, aiming to address issues including men's shorter life expectancy, higher suicide rates, and "the negative portrayal of fathers, men and boys". Mr Davies, who had led calls for a debate on the subject, told MPs in Westminster Hall he did not think there was "an issue" between men and women.

    'On merit'

    He added: "I think often the problems are stirred up by those who might be described as militant feminists and the politically correct males who sometimes pander to it." The Shipley MP said it was "depressing" that a select committee for women and equalities had been established, saying he "couldn't care less" if every MP in the Commons was a woman, "as long as they were there on merit".

    He added: "It seems to me that we've therefore got this 'equality when - but only when - it suits' agenda in Parliament that often applies just to women." Another Conservative MP, Lucy Allan, said parents should not make their sons feel "ashamed of their sex" when raising them, adding that it was wrong "to blame today's men for the patriarchal society of yesterday".

    Ms Miller, the former equalities minister, said equality was not a "competition between men and women", saying it was not a "myth" that women faced discrimination on a daily basis. SNP MP Paul Monaghan said he found many of Mr Davies' remarks "unrelated to the title of the debate", saying the Scottish government was "deeply concerned" about suicide rates.

    For Labour, shadow mental health minister Luciana Berger called for an "urgent review" of the government's suicide prevention strategy, which was published in 2012, and criticised a delay in producing official figures.

  • Ex-CIA chief accuses Ed Snowden of causing French terror attacks VIDEO
    Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake! VIDEO
    Former American military drone operators criticize use of unmanned aircraft VIDEO
    French president Hollande ratchets up airstrikes in the Middle East VIDEO
    Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks VIDEO

  • 10 Holes In The Paris Terror Attack Official Story
  • Tory suicide exposes bullying, harrassment and blackmail behind their vile regime VIDEO

    Not only are the tory scum psychologically torturing the peasants to death using state assassins ATOS and the DWP but even their own kind face similar treatment when they fall out of line.

  • Suicide and the deepening scandal engulfing the top echelons of the Tory party
  • 'We'll nail the bastards': Parents of bullied Tory activist who killed himself vow to bring down those their son blamed for his suicide
  • Tory mafia at the blackmailing again with cabinet minister confessing to affair after Cameron aide is accused of scheme to film trysts
  • Los Angeles declares "shelter crisis" to aid homeless people VIDEO
    University of York cancels International Men’s Day event thanks to the feminazi

    Outcry from students and staff forces university to pull event, but campaigners hit back saying move sends out message that ‘men’s rights are not important’

    A row has broken out at York University after plans to mark International Men’s Day on Thursday were cancelled following an outcry from staff and students.

    The university had signed up to the event, which aims to highlight issues affecting men and boys, including the high male suicide rate, men’s shorter life expectancy and “the struggles that boys can face in getting an education”. It has since been cancelled at York after students, staff and alumni signed an open letter to the university objecting to the event. However, a number of students are campaigning to reinstate the day, and accuse the university of sending out a message that “men’s rights are not important”. A petition has been launched, which states: “It is important that we recognise men’s day just as much as women’s day. True feminists should be fighting for gender equality for both men and women. To cancel men’s day is simply hypocritical. Equality is not just for women and should concern both genders.”

    The dispute began after a statement appeared in connection with International Men’s Day in which Adrian Lee, of the university’s equality and diversity committee, said men were under-represented in some areas of the university and that women had a higher chance of being appointed to academic staff posts than men. “In the area of gender equality, the focus has rightly been on raising awareness about – and removing barriers for – women,” Lee was quoted as saying. “We are, however, also aware of some of the specific issues faced by men. Men are under-represented in the student population as a whole; they are also significantly under-represented in a number of academic disciplines across all three faculties. “In academic staff appointments, the data suggests that female candidates have a higher chance of being appointed than men. In the professional support services, there are areas where men are significantly under-represented. Likewise in academic departments, the support staff complement is often heavily weighted towards women, with some departments employing no men at all in these roles.”

    About 200 members of the university staff, students and alumni signed an open letter suggesting the reputation of the university could be damaged by aligning itself with the event. “We believe that giving practical application to concepts of equality and diversity should be taken seriously by the university,” the letter said. “However, we do not believe that this is furthered by the promotion of International Men’s Day in general and are concerned by the particular way in which the university has chosen to do so. “A day that celebrates men’s issues – especially those outlined in the university’s statement – does not combat inequality, but merely amplifies existing, structurally imposed, inequalities.”

    Addressing claims about men’s under-representation at the university, the letter said secretarial and support work were demeaned as “women’s work” whereas men dominated senior, better-paid roles. “The statement is particularly crass in view of the fact that of the 12-strong university senior management group, three-quarters are male.” The university later apologised. “The intention was to draw attention to some of the issues men tell us they encounter and to follow this up by highlighting in particular the availability of mental health and welfare support which we know men are sometimes reluctant to access.” Matthew Edwards, a third-year politics student, said the university’s U-turn was shameful. He is among those calling for the event to be reinstated. “By cancelling the day entirely, they have sent out the message that men’s rights are not important, which is astonishing,” he said.

    “International Men’s Day is about raising issues like the high male suicide rate, male rape and male domestic abuse; it’s about issues in education, and child-father relationships. These do not necessarily conflict with women’s rights. “Perhaps I am a little biased given I am a male but that does not mean my points are not valid. Indeed, they are not just my points but many people’s points who are disgusted with the university’s shameful decision.” A university spokesperson said: “We have withdrawn the original statement about International Men’s Day, and do not propose to mark this event formally. In gender equality, our main focus has been, and will continue to be, on the inequalities faced by women, such as under-representation in the professoriate.

    “At the same time, we will not neglect other aspects of equality, and will take a balanced approach to all nine protected characteristics as defined in the 2010 Equality Act. Our overriding goal is to strive to treat every member of the university community with dignity and respect.”

  • "STOP KILLING US! STOP KILLING US!" Minneapolis Cops Shoot Handcuffed Man In The Head! VIDEO
    With Open Gates The forced collective suicide of European nations VIDEO
    Why are London’s Police travelling to Israel?
    Latest garb that now makes London's masonic mafia disguised as cops look like the military

    In the six month period from 1st March 2014 to 31st August 2014, Eighty of London’s Metropolitan Police staff travelled to Israel. This period coincides with Operation Protective Edge, the recent bombardment and massacre of of over 2000 Palestinians in Gaza.

    Recently it was revealed that the Israeli army is systematically training US police forced in tactics and strategy developed as an occupying army. Has the same or similar service been provided to European police forces?

    The Metropolitan Police will not reveal the purpose of the trips to Israel or the rank of the staff that travelled. A reason given for withholding the information is that it would “have the effect of compromising law enforcement tactics and strategies ”. However, If the Metropolitan Police are learning inappropriate tactics and strategy to use on London civilians then, it is for that very reason, that this information should be released into the public domain.

    “Israel’s excellence in weaponry, surveillance systems, containment strategies, biometric data collection, crowd control and psychological warfare are all marketable. Israeli know-how has become indispensable to the global appetite for “homeland security””?—?Jonathan Cook, Journalist

    If it’s the reverse and the police are teaching tactics and strategy to Israel in the context of its illegal occupation then it shows a level of involvement in the occupation that was hitherto hidden and may imply criminal behaviour according to international law.

    The recent events in Ferguson demonstrate the danger of an over militarised police. Do we want to see this in Europe? Eran Efrati warned that Israel’s training of American police is dangerous. Their methods are developed in a context, where the “citizens” are seen and treated as an enemy to be crushed. As he explains, “when your police come back, you become their enemy”.

  • Chilling new face of police in Britain: Female 'robocops' dressed in military fatigues and armed with semi-automatic rifles are new face of counter-terrorism
  • Paris Attack False Flag: Conspiracy Hoax Exposed VIDEO
    Terror is Longterm Zionist Strategy for World Domination

    Israel's policy of "covert aggression" has been reborn as false flag terror, and all Westerners are being put in the position of "persecuted" Jews.

    "Our State marching along the path of peaceful [i.e, world] conquest has the right to replace the horrors of war by less notable and more satisfactory sentences of death necessary to maintain the terror which tends to produce blind submission." (Protocols of Zion, 1:24)

    After the Charlie Hebdo attack in January, I revisited this 2002 official reminder that the Israeli government killed Israelis in "terror attacks" to create "an external threat," like "anti Semitism" in order to marshal support and justify aggression. This consistent strategy is employed in the West today to justify war between Christians and Muslims and the creation of a massive police state "protection" racket.

