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men fighting back


              1. Having large sums of money in ANY bank. (They are all con men see HERE)
              2. Having any kind of mortgage with a bank. (They are all scams see HERE)
              3. Marrying and signing a state marriage certificate. (Notice NO small print see HERE)
              4. Having a child. (Maybe the single most dangerous threat to a mans welfare see HERE)
              5. Entering ANY court especially NO JURY civil courts.(Mason judges make it up see HERE)
              6. Hiring a lawyer anywhere across the globe. (ALL part of the Bar associations see HERE)
              7. Trusting any politician.(They are ALL on the take see HERE)
              9. Taking out any type of credit especially for a large purchase like a car (see HERE)
              9. Trusting any journalist who answers to the corporate media (see HERE)
              10. Trusting any cop who answers to masonic superiors (see HERE)
              11. Allow social workers, lawyers and judges with a homosexual (HERE) or radical feminist (HERE) agenda to decide
              on the future welfare of your children (see HERE)
              12. Doing any form of business with a FREEMASON. ( ALL of the above included see HERE)

them and us



We all strive to better ourselves, in our lives and in our children's lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others. The ruling mafia have created an underclass for a number of reasons and would include letting us all know that if we do not follow their rules we may end up on the streets. Also their mass media propaganda machine ensures the poor, disabled, vulnerable and sick can be used as a punch bag and blamed for ALL the ills of the world and have us believe it is the POOR that are stopping us from bettering ourselves.

This is maybe the most devious lie created by the press barons who have ensured the sheeple's venom is vented towards those least able to defend themselves while distracting attention away from the ruling mafia who live opulent lifestyles and with riches so VAST no one can truly comprehend how vast that wealth is. Fortunately the internet is rewriting history and exposing the myths from a global propaganda machine that is breaking the despicable cycle of deceit and where a psychological battle has been waged on our minds to ensure we remain compliant with the ruling elite's demands. We must all re-learn to respect those who need our sympathy and understanding, not venom, and we must also be aware that every man facing injustice will allow, in the end, all men to face that same injustice .

Without fighting for the weakest in our society, while complying with the ruling mafia's orders, we condone and perpetuate a well orchestrated master plan that will allow these evil bastards to hold on to power unless our humanity has a massive wake up call and remove that ruling elite from power in one way or another. It is only in the interests of the ultra wealthy that this system can carry on ad infinitum. Everyone else will continue to suffer, as they have done throughout history, while the ruling mafia carry on their deceitful and diabolical plans and all part of their new technological world order.


The best index to a person's character is how they treat people who can't do them any good, and how they treat people who can't fight back.



  • The X Factor vision of society blames the poor for their predicament
  • Campers descend on central Paris to highlight plight of homeless
    Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals?
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice?
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms?
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants?
    Do you think bailiff's act honestly when evicting homeowners?
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children?
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare?
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services?
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health?
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous?
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us?
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ?
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security?
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line?

    If you have been reading and watching the complicit media for most of your life you likely have been brainwashed into believing all of the above, when in fact many are criminals or forced to act in a criminal way for their masters. They only get away with murder to protect the self appointed elite pulling the strings of their satanically controlled duped goons who act ONLY in the interests of the psychopathic madmen and women running the world while living in VAST OPULENCE.

    You might also believe that the latest credit crunch is affecting everybody, but look closely at the facts and you will see there is a tier of privileged individuals who NEVER suffer during controlled recessions. In fact they PROSPER while millions struggle to survive the sudden changes of fortune brought about by the few at the top deciding to rein in the pittance they provide in sustenance to the masses primarily to stop any major dissent from their form of enslavement and tyranny . For centuries these few dynastic families have been getting away with absolute murder turning generation upon generation of our forefathers into slaves for the ultra wealthy. Unless we stop them now our children and grandchildren will suffer the same deviant world they claim is some kind of civilized society. They have required a massive propaganda network to get away with this for so long, but by the day that machine is grinding to a halt in the mass exposure of the monstrous evil they have been getting away with.

    Do not be fooled by the fancy clothes and ancient traditions, these mobsters have been using subtle and devious tricks of the trade , disguised as some sort of esoteric knowledge, or so they claim, while using thuggery, blackmail, bullying and abuse to persecute anyone who steps outside their masonic bubble. These maniacs and psychopaths have been raping and murdering in endless wars they create to keep us all in fear and in our lowly place.