    By Henry Makow Ph.D. (Originally, "The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror") (Updated from Nov 18, 2002)

    Until about 2002, I accepted Israel's self-image as a beleaguered, peace-loving nation in a sea of bloodthirsty Arabs. The idea that this tiny state had imperialist designs seemed ludicrous. But what if, unknown to most people, Israel were a linchpin in the Illuminati's plan for New World Order? What if Israel's role were to colonize the Middle East, and the West, and to become a seat of the world government & religion? "Israel's Sacred Terrorism" (1980) by Livia Rokach, a 63-page on line monograph suggests that this bizarre scenario may be true.

    Rokach's monograph is based on revelations from the personal diary of Moshe Sharett, Israeli's first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956. According to this diary which the Israelis tried to suppress, Israel's image of vulnerability was a ruse. Israel has always planned to become the dominant power in the region, and "invented dangers" in order to provoke wars and dupe its citizens into fighting them.

    In his diary, Sharett quotes a conversation with Army Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan in May 1955:

    "We face no danger at all of an Arab advantage of force for the next 8-10 years...Reprisal actions which we couldn't carry out if we were tied to a security pact are our vital lymph...they make it possible for us to maintain a high level of tension in our population and in the army. Without these actions we would have ceased to be a combative people... " Sharett concludes: "The state.... must see the sword as the main if not the only instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may -- no it MUST -- invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge.... And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space." (41)


    This policy of "reprisals" or "provocation and revenge" was also called "covert aggression." The series of false flag terror events we are experiencing is a continuation of it. Essentially it involves disguising a policy of aggression as retaliation for sham provocations. (Except now the aggression takes the form of "anti terror" policies to justify a police state, and war against a manufactured enemy "Islamic terrorism.")

    For example, Israeli patrols would cross the border to attack Jordanians or Egyptians, and then claim the actions were attacks on Israel. Once "attacked," the army had to pursue the "aggressors" into enemy territory and wreaked havoc. Ariel Sharon was the leader of a squad ("Unit 101") that specialized in these murderous forays. His 1953 raid on the Jordanian village of Kibiyah killed dozens of civilians. (p.30) In March 1954, an Israeli bus traveling between Eilat and Beersheba was attacked and 10 passengers were killed. The UN armistice Commissioner, a Col. Henderson said, "from the testimonies of the survivors, it is not proved that all the murderers were Arabs." He attributed the attack to "terrorists intent on increasing the tensions in the area." (28) Thereupon the Israelis left the Armistice Commission in protest.

    In June-July 1954 an Israeli terrorist squad blew up many British and American institutions in Cairo in an attempt to sour relations between the Arabs and the West. Dubbed the "Lavon Affair," this was a precursor to the attack on the World Trade Centre and the current era of false flag terror. From the point of view of "covert aggression", if terrorism didn't exist, Israel would have to create it. Israeli commentators lament that Israel is not a democracy. They say the security establishment has hijacked the country. One pundit remarked, "Israel is not a state with an army, but an army with an affiliated state." They also lament that a culture of corruption, brutality and immorality pervades the army. See Ran Ha-Cohen, "Israeli Elections. So What"


    The Illuminati has always used anti-Semitism to trick Jews into advancing its nefarious goals.

    In the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" the speaker confesses that they have "wiped out every kind of rule except our own." Nevertheless they allow "anti Semitic" attacks on its plan for world domination in order to foster anti Semitism. "Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren." (9-2) From childhood, Jews are taught that they are disliked for no rational reason and Israel is insurance against another holocaust. This attitude dehumanizes their opponents and obviates the need for genuine self-criticism. Traumatizing people and convincing them that irrational fiends threaten their survival is an effective form of mind control. Such people will throw morality and reason to the wind and, if necessary, become savage, mindless killers themselves. They are easily exploited and assist in their destruction.

    Now the Illuminati is using this tactic on Westerners in general, with the collaboration of Zionist-controlled governments and media. The Mossad's fingerprints are all over 9-11. Apparently, Israel's Zim Container Lines moved their 200-man office out of the WTC two weeks before and no Israelis died in the attack. Seven of the 9-11 hijackers are still alive. If Osama bin Laden didn't exist, the United States and Britain would have created him. According to the French daily Le Figaro, Bin Laden met with the CIA station chief in Dubai in July 2001. He served the purpose of inciting a bogus "clash of civilizations." Islamic extremism was initiated by Western intelligence. Islamic terror doesn't represent Muslims and is funded by the West and its allies. ISIS is widely regarded as a CIA-Mossad operation.

    In conclusion, "covert aggression" has been reborn as false flag terror, and all Westerners are being put in the position of "persecuted" Jews.

  • Gladio: staged state funded false flags across the globe VIDEO
    Masonic / zionist terrorism still alive and kicking despite major smokescreens

    When Bush and Blair said they would END the terrorist threat, as they used SHOCK AND AWE in Iraq, did the sheeple not realise that was going to instigate the rise of groups opposed to the rape, plunder and murder across the Middle East for their oil?

    What is being witnessed on the streets of Paris is a tiny fraction of the mass murder that was being carried out by the west in the countries that were being obliterated of their assets for the greed of the west's need for ever more oil. While the mass media go into an enormous frenzy over the killings , the opposite was the case when the same carnage only a million times worse, was being inflicted in Iraq supposedly ONLY to take out Saddam when Iraq's people were being bombed out of existence by the evil warmongering cretin George Bush rubber stamped by fellow war criminal Tony Blair.

    It is easy to get caught up in the hysterical frenzy of the mass shooting of innocents, not only in Paris but elsewhere but the west and its people need to face the fact that their leaders are themselves terrorists using the arms of the state to mass murder under the guise of war when it is pure evil and greed that is the driving force. George Bush, while he was Texas governor, was behind the execution of more jail inmates than ever before due to his bloodthirsty psychopathic tendencies. He walked around like some sort of cowboy pulling out his six shooter anytime anyone got in the way of his devious plans.

    Unfortunately that only increased when he took the presidency and did the same across the Middle East to satisfy his greed and with a family history of plundering oil reserves. Both Bush and Blair lit the firestorm that has raged across the Middle East to this day, aided by other EU nations including France and it is that TERRORISM that is a reaction to the millions of Iraqi families affected by the supposed war on terror that was instigated by two of the world's top terrorists Bush and Blair for and on behalf of the western nations that continue to plunder the Middle East of its mineral wealth to this day.

    The tentacles of freemasonry, for and on behalf of zionist Israel, continues to operate behind the scenes pulling the strings while the media browbeats the sheeple into believing that giving them ever more power will keep us safe, but nothing is so far from the truth.The Eton wideboys running Britain into the dust have been killing the peasants en masse with a devious form of sanctioning , previously used across the Middle East to bring its people to their knees.

  • GW Bush Has Executed 131 Inmates - Many With Seriously Flawed Trials
  • Bush and the Texas Death Machine
  • Blair: Defiant warmonger to the last
  • France launches air strikes against Islamic State in Syria on 27 Sept 2015
  • Tory assassins ATOS and DWP
  • Nearly 600 suicides in England may be associated with the tory government's "fit-for-work" tests (Tory mass murder using sanctions and the hypocritical bastards talk about deaths due to terror attacks that are a tiny fraction of how many deaths they have been behind)
  • Most Terror is State-Sponsored: Gladio
    Senseless tragic events such as those in Paris Friday must be seen in the context of a series of lethal terror bombings in Western Europe from 1950-1990. These criminal attacks were carried out by many NATO country intelligence agencies who all serve the Illuminati.

    The program, called "Operation Gladio," created the illusion of a Communist terror threat, much like the CIA-Mossad-sponsored "Islamist terrorists" today. "ISIS" was created by the CIA-Mossad. Moving ISIS terror West sustains the war of civilizations narrative now that Putin is eliminating them as a military threat.

    False flag terror is a pretext for the creation of a Illuminati (Masonic Jewish) world police state:

    "During his trial, Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed ... a darker aim behind the bombings, namely to inculcate a climate of fear among the general populace. This was known as the 'strategy of tension' which was intended to generate a pervasive sense of fear which would encourage the population to appeal to the state for protection."

    Putin says US created ISIS (1.40)

    by Wikispooks Abridged by

    Operation Gladio first came to light in Italy in 1990, after over 40 years of clandestine operations. Members of the project revealed that similar projects existed in most if not all countries of Western Europe. These stay-behind networks were... involved in anti-communist activities including anti-democratic agitation and false flag terrorism. ["Stay behind" because their alibi was they were preparing to wage a guerrilla war in case of Communist invasion.]

    In his 2004 book, NATO's Secret Armies, arguably the most shocking book ever to be ignored by the corporate media, Daniele Ganzer [documented] terrorism directed against the public by secret armies funded and organized by NATO and answerable to deep state elements within NATO, MI6 and the CIA rather than the respective governments.... And yet the claims have been substantiated by juridical inquiries in Italy, Switzerland and Belgium and have been debated (and condemned) in the European Parliament.

    The scandal originally came to light in Italy in 1984 when an Italian judge Felice Casson reopened the case of a terrorist car bomb in Peteano in 1972 and uncovered a series of anomalies in the original investigation. The atrocity which had originally been blamed on the communist Red Brigades turned out to be, in fact, the work of a right wing organization called Ordine Nuovo. Following the discovery of an arms cache near Trieste in 1972 containing C4 explosives identical to that used in the Peteano attack, Casson's investigation revealed that the bombing in Peteano was the work of the military secret service SID (Servizio Informazioni Difesa) in conjunction with Ordine Nuovo. The intention had been to blame the bombing on the extreme left wing militant outfit, the Red Brigades. The right wing terrorist, Vincenzo Vinciguerra was arrested and charged and confessed to planting the bomb.

    Judge Casson's investigation also revealed that the Peteano bombing was the continuation of a series of bombings begun at Christmas 1969, the most well-known of which, on the Piazza Fontane in Milan, killed 16 and injured 80. The bombing campaign culminated on 2 August 1980 with a massive bomb in the waiting room of Bologna railway station which killed 85 and injured 200. It was one of the largest terrorist outrages on mainland Europe in modern times.


    During his trial, Vincenzo Vinciguerra revealed that, in addition to discrediting left wing political groups, there had been a second, even darker aim behind the bombings, namely to inculcate a climate of fear among the general populace. This was known as the 'strategy of tension' which was intended to generate a pervasive sense of fear which would encourage the population to appeal to the state for protection. Vincenzo Vinciguerra claimed during his trial: 'You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.'

    In a BBC documentary Gladio, he described the aim as to 'destabilize in order to stabilize'... 'To create tension within the country to promote conservative, reactionary social and political tendencies.' In 1990, Judge Casson was given permission by prime minister Giulio Andreotti to search the archives of the Italian military secret service Servizio informazioni sicurezza Militare (SISMI) where he found proof of the existence of the Gladio network, and links to NATO and the United States. Following this, on 3 August 1990, Prime Minister Andreotti confirmed to parliament the existence of the Gladio networks but claimed they had ceased operating in 1972. This was subsequently revealed to be false by the Italian press. Andreotti then admitted the existence of the Gladio networks and their connection to NATO.

    The secret Gladio army, as Andreotti revealed, was well armed. The equipment provided by the CIA was buried in 139 hiding spots across the country in forests, meadows and even under churches and cemeteries. According to the explanations of Andreotti the Gladio caches included 'portable arms, ammunition, explosives, hand grenades, knives and daggers, 60 mm mortars, several 57 mm recoilless rifles, sniper rifles, radio transmitters, binoculars and various tools'. ...


    In October, 1990, Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou confirmed there had been a Gladio network in Greece. In Germany, a TV programme ... revealed how former members of Hitler's Special Forces SS had been part of a German "stay-behind" network. The Belgian Parliament appointed a special committee to investigate the existence - confirmed by the defence minister - of a Belgian Gladio network...

    In Turkey former prime minister Bulent Ecevit went even further and admitted that a secret army had been involved in torture, massacres, assassinations and coups d'etat, prompting the serving defense minister Giray to retort "Ecevit had better keep his f**king mouth shut!" In all, 12 EU countries were affected and on November 22 1990, the European Parliament debated the issue.

    The tone was set by Greek parliamentarian Ephremidis: 'Mr. President, the Gladio system has operated for four decades under various names. It has operated clandestinely, and we are entitled to attribute to it all the destabilization, all the provocation and all the terrorism that have occurred in our countries over these four decades, and to say that, actively or passively, it must have had an involvement.' Ephremidis sharply criticized the entire stay-behind network: 'It was set up by the CIA and NATO which, while purporting to defend democracy were actually undermining it and using it for their own nefarious purposes.' ...

  • Paris Terror Attacks: Blowback or False Flag? France Declares a State of Emergency
  • Questions for French security services after it emerges three major intelligence failures may have let the killers get through
  • Paris Terror Attacks: Blowback or False Flag? France Declares a State of Emergency

    Multiple likely well-planned Friday night attacks in Paris had a disturbing aroma to them – including France’s knee-jerk police state reaction. Here’s what happened.

    At least seven apparently well-coordinated attacks occurred, gunmen with automatic weapons and suicide belts killing over 150 victims. Many others were injured. Stade de France stadium was struck during a football (soccer) match between France and Germany. So was the Bataclan theater during a concert, restaurants full of patrons, a cinema, and pedestrians on Bichat Street, the Avenue de la Republique and Boulevard Beaumarchais. Reports indicated other Paris locations were attacked, including the Forum des Halles shopping area attracting an estimated 150,000 daily visitors.

    The predictable aftermath so far includes French President Francois Hollande declaring a state of emergency – effectively suspending constitutional rights under martial law. “Two decisions will be taken,” Hollande announced. “The state of emergency will be decreed, which means several places will be closed off, and traffic will be limited in certain areas.” The state of emergency will apply across the country. The second decision I have taken is to close the borders, so that the people who have committed these crimes can be apprehended.

    We know where this attack came from. We must show compassion and solidarity, but we must also show we are united. There is much to fear, but we must face these fears as a nation that knows how to muster its forces and will confront the terrorists. Heavily armed French soldiers were deployed around key Parisian locations. Five metro lines were shut. Orly airport flights were suspended. All city schools and universities were closed. De facto martial law legitimizes repressive police state powers. Constitutional protections are suspended. Following the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, a no-fly zone was ordered over a 3.5 mile radius of the incident.

    Swat teams conducted pre-dawn raids throughout the greater area. Residents were terrorized. Helicopters patrolled overhead. Police and FBI operatives were everywhere. Managed news misinformation substituted for accurate reporting. Post-9/11, Bush claimed unconstitutional “unitary executive” authority to govern extrajudicially in the name of national security. He declared (phony) war on terror and hot war on Afghanistan. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Donbass and Yemen followed. Police state laws were enacted – still in force. Repressive National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directives were announced.

    Hollande cancelled his G-20 summit participation, scheduled for November 15 and 16 in Turkey. It’s unclear if Obama will attend. The world’s leading perpetrator of state terrorism offered France “full support,” duplicitously saying America shares the bonds of “liberte, egalite and fraternite.” US post-9/11 knee-jerk reaction blamed bin Laden and Al Qaeda for the attack – the mother of all Big Lies, we now know. ISIS was automatically blamed for the Paris attacks – despite no evidence so far establishing responsibility. Official statements, actions and media hype created an atmosphere of fear, a likely public willingness to sacrifice freedom for so-called security, a rationale for harsh measures to try stemming the human refugee flood caused by US-led imperial wars, and a desire for revenge.

    Perhaps the stage is set for escalated Western wars OF terror instead of unity to battle the scourge of ISIS and likeminded groups. Were Friday attacks state-sponsored terrorism – a carefully staged false flag for whatever may follow? Herman Goering once explained how easy it is to get people to go along with “the bidding of the leaders…All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country,” he said. Friday Paris attacks were either blowback for Western wars on Islam or a state-sponsored false flag. Odds strongly favor the latter. Western history of false flags for subsequent planned events suggests it.

    On September 20, 2001, George Bush lied to Congress and the public, claiming America was attacked because we are “a beacon of freedom.” The attackers were “evil. This is civilization’s fight.” He suppressed Washington’s direct responsibility for what happened, perhaps complicit with Israel’s Mossad. The aftermath of 9/11 is clear – endless US-led imperial wars, a phony Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), an assault on fundamental human and civil rights, police state harshness replacing them, an America unfit to live in. Will France and other European countries become more belligerent and repressive than already in response to Friday’s incident? Were Washington and perhaps Israel’s dirty hands involved in what happened?