  • Super Rich The Greed Game (VIDEO)
  • Credit crunch? 619,000 millionaires living in Britain rising 17 per cent over the last two years
  • A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocracy
  • Pay gap between highest and lowest earners growing faster in Britain than any of the world's richest countries
    wake up Your passionate way with words is a daily source of energy to me and, I would expect, lots of others subscribers---keep it up!!...john
    There are hundreds of websites, probably thousands, devoted to men’s issues and combating feminism. Something for everyone. We are glad the topic is under discussion from every angle. But if you really want to understand the New World Order conspiracy, one site stands above the rest because it has the correct New World Order worldview (or close to it): International Men’s Organisation.
    From a review by the NWO University Forum
    Brilliant website matey I read it often and it blows my mind how much information you have gathered over the years well done dude. Sullers
    I have been reading stuff on your website for some time and can relate to everything that is being exposed. Glad there is a website out there which is really showing up and exposing it all. Kind regards DR
    Hi! Great site! Telling it like it is. Keep it up! Best Regards, Dr.Les Dove
    Love the site, you have a done an awesome job Dan
    I am an avid reader of International Mens Organisation. JB
    We love!
    I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website. Thank you for your wonderful resources. VB
    I just checked your website and I am blown away!! Its so cool to be in contact with you!! Axel
    I have been reading your site for some time now and gaining a deep insight into the workings of this so called democratic western world we live in. I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much. Just as a good mate of mine always says: Ignorance is the worst sin. Therefore the revealing of knowledge and understanding must be the greatest virtue. Thanks again Rory UK
    Amazing info on the site keep up the fab work. NN
    Dear Sirs , I just want to say how much I love your site. I've been an avid truth seeker for many years and would be a big time follower of the Jeff Rense program, but I really think your site is one of the best, well laid out and most interesting alternative media site. I've only known of its existence over the last week, but I'm already hooked on it. Keep up the fantastic articles and pressure on the NWO scum. Name and email supplied
    I just suddenly found your site on the internet, and WOW - it really is packed with useful information about the inhuman beasts who are planning the NWO. Their activities are far advanced in my country Sweden, but England is leading with regard to public camera watching. Unfortunately your multimillion population seems to be as sleeping as our 9 million sheeple. Good luck and keep holding up the torch of Knowledge! Best regards , Name and email supplied from Sweden


    We try and ensure most of what is published is important and highly relevant to men globally and especially those men made homeless and penniless by the evil misuse of the law and courts that have a feminist / homopaedo / masonic /zionist / law society driven agenda.

    We reproduce important articles under 'fair use' and in the 'public interest' with due credit to our sources.




    We are not here to promote the ultra-rich but to counter their mass media buddies who are trying to convince us there is NO MONEY and that the political lackeys, who they fund, are making policies, NOT for the greater good of all the world's people, but to make the ultra-rich even richer. Less than 1% of the people of this world own more than 90% of the world's wealth and that we aim to correct the lies and deceit about just who are responsible for that massive imbalance.

  • USA wealth inequality - top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%
  • Rich 1% own half the world’s wealth (VIDEO)
  • Britain's richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population
  • Pseudo austerity has starved the peasants to feed the billionaires pulling ALL the strings
  • Just five super-wealthy families own more than the poorest 12 MILLION Britons put together
  • £13,000,000,000,000 trillion: The hoard hidden by global elite
  • How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes
  • Feminist leaning Guardian think its great women make up 10% of super-rich billionaires list
  • No austerity for World's super-wealthy who spend their riches on luxury travel adventures
  • So much for austerity propaganda as Billionaires' club welcomes 210 new members
    global population

    Controlled temporarily by 5 million+ freemasons hand picked by the ruling mafia
    One mason for every 1427 people on the planet.
    Out of 196 countries in the world masons are embedded in 164 of them.

  • 5,000,000 Freemasons walk among us (VIDEO)
    Israel takes over UN with anti-BDS summit VIDEO

    Nikki Haley showing her true colours

    Media manipulators on joining EU and now exiting

    The rags who backed UK joining EU in 1973

    And what they are now saying about LEAVING the EU in 2017.
    They talked the sheeple into the EU and then they talked them out.
    Why marriage has become a hostile environment for men VIDEO
    MASSIVE Underwater UFO Sighted Off Gulf Coast VIDEO

    Another political goon swearing to protect zionist Israel

  • One political scumbag after another swears allegiance NOT to America but to the zionist parasitic Israel at AIPAC(VIDEO)
  • Nancy Pelosi on feminist run zionist AIPAC attacks BDS boycott Israel movement(VIDEO)
  • Paul Ryan kisses the zionist arse big time at AIPAC (Disgusting spectacle of America's political mafia bowing to the demands of zionist Israel) (VIDEO)
  • Mike Pence "Under President Trump The World Will Know! America Stands With Israel!" (VIDEO)
  • AIPAC America's most dangerous zionist political manipulator(VIDEO)
  • Jewish comedian ELON GOLD brings up 'gentiles' and 'goyim' at AIPAC(from 2.40)
  • 20 top EU banks routed €25bn through tax havens VIDEO
    Pelosi on feminist run zionist AIPAC attacks BDS boycott Israel movement VIDEO
    NZ Motueka Bay rag's freemason propaganda and the company's backing them (from 2015)

    Click image to enlarge
    The vile cruelty inflicted by mothers on their sons
    We have spent years assisting men with the depression that follows from having a cruel mother. From the lack of attention and warmth while young, trying to keep friends who are kept away from the homes of the victims. Lack of confidence and self esteem when mothers wont encourage or praise achievements of their children and the extreme discipline they inflict.