    Daesh (ISIS/ISIL/IS) is such an easy target to blame. It’s simple getting most people to believe it unquestionably. The Big Lie repeated often enough works the same way every time. ISIS is the new “Enemy Number One.” Its creation by Washington and use as proxy foot soldiers is suppressed.

    Was Friday’s Paris incident prelude to something similar planned for New York, Washington, and/or other US cities?

  • Assad Says Savage Paris Attacks Similar To What His Country Is Facing
  • Were the Paris Attacks Predicted on the January Cover of The Economist?
  • CIA director,former MI6 chief, French security chief and former Israel security chief meet 27 Oct 2015 VIDEO

    Panel on "The Shared 21st Century International Mission" featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror. Moderated by David Ignatius, Columnist at the Washington Post. Held as part of the 2nd Annual Ethos and Profession of Intelligence Conference, co-hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency and the George Washington University. Held on October 27, 2015.
    President Assad: Paris attacks result of French policies on Syria conflict VIDEO
    Paris attack TIMELINE: Suicide bombers, blasts, shootouts VIDEO

  • "Unfortunately I Have To Say This As A Fact! IT WAS AN AMERICAN BAND That Was Playing!" (VIDEO)
  • I Hope This Doesn't Create A Clash Of Civilizations!(VIDEO)
  • "We Are Fighting The Forces Of Islamic Jihad In Order To Live Free From Islamic Law!" (VIDEO)
  • Suicide and the deepening scandal engulfing the top echelons of the Tory party
    Elliott Johnson, whose body was found on a railway track last month. Tory scum have spent all their time in office bullying and persecuting the poorest sections of society. It should come as no surprise they use the same tactics on their own. Thousands have been pushed into suicide by their draconian sanctions that have left their victims without any means of support.

    The young man sitting opposite me in a Kensington coffee bar was bright, courteous and elegantly turned out. He was wearing his favourite fob watch engraved with Winston Churchill's image, which was an 18th birthday present from his parents.

    Though Elliott Johnson was just 21, he was politically astute and had nurtured an ambition to become an MP. Unlike many of his generation, he was determinedly Tory. He contacted me at the Daily Mail in early September because he had now developed a desire to become a journalist and was looking for guidance. So it was that we spent an hour talking widely about politics and writing. He was evidently determined to make something of himself, and was full of ideas about Fleet Street and Westminster. He gave no indication that there was anything amiss in his life. And yet, tragically, eight days later Elliott was dead.

    Today, the reasons behind his death on a rural railway track are rapidly becoming a scandal which threatens to damage the Conservative Party that he was so committed to. This week, Elliott's father, Ray, contacted me to tell the story of his son's final days, and today I can piece together a deeply troubling story of bullying and political intrigue. Even the day before he died, Elliott, a Tory activist who was on first-name terms with senior ministers, was bubbling with enthusiasm about his career prospects when he spoke on the phone to his parents. A volunteer in Tory Party headquarters during the election campaign, Elliott had finished working for the Thatcherite pressure group Conservative Way Forward (CWF), where he had been political editor.

    He told his parents — 57-year-old Ray and Alison, 53 — that he was hoping to secure work on a respected Right-wing blog dedicated to lobbying for Britain to leave the EU. He told his father he was going to an event that night at Westminster's Portcullis House. 'He was always excited when he was going into Parliament,' Mr Johnson told me. 'I could never have known it would be the last time I would speak to him.' Just 18 hours later, there was a knock at the door of the family's detached house on the edge of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire. Two uniformed police officers were there to break the news that the body of Mr and Mrs Johnson's only son had been found on a railway track near Sandy station in Bedfordshire. Today, this family tragedy is causing serious ramifications at the highest levels of the Conservative Party, for Elliott had claimed in notes he had written that he was driven to his death by the bullying of an aide of David Cameron.

    The man who stands accused is Mark Clarke, the former chairman of Conservative Future, the party's youth wing, who shared a platform with the Prime Minister at the party's National Convention in July. The married 38-year-old — nearly twice Elliott's age — is said to have been the subject of numerous complaints made to Tory chiefs by colleagues who had worked alongside him. Some of them involved his alleged treatment of women. Others, like the one made by Elliott Johnson, involved bullying. Indeed, Elliott's father says he has been approached by several Tory activists telling him that they were also bullied by more senior colleagues.

    He said: 'Since Elliott's death, other young activists have told us they have made similar bullying complaints to Conservative campaign headquarters.' Mark Clarke — once dubbed a 'Tatler Tory' because the society magazine tipped him as a future Cabinet minister — stood unsuccessfully as a parliamentary candidate in Tooting in 2010. Since then, his political career, such as it is, has been mired in controversy.

    Clarke, who ran David Cameron's youth 'Road Trip' during this year's general election — which involved sending busloads of young Tories into target seats to drum up votes — has admitted trying to leak a video of another Conservative activist engaging in a sex act. Clarke, who was educated at fee-paying Dulwich College, has now reportedly been suspended from the party pending the outcome of a disciplinary inquiry. One theory for why the bullying of Elliott Johnson started was that he refused to write articles about Clarke for the Conservative Way Forward website, which is read by party activists.

    There is also a suggestion that there was an ongoing power struggle between young Tories in Clarke's 'Road Trip' and the CWF group, which was set up to honour the political legacy of Mrs Thatcher. But if that seems like a relatively minor spat, there is no doubt the antipathy turned very nasty indeed. A secret tape made by Elliott was sent to police days before his death. It records a 90-minute showdown — dubbed a 'kangaroo court' by his friends — in a pub in Tooting, South London.

    In the tape, an aggressive Clarke can be heard threatening to 'ruin' Elliott by exposing a police caution he had received for tweeting information about a Euro election count, before the result was public, which breached election law. Elliott was a student at the time. Clarke's sidekick, a fellow activist named Andre Walker, called Elliott a 'f****** d***h***' and compared him to a Nazi collaborator for complaining about Clarke a few weeks before. (In a letter to Tory Party chairman Lord Feldman, Elliott had accused Clarke of 'virtually beating him up' in a separate pub clash in Westminster on August 12.) Elliott had claimed in that written complaint, which he later withdrew, allegedly after pressure from Clarke: 'Mark held me down on my bar stool with one hand on my shoulder saying he would destroy my career. He said he 'squashed problems like ants when they are small and young, and this is what I am going to do to you'. He shouted at me, bullied me and interrogated me for half an hour. I feared he would attack me.'

    While Clarke denies bullying Elliott, the authorities are now studying the events that led up to the suicide. British Transport Police, who spent three hours talking to Elliott's parents this week, are investigating. There is also a separate inquiry at Tory headquarters because Elliott was already the subject of an internal investigation into his allegations that he had been repeatedly bullied by Mark Clarke. Edward Legard, a judge and Old Etonian contemporary of David Cameron — Legard himself has ambitions to become a Conservative MP — has been appointed by the Tory leadership to find out what drove Elliott, a clever Nottingham University history graduate, to take his own life. Certainly, there now appear to be major recriminations in the Conservative Party.

    While David Cameron has demanded a swift conclusion to the investigation, Lord Feldman has appointed a private health clinic to offer counselling to the young Tories traumatised by Elliott's death. In an email to activists, he said: 'We are undertaking a formal investigation following complaints of bullying received against a member of the party. 'A panel of the party's disciplinary committee, under the chairmanship of Edward Legard, will hold a formal inquiry. If any other complaints are made against members of the party we will formally investigate these.'

    But the Tory inquiry has done nothing to reassure Elliott's parents that the truth will come out. Mr Johnson, a retired businessman, is a pillar of the local community and chairman of the Wisbech Society preservation trust. He told me: 'How can a school friend of the Prime Minister, who wants to be a Tory MP, be expected to do a proper job? We want an independent figure to lead the inquiry.' As the police try to piece together why such a promising young man, with no history of depression or mental illness, should kill himself, his father spoke about the hours leading up to the death of his son.

    'He came home for a family wedding on the weekend before,' he told me. 'I picked him up from Peterborough station. We had a lovely day at the wedding. 'The next day I took him back to Peterborough. I hugged him and watched him walk into the station. It was the last time I ever saw him. 'The next day I telephoned him. He was looking forward to going to the reception at Portcullis House.'

    After the gathering, Elliott returned to his home in Tooting around 11.30pm, went onto his laptop and started surfing websites about suicide. Having written three suicide notes, he turned off the computer at 2.30 am after buying his train ticket to Sandy over the internet. 'He'd never been to Sandy before,' says Mr Johnson, who took early retirement from his property business because of ill-health. 'I think he chose it because it was a remote station. He caught the train from King's Cross at 3pm and arrived at 4pm.' Security camera footage showed Elliott arriving at Sandy station on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 15. He was dressed in his trademark three-piece suit, complete with his fob watch.

    British Transport Police, who have studied the CCTV footage, told Elliott's parents he looked and behaved like any other smartly dressed young commuter. However, toxicology tests revealed he had been drinking heavily. The police also found a hip flask containing vodka and orange, which was half empty. After arriving at the station, Elliott disappeared from the cameras' view.

    'At some point he walked a mile parallel to the track, climbed over the fence, took out a blue towel which he placed on the track, and lay down to die,' says his father quietly. 'He wanted to make an impact in the way he chose to die. 'Elliott had such a serious allergy to peanuts that if he had eaten any they could kill him. But he was clearly determined to do it his way. If he was going to go, he wanted to bring Clarke down with him. He lay down on the track as the train approached. 'He left us a two-page letter. There was an apology to his friends in which he said: 'Sorry I failed you.'

    'We have always been proud of our son in what he achieved in his short life. When he moved into his own place in Tooting in July, I would say it was the happiest month of his life. 'He never confided in us about the bullying. I wish he had. We could have helped. He gave us no sign. 'We are now desperate for justice for Elliott. It is what is keeping my family going.'

    Elliott's love of politics began at age 16 after he took part in a mock election at Spalding Grammar School. As the Tory candidate, he printed posters, made blue rosettes — and won with a thumping 80 per cent of the vote. 'He was delighted,' said Mr Johnson. He even got a letter of congratulations from Baroness Warsi, who was Tory Party chairman. He joined the Tory Party and became a member of Nottingham Conservative association when he was at university.

    In the summer, he interviewed Robert Halfon, Minister without Portfolio, who is a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, and posted it on YouTube. Mr and Mrs Johnson received a handwritten letter from Mr Halfon after their son's death. It said: 'I found him to be a wonderful, kind and clever man. I am sure he would have been an MP one day.' That, of course, will never happen now. Elliott's family believe they will only secure justice if Mark Clarke is found by the Tory inquiry — and the inquest which will be held next year — to have been a factor in their son's tragic death.

    Clarke, who will be quizzed by party officials, has issued a statement saying: 'I strongly refute any suggestion of bullying or harassment. I am not making any further comment about this matter. The family have asked for privacy and I respect both their wishes and the coroner's process.' For now, the Johnsons are just trying to honour Elliott's memory as best they can.

    November 5 was his birthday, when he would have been 22. His parents and sisters, Hariette, 18, who is at college, and Charlotte, 20, who has just started university, made blue-coloured cocktails to mark the occasion. 'His friends did the same,' says his father. 'We are going to make a blue cocktail tribute to Elliott on every birthday. He loved Tory blue. It's a nice way to remember him.'

  • Tory assassins ATOS and the DWP
  • Feminist extremism used to procure boys for the homopaedo legal mafia

    Heath with Thatcher and Janner with Blair

    Feminist extremism against men has been used by the zionist / freemason mafia through British courts to steal young boys into care during separation where ex wives are cajoled into making vile allegations against their ex-husbands in family courts, run by zionist / freemasons , imposing court orders that see thousands of boys being removed into care homes. That also provides vast pickings for the crooked lawyers running up huge legal aid bills on the back of horrific allegations against good fathers. James Muir a lawyer in Scotland who claimed nearly £2,000,000 in legal aid hung himself after being charged with "embellishing" claims in child welfare cases.

    Lord Janner a top jewish lawyer who was avoiding decades of homopaedo abuse, thanks to a zionist / freemason crown, used his position as a law lord to push for more homosexual friendly laws alongside Thatcher who had a whole glut of jewish lawyers and henchmen working for her in her cabinet, many who were later accused of abusing young boys. Now even her predecessor Edward Heath, a former tory prime minister, is embroiled in homopaedo abuse claims stretching back decades including his involvement in Haut de La Garenne in Jersey.

    It is becoming much clearer that the British establishment have been using these BLACKMAIL techniques to keep their political lackeys in check. Thatcher herself was an anomaly as she is maybe one of the few who wasn't thrown into a room with a young boy and filmed by Britain's secret services. MI5&6 run by zionist / freemasons to ensure their dim witted underlings did not falter in serving the top controller the royal mafia via their henchman the Duke of Kent who is responsible for hand picking all the top judges, cops and lawyers who ensure all of this is covered up. Or it had been until the internet gave their victims a platform that their complicit law society controlled mass media refused to provide.

  • Jewish lawyer Janner to face criminal proceedings over allegations of homopaedo abuse in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s
  • Lord Janner told to attend court over homopaedo charges (Lawyers use mental health issues all the time to avoid answering for their own criminality)
  • Investigation into Edward Heath homopaedo abuse claims to go national
  • Retired cop exposes cover up of ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath's homopaedo abuses
  • Noel Edmonds claims the royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Savile’s child abuse
  • VIP homopaedo ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'
  • Royal parasites behind global spying at GCHQ and MI5(VIDEO)
  • Nick Clegg and David Cameron colluded in covering up homopaedo MP Cyril Smith's sexual and physical abuse of young boys (Homosexual / homopaedo agenda operating right inside the heart of government)
  • Two Scots in Thatcher gov Nicholas Fairbairn and Dr Alistair Smith accused of homopaedo abuse of boys
  • Margaret Thatcher 'personally covered up' for homopaedo senior ministers
  • Tory whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'
  • Tory homopaedo whistleblower: 'Margaret Thatcher knew all about underage sex ring among ministers'
  • Homopaedo's at Westminster changed the law to suit the homosexual agenda
  • Houses of Parliament a den of homopaedo's and their protectors
  • Have Britain's political party whips covered up the crimes of homopaedo politicians in order to exert political power?
  • £500,000 of taxpayers money went to fund homopaedo ring
  • Homopaedo's operate inside British Home Office
  • Britain's Home(opeado) Office
  • Liberal homopaedo MP Cyril Smith avoided prosecution thanks to the cops and crown
  • Clegg comments on Westminster homopaedo ring exposures
  • Clegg finally calls for probe into establishment cover up of homopaedo MP Smith
  • Establishment cover up of vile homopaedo liberal MP Cyril Smith
  • The rotting corpse of Libdems after Clegg kissed the tory arse one to many times (as well as complimenting their top predatory homopaedo Cyril Smith)
  • The rotting corpse of the Libdems will bring down their murdering partners in crime the tory mafia
  • British Home Office behind cover up of elite homopaedo network in the UK parliament
  • Now even Thatcher's henchman Tebbit admits to a cover up of high level paedo's at Westminster
  • If MPs have harboured paedo's, the damage to British democracy will be fatal says MP SIMON DANCZUK
  • Labour Lord's 'sex attacks on 12 young boys: 'Horrific' homopaedo allegations include rape and serious sexual assaults
  • New twist in Westminster scandal: 114 secret files on paedo cases missing, admits Government
  • Cameron forced to order fresh investigation into missing dossier detailing explosive claims of a Westminster homopaedo ring
  • How the (masonic)establishment hid the monster in their midst: As MPs demand an inquiry into the covering-up of a VIP child abuse ring, chilling proof of how this depraved diplomat was protected by the good and the great
  • Britain's homopaedo establishment used freemason cops and special branch to hide their sinister debauchery
  • Labour peer Barbara Castle drew up dossier on VIP homopaedo's
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • Freemasons: Apemen posturing
    No one can truly comprehend the pathological madness of any man wanting to join a secret society that has a long history of some of the most vile abuses of their fellow men and the monstrous death and destruction across the globe.

    One thing definitely is true is that they are ape men posturing using a massive propaganda campaign that suggests subtly and deviously that THEY and not every other man that is not part of their satanic cult will protect women. Domestic violence as portrayed in THEIR compliant media paints a sinister picture of men constantly battering women and children and who deserve a state machine to bring a massive boot down on the face of men to protect those down trodden women when the exact opposite is the case .

    The state, run almost entirely through masonic infiltrators, requires to dominate non mason men and under the GUISE of protecting women they can destroy any competition that might eat into their vast plundering network that encircles the globe. This ensures men with the worst human traits get to eat out of the enormous trough that has accrued from the plundering of men through legal and political machinations and the brute force assured by the freemason thugs operating inside the police forces required to impose THEIR LAWS that they themselves are not required to adhere to.

    There is no bigger terrorist threat on the planet than the zionist controlled freemason network and where sinister figures like the Queen's loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kent creates the orders for their dim witted masonic lackeys to do all the dirty work required to keep them as the top NAZI despots on the planet. A stasi like secret force that ensures only the royals and their global army of subservient ape men (through blackmail control) can ring fence the world's wealth at the enormous expense of men and their families who wont be selling their soul to the devil any time soon.

  • MP blames "militant feminists and politically correct males" (freemasons) for stirring up problems between men and women


    Join HERE. The majority of the mass media has a hidden agenda and none of it includes fair reporting of men's issues. Please send comments and articles to EDITORIAL.
    World NEWS the government and judicial controlled mass media wont EXPOSE.


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  • French attack leads to mass hypocrisy of two western leaders

  • Masonic / zionist terrorism still alive and kicking despite major smokescreens

  • Britain's evil bastards

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    Google translate and Youtube embedding used to stifle alternative reporting

    BBC always have an excuse to avoid answering FOI requests

    Feminist extremism used to procure boys for the homopaedo legal mafia

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    BBC plays the victim card for three nasty regimes


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    Femi BBC promote political mafia's 'special' treatment for female criminals
    29 January 2015 15:10

    BBC interviewee claims women should not be made to look victims of men
    29 January 2015 13:15

    Holocaust fest on BBC breakfast this morning
    27 January 2015 14:42

    Terrorism has been around long before the internet
    14 January 2015 10:18

    If jewish claims of persecution are correct why are they coincidentally some of the richest in the world?
    14 January 2015 10:18

    The repercussions of the west waging terror across the Middle East
    11 January 2014 12:48

    Hypocritical controlled media use Paris shooting to raise the 'freedom of speech' issue
    08 January 2014 07:48

    Paedo royal parasite only the tip of an enormous iceberg
    06 January 2014 11:48

    A world where those who work the hardest get paid the least
    23 December 2014 11:41

    American public no longer trust the cops who don't protect
    23 December 2014 09:57

    Freemason conspiracy behind 96 Hillsborough deaths
    18 December 2014 19:44

    Savile, Jaconelli and the masonic cops who let them abuse
    18 December 2014 19:43

    BBC feminazi claptrap from Clegg's lawyer / feminist wife pre-election
    16 December 2014 10:39

    Cops give TOP PRIORITY to claims of terrorist threats and bank robberies but try to get them to protect you
    15 December 2014 09:26

    Domestic abuse industry gives feminists / legal mafia the excuse to entitlement
    14 December 2014 08:11

    Freemason run councils bully and corruptly extort money from drivers
    12 December 2014 09:57

    A den of homopaedo's operated inside Britain's boy scouts
    11 December 2014 19:13

    Why did Daily Mail rewrite article on FREEMASON divorce?
    10 December 2014 11:35

    Child protection cops let homopaedo doctor continue abuse despite warnings
    01 December 2014 18:38

    Jimmy Saville: Is This Your fucking perverted life
    30 November 2014 12:41

    Hypocritical BBC encourage using facebook/twitter while warning about data dangers
    28 November 2014 08:43

    The homopaedo warmongers pushing feminazi domestic abuse campaigns
    24 November 2014 09:15

    If only the BBC were as vigilant about their paedo presenters as they are about feminist propaganda
    21 November 2014 09:33

    Perceived threats: How UK's masonic cops, politicians,legal mafia and media distract our attention
    20 November 2014 15:06

    Did America's freemason cops protect 'Boule' member Bill Cosby's from his predatory rape crimes?
    20 November 2014 14:38

    Blatant BBC gender bias during report on cops under reporting crime
    18 November 2014 08:46

    The Script think kissing the royal arse is cool
    16 November 2014 11:52

    BBC sucking up to the world's top freemason's wife
    16 November 2014 11:52

    Mass media's homosexual agenda helped protect homopaedo agenda
    14 November 2014 09:06

    High level British establishment cover up of abuse
    12 November 2014 09:26

    Dossiers on British establishment abuse being destroyed
    11 November 2014 13:37

    Why do the royal mafia spend so much time mourning the war dead?
    08 November 2014 09:11

    New GCHQ boss wants internet mafia to continue kissing his arse
    04 November 2014 10:10

    Feminist mouthpiece Annie Lennox on the feminazi tshirt produced in a sweat shop
    03 November 2014 10:17

    There are lies, damn lies and the tory tax stats
    03 November 2014 08:48

    Tory scum fail twice to install a cover up legal lackey on abuse inquiry
    03 November 2014 06:29

    Masonic psychopaths brutal attacks on men when ex-wives cry wolf
    30 October 2014 09:58

    Vulnerable kids treated despicably by UK's rogue mason cops
    28 October 2014 10:45

    Singing freemason Burns Auld Lang Syne is a masonic ruse
    27 October 2014 08:53

    UK political mafia used to take the heat off the real controllers
    24 October 2014 11:11

    Paedo protecting BBC a mouthpiece for Yorkshire's masonic cops
    24 October 2014 09:57

    The lengths the sick psychotic masonic cops will go with their devious stasi tactics
    24 October 2014 07:55

    Micky Flanagan on BBC's top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile
    23 October 2014 13:58

    UK establishment pick ANOTHER establishment law society woolf for abuse inquiry
    23 October 2014 00:08

    Companies and government agencies financing and pushing a homosexual agenda
    22 October 2014 16:20

    Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK justice system
    11 October 2014 10:34

    11 October 2014 09:41

    UK's masonic establishment protected jewish homopaedo teacher for over two years
    01 October 2014 10:25

    Tory bastards want to punish the poor again for the mistakes of the banking rich
    01 October 2014 09:36

    Big lottery funds massive discrimination against men
    30 September 2014 07:27

    The lunatics really are running the asylum
    30 September 2014 04:48

    Cameron and Obama claim they want to CONFRONT evil
    28 September 2014 11:34

    Salmond eyes up new castle for his future empire
    17 September 2014 10:25

    A stark choice for Scotland
    10 September 2014 12:53

    NATO: Keep your eyes on the Middle East and you'll MISS what's happening at home
    06 September 2014 11:24

    Britain's pseudo left of centre party for the sheeple to view as some alternative to tory madmen
    03 September 2014 11:08

    The Scottish Independence vote is a masonic ruse
    27 August 2014 10:37

    Massive increase in false bogeymen as freemasons exposed as biggest global threat
    22 August 2014 07:55

    The lawlessness of the law
    18 August 2014 16:36

    Crooked freemason judges, lawyers and cops behind massive property theft in Britain
    17 August 2014 08:44

    The royals global network of glorification
    11 August 2014 13:14

    What is the end result of Ed Snowden's whistleblowing?
    08 August 2014 06:36

    The revenue gathering streams of bastard freemasonry
    04 August 2014 11:14

    Homosexuals and their vile paedo networks
    02 August 2014 10:38

    Property contracts and the multi trillion dollar sting
    01 August 2014 18:13

    Royal parasites behind global spying by GCHQ and MI5
    30 July 2014 20:38

    The advocates of the 'Rule of law' don't abide by the law
    29 July 2014 00:00

    Lottery funds massive discrimination against men
    25 July 2014 01:04

    Their idea of terrorism is to stifle ANY reaction to their psychopathic induced wars
    24 July 2014 13:21

    Carried along on a wave of sporting lunacy
    23 July 2014 10:11

    The psychopaths the state employs for their tyrannical control
    20 July 2014 17:45

    Mass arrest of 660 British paedo's included ex-cops
    16 July 2014 14:35

    Zionists march in London for Israel
    16 July 2014 13:26

    London's £15,000,000,000 projects that are crippling the rest of the UK
    15 July 2014 12:31

    UK establishment lackey Butler Sloss forced out of abuse inquiry
    14 July 2014 14:23

    Zionist freemason global stasi spy network
    11 July 2014 10:35

    Butler Sloss exposed by along with freemason judges House of Lords 3 March 2010
    10 July 2014 18:39

    Murdering tory scum turn UK from police state into stasi spying state
    10 July 2014 15:19

    Clegg comments on Westminster homopaedo ring exposures
    08 July 2014 18:50

    British Home Office behind cover up of elite homopaedo network in the UK parliament
    08 July 2014 18:49

    The easiest way to lose money gamble on property
    03 July 2014 17:45

    Gabriel a beautiful little child surviving on the streets of Nice France
    29 June 2014 00:46

    One group of terrorists that are getting away with murder
    24 June 2014 11:36

    Report from the mean streets of opulent Nice in France
    21 June 2014 11:39

    Why most stately homes in Britain have a checkered (past) entrance
    08 June 2014 14:06

    Fear of homelessness a powerful tool of the ruling mafia
    04 June 2014 12:40

    How rogue lawyers have been protected by the legal mafia
    04 June 2014 09:21

    Cayman Islands where the freemasons stash their stolen loot
    02 June 2014 14:17

    Queen gives Churchill the funny handshake
    25 May 2014 11:54

    BBC's dodgy camera's capture the masonic monolith in Glasgow Green
    24 May 2014 23:39

    No end to the lawyers billion dollar honey pot legal aid
    22 May 2014 14:21

    Scottish independence under the SNP a freemason ruse
    22 May 2014 12:09

    How to eliminate the illuminated
    13 May 2014 11:31

    Savile's homopaedo pal Jaconelli to be stripped of honors
    12 May 2014 09:31

    Lawyer conspiracy to steal everything you have and to make you a slave
    11 May 2014 00:51

    Freemasons protection network
    10 May 2014 09:49

    Gutter press barons demonization of the poor
    04 May 2014 08:21

    A united gutter press that hides a murdering perverted regime
    02 May 2014 07:21

    Freemason run Britain made perverts like Max Clifford untouchable
    29 April 2014 14:51

    Here is what the deluded tory scum and filth think is some sort of recovery
    29 April 2014 14:42

    Royal parasites behind tax dodging in their crown colonies
    28 April 2014 10:35

    How do lawyers REALLY make money?
    27 April 2014 14:37

    Is a dangerous woman planning to divorce you?
    27 April 2014 09:27

    Britain's dark forces
    22 April 2014 21:20

    Divorce, instant homelessness and depression
    17 April 2014 14:02

    No equal rights for fathers
    17 April 2014 10:28

    Zionists in bed with Mossad
    12 April 2014 08:37

    Psychopaths control the divorce industrial complex
    07 April 2014 10:03

    Pensmore: Illuminati's Armageddon House
    06 April 2014 13:28

    No austerity for the British judges living the highlife
    02 April 2014 11:36

    The question is 'How many fathers would leave their sons in the care of homosexuals?'
    31 March 2014 12:03

    Domestic violence a good distraction for a murdering tory government
    27 March 2014 16:32

    The derisory FOI responses from a freemason controlled Scottish Parliament
    21 March 2014 10:52

    Lawyer controlled BBC not happy about Youtube copies of lawyer abuse evidence
    17 March 2014 10:07

    Court of Protection used by corrupt judges, lawyers, social workers to assets strip the elderly
    17 March 2014 10:03

    Malaysian opposition leader who exposed jewish control maybe behind missing airline conspiracy
    16 March 2014 11:12

    War memorials disguise and help protect freemason monoliths as in Milford Haven
    15 March 2014 00:06

    Toerag Cameron kisses the zionist Israeli arse big time
    14 March 2014 22:08

    Tim Berners-Lee on internet spying
    12 March 2014 11:22

    Apple's laughable 1984 advert
    08 March 2014 11:51

    The Scottish Parliament show how they avoid Freedom of Information requests
    06 March 2014 09:19

    Oscar Pistorius goes on trial for murder so how the fuck is he still out on bail?
    03 March 2014 10:05

    Labour's feminist witch Hatemen , NCCL and Paedo protection
    28 February 2014 21:18

    Labour feminist witch Harriet Harman's sinister agenda
    28 February 2014 21:18

    Labour feminist / lawyer Hatemen denies protecting paedo agenda
    28 February 2014 21:17

    Men will not be preached to by homosexuals and zion feminists on morality
    28 February 2014 21:14

    Royal parasite gives Merkel the funny handshake
    28 February 2014 21:14

    Homopaedo gets 8 years for abusing young boys
    28 February 2014 21:13

    How a freemason / feminist / homo / murdering tory government uses public money to smear men
    28 February 2014 17:40

    Long before Hitler came along jews were being attacked in British cities. Why????
    28 February 2014 09:32

    Don't believe the law society terrorists on prenups (VIDEO)
    27 February 2014 09:21

    Deposed Ukrainian tyrant v UK's royal despot
    24 February 2014 19:19

    Who are the most dangerous parasites on the planet?
    18 February 2014 10:31

    More shambolic nonsense by the UK's judicial mafia
    16 February 2014 09:20

    Heterosexuals bombarded with satanic homosexual propaganda
    07 February 2014 09:34

    So how many more crimes are the freemasons covering up?
    31 January 2014 14:06

    Here is the very bastard that engineers the theft of ALL our lives
    26 January 2014 10:59

    Google's fascist tendencies
    25 January 2014 09:43

    BBC's Outrageous promotion of homosexuals marrying and adopting children
    23 January 2014 09:41

    Mass Media or Gutter Press masonic controlled v Internet news uncontrolled
    23 January 2014 09:40

    More devious domestic violence propaganda from the paedo protecting BBC
    22 January 2014 10:32

    Mass media finally get round to exposing freemason criminals
    14 January 2014 10:43

    Corrupt cops and sheriffs involved with freemasons
    14 January 2014 10:42

    Wealth and the rise of arrogance and greed
    11 January 2014 11:19

    Britain's Eton v Peasant divide
    10 January 2014 10:21

    Capitalist system depends on property theft to advance an agenda
    01 January 2013 07:48

    Gerald Martinez on how to become the richest man in the world
    24 December 2013 22:38

    A letter to the Daily Racket over man's suicide
    24 December 2013 10:42

    BBC relegate men to talking about one subject
    24 December 2013 09:26

    A woman's view as to why men are deserting Western women for Asian women
    23 December 2013 11:06

    Why is this evil fucker so rich?
    20 December 2013 10:00

    Freemason menace: whores for their satanic masters
    15 December 2013 09:54

    Masonic menace and compliance
    14 December 2013 23:18

    Fathers rights campaigner Brian McKerrow accused of threatening BBC reporter
    13 December 2013 14:05

    Masonic menace on the road
    11 December 2013 09:13

    Bailiff warning notice
    09 December 2013 11:08

    South African freemasonry expanded into accepting black initiates in 1977
    09 December 2013 11:08

    Masonic menace: Levels of persecution
    06 December 2013 09:03

    The rantings of a psychopath
    05 December 2013 13:53

    Clutha bar crash helicopter FINALLY removed
    02 December 2013 15:21

    Freemasonry menace behind mass suicide of men in Britain
    02 December 2013 09:44

    Health and Safety RAT behind failings of recovery of victims of cop helicopter crash
    01 December 2013 21:55

    Emergency services a help or a hindrance at cop helicopter crash site?
    01 December 2013 21:54

    Nasty sick psychopaths concocted a system of data collection
    26 November 2013 11:15

    Rockets the new phallic symbols of the ruling psychopaths
    24 November 2013 15:28

    BBC's Naga Munchetty and her weird illuminati 'ALL SEEING EYE' dress
    23 November 2013 08:20

    Law society mafia control BBC output
    22 November 2013 15:44

    Divorcing men and masonic persecution
    15 November 2013 09:47

    Danger to men from global terrorist attacks
    12 November 2013 08:22

    Is this why freemasons are obsessed with 33 degrees?
    11 November 2013 13:20

    What percentage of articles do the media rats have to dedicate to royalist stories?
    11 November 2013 12:05

    Only psychopaths believe nuclear power is safe
    10 November 2013 09:48

    Amazon still have Jimmy Savile 'Stranger Danger' book for sale
    08 November 2013 12:27

    Glasgow Central station a hot bed for the freemason's OTT cctv spy systems
    08 November 2013 11:54

    Masonic tie wearer
    08 November 2013 11:49

    NAzionists getting right to the centre of power in the Houses of Parliament
    08 November 2013 11:48

    Britain's three freemason spymasters dragged into the spotlight
    07 November 2013 13:54

    Despots and their POWER dressing
    06 November 2013 11:02

    The Law Society: The biggest terrorists of all
    04 November 2013 08:58

    World War Z(ionist) review
    03 November 2013 12:04

    Russell Brand attacked by the gutter press
    03 November 2013 12:07

    Lou Reed just one more zionist who was provided with a world platform
    01 November 2013 11:14

    NSA Illuminati Memorial wall
    27 October 2013 21:10

    For fear of endlessly repeating ourselves
    19 October 2013 11:17

    Why are so many ruthless murdering mothers now being reported in the compliant media?
    04 October 2013 08:30

    Who's really behind the global money supply?
    30 September 2013 14:16

    Sinister use and abuse of ANPR camera's
    25 September 2013 12:37

    What are the freemasons running the GMC trying to hide?
    24 September 2013 11:04

    22 September 2013 13:08

    The biggest mafia on the planet are the legal / masonic mafia
    21 September 2013 13:12

    Freemasons in Perth, Western Australia. Infiltration of the Police and Parliament
    20 September 2013 09:40

    Freemasons on Australian TV
    20 September 2013 09:39

    The tax dodging billionaire scumbag behind the vile 'Daily Mail'
    19 September 2013 15:02

    Freemason controlled media at its very worst
    19 September 2013 10:26

    CCTV at all incidents where cops use firearms
    17 September 2013 22:49

    How freemason cops are a danger to the public
    17 September 2013 22:48

    Nixon would have avoided impeachment using the same excuses as Obama
    17 September 2013 00:56

    BBC now under total control of extreme feminism
    12 September 2013 09:47

    The political mafia's that will say anything to get into power
    10 September 2013 10:56

    Homopaedophilia hides behind gay rights and hate crime legislation
    08 September 2013 23:24

    A fathers influence v masonic tyranny
    07 September 2013 09:15

    Judges and lawyers will be jailed for family court corruption
    05 September 2013 08:21

    Laws aren't legal if they are administered by a cabal of freemasons
    04 September 2013 12:13

    Old freemason grandmaster and his flock perving at lapdancers
    04 September 2013 10:51

    Police Raid 'Drug Fueled Orgy' At Masonic Temple
    03 September 2013 08:23

    Freemasons are the only REAL terrorists MEN need to worry about
    01 September 2013 10:13

    Syria and the hypocrites who forget the Iraq war
    30 August 2013 09:56

    Lunatics running America's asylum
    28 August 2013 19:40

    The Law Society: A global masonic pariah
    25 August 2013 10:26

    Channel 4 exposed freemasons involved in Welsh child abuse scandal
    21 August 2013 11:26

    Warning: Global freemason controlled property monopoly in progress
    21 August 2013 09:56

    Glenn Greenwald a nice jewish homosexual exposing government hacking or something else?
    20 August 2013 10:51

    The real centre for the world's global terrorists and spies
    20 August 2013 10:25

    BBC now run almost entirely by feminist psycho's
    16 August 2013 09:55

    Freemasonry a global stasi
    15 August 2013 23:57

    Google remove masons from their maps
    15 August 2013 10:05

    The power of the STATE is the excessive power of its hand picked judges
    13 August 2013 13:44

    Captured Audiences
    09 August 2013 10:15

    London city's henchmen ritual of kissing the right royal arse
    07 August 2013 09:55

    They're protecting the system not the people
    06 August 2013 09:45

    Unbelievable wickedness of tory assassins ATOS and DWP
    03 August 2013 22:39

    Jessi Malay another zionist / freemason music moll
    31 July 2013 12:40

    Media run by homosexuals, feminists, freemasons and zionists
    31 July 2013 11:33

    Feminasty get LADS mags pulled from the shelves
    29 July 2013 09:18

    It is totally unacceptable for the peasants to tolerate the uber rich austerity scams
    28 July 2013 11:49

    Wonga the hidden tory agenda
    28 July 2013 09:26

    The fuckers who spy can never be trusted
    26 July 2013 10:09

    Royal sprog named after pub
    24 July 2013 23:35

    Obama's: Wait 'Til We Get Home!
    24 July 2013 14:27

    Royal mint getting minted with new sprog tacky trinkets
    23 July 2013 11:33

    BBC only promote royal ass kissing press baron newspapers
    23 July 2013 11:32

    The gullible British sheeple that fall for the Royal charade
    23 July 2013 09:37

    Why the BBC promote Twitter and Facebook
    20 July 2013 17:58

    Savile's masonic burial
    19 July 2013 22:10

    We are being royally brainwashed by five of her key press lackeys
    18 July 2013 14:23

    Breaking the law society property monopoly
    17 July 2013 09:51

    Why are they letting this seriously flawed aircraft fly?
    12 July 2013 22:41

    There are MEN and then there are freemasons
    05 July 2013 11:42

    Tory bedroom tax causing massive debts, evictions and homelessness
    02 July 2013 00:13

    UK's masonic cops getting away with absolute murder
    01 July 2013 10:54

    Ruling parasites endless fleecing of the peasants
    28 June 2013 23:18

    Masonic cops exposed like never before
    25 June 2013 13:42

    Masonic met cops smear and spy on family of murder victim Stephen Lawrence
    24 June 2013 16:04

    ECHR run just like how UK judges run British courts
    24 June 2013 13:24

    How much public money is being spent by the UK and USA spying on its people?
    24 June 2013 10:43

    Kidon a mossad murdering cell
    21 June 2013 10:01

    Book Of Secrets - Freemasons
    20 June 2013 15:02

    Freemasonry Unmasked by Former 32° Freemason
    20 June 2013 15:02

    Area 51 America's Book Of Secrets
    20 June 2013 15:01

    Did Michael Jackson indoctrinate his kids into satanism before his death?
    19 June 2013 12:31

    Warning psychopaths in charge
    19 June 2013 12:05

    BBC's aggressive marketing of the royal parasitic brand even during the weather
    05 June 2013 10:16

    Six million jews 1915 - 1938
    04 June 2013 15:49

    Why are ex-soldiers being left homeless and penniless?
    04 June 2013 13:27

    Deranged media's pathological obsession with the royal parasites
    04 June 2013 10:40

    Homosexual judges destroying heterosexual fathers in secret family courts
    02 June 2013 00:16

    Masonry, by a 90th degree Mason! 2
    31 May 2013 11:08

    Masonry, by a 90th degree Mason! 1
    31 May 2013 11:08

    Worst time to change laws is after a terrorist attack
    31 May 2013 09:48

    British foreign policy behind radicalisation
    31 May 2013 10:26

    Brave soldier Joe Glenton jailed for standing up against Afghan war
    31 May 2013 10:12

    The scale of Savile abuse protected by the British establishment
    31 May 2013 09:56

    A deception that they care
    27 May 2013 13:18

    The royal parasites far from humble
    27 May 2013 12:27

    A dead soldier then the usual suspects
    25 May 2013 06:16

    Boy Scouts Of America Ends Ban On homosexual Scouts!
    24 May 2013 09:54

    American boy scouts protected homopaedo's for decades
    24 May 2013 09:52

    Cullinane v UK blocking of welfare payments
    23 May 2013 15:52

    Patrick Cullinane's life was ruined by the Inland Revenue 10 years ago(2003)
    23 May 2013 15:24

    Atos an arm of the DWP: mass murderers by another name
    23 May 2013 06:31

    The monstrous state cover up of Ms Seven v Gossage and nine others
    22 May 2013 07:06

    Tory said voters would think they had 'lost the plot' letting freemasons conduct marriages
    21 May 2013 18:34

    33 degree freemason haunt 10 Duke Street St. James
    21 May 2013 18:11

    Spamhaus the biggest internet censor
    21 May 2013 18:11

    The Crown Corporation
    20 May 2013 23:17

    Guy gets battered by two females (And the cops would still arrest him for domestic violence)
    20 May 2013 14:11

    June Sarpong on conspiracy theories and working with Jesse Ventura
    19 May 2013 11:41

    The extortionate cost of divorce (Many men pay with their lives)
    18 May 2013 23:19