    Cruel mothers cause their victims to live with life long problems thanks to their conduct towards their sons. No one can truly understand the stigma that follows living under the roof of the cruelty meted out by cruel mothers unless you have lived in that environment.

    The following is a rare occasion when the BBC report on this. Feminists wont recognise the monsters in their midst.

    A mother who starved her son leaving him to survive on dog biscuits has been convicted of cruelty. Christine Copley, 65, had denied subjecting son Andrew to daily beatings and humiliations as he was growing up in the 1980s and early 1990s. She locked Andrew and his brother in a cupboard, Exeter Crown Court heard. Copley, of Laburnum Road, Exeter, who denied six counts of cruelty, would put Andrew in a cold bath to reduce visible bruises, the jury heard.

    The attacks started when Andrew was aged five or six and carried on until he ran away from home at the age of 14 after his mother attacked him with a bottle. Copley was arrested after her son made an initial police report about the cruelty in 2014.

    The court heard his mother:

    *Whipped him with a dog lead
    *Hit him with shoes
    *Twisted his fingers or arms
    *Held her hand over his mouth and nose
    *Squeezed his genitals, or hit him in parts of the body where the marks could not be seen

    The beatings started when the family lived at Hurst Avenue, Exeter and carried on when they moved to homes in Farm Hill, Exwick, and Burnthouse Lane, Exeter, the court was told. Andrew and his younger brother, who also gave evidence in the trial, were often locked into a dark, dirty under stairs cupboard as punishments and Andrew was sometimes stripped naked and made to stand outside the house.

    'Life a misery'

    One of the neighbours said Andrew, now aged in his 30s, was "the saddest little boy I ever saw". The court heard social services were alerted to the situation at the time by neighbours and friends but prosecutor Lee Bremridge said they gave the "impression they were not really interested".

    After Copley was found guilty, Judge Erik Salomonsen told her: "You made your son's life a misery. I am making no promises about your sentence." The defendant was released on bail for sentencing on 28 April.

  • Paul Ryan kisses the zionist arse big time at AIPAC VIDEO

    Disgusting spectacle of America's political mafia bowing to the demands of zionist Israel
    AIPAC America's most dangerous zionist political manipulator VIDEO
    Media rags a mouthpiece for a stasi style tory government

    Push for more government stasi style surveillance on the back of perceived threats and pushing the blame from those who should be responsible for stopping attacks on to third parties
    Deluded ruling mafia wasting billions on space colonization scams VIDEO
    LGBT EXPOSED - Hard-Hitting, Major Russian TV Film VIDEO
    In the Halls of the Martian King, Mars Anomalies, Curiosity Rover VIDEO
    A twisted media with a twisted mindset


    We have been following the compliant media in the last few weeks and how unitedly they paint pictures of events that mask or distract from the truth of what is really going on . Further investigations into Jimmy Savile, who was revered in the establishment rags until his death, has thrown up some more interesting facts about London and the elitist clubs that harbour devious minds like Savile.

    The Antheneaum Club is one example of how scumbags like Savile with ego's to match get into self appointed elitist clubs that serve not only their ego's but the ruling royal mafia and due to their status, well above their intellect, are used to influence the peasants and how scumbags like Savile could get nominated for membership. The Antheneaum club was anguished at later revelations that Savile was finally exposed in the establishment rags as a serial paedo who rampaged across Britain getting away with an extraordinary amount of vile sleaze and yet protected by those same influencers throughout his career. see HERE .

    The VILE Desmond controlled Daily Star paid gushing tributes to Savile on his death HERE .

    The VILE Harmsworth controlled Daily Rat paid the same gushing tributes HERE .

    As did the VILE Barclay Brothers controlled Telegraph HERE.

    who despite praising his talents, with many people over decades wondered what they actually were, mentioned the fact that

    "Savile always claimed that the key to his success on Jim’ll Fix It was that he actually disliked children, although in later years he maintained that he had offered this explanation to allay any untoward suspicions that he liked them too much. Rumours of under-age sex circulated for some years, although the fact that no allegations of impropriety ever appeared in print seemed to confirm Savile’s own insistence that he had “no past, no nothing”. "

    As well as

    " In later years he even refused to have a computer in his home, explaining that he did not want anybody thinking he was downloading child pornography. "

    So despite all of Britain's rags providing glowing obituaries there were hints they already knew a lot of Savile's dark history but refused to blow the whistle and they are all complicit in his crimes against children. Other interesting facts came out in the Telegraph in that Savile's outlandish claim that he set up the world's first disco in a freemason hall in Leeds

    "in an upstairs room in Leeds owned by the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds, where customers were charged a shilling each to dance to records by Glenn Miller and Harry James. "

    Later pictures of Savile's jewellery and his masonic burial showed he was steeped in freemasonry and used those connections to get promoted to Mecca ballroom manager and with a long trail of positions that many ordinary UK punters would struggle to get into and in the end Savile himself was nothing more than ordinary but with the ability to get extraordinary positions of power, influence and money. Using them to always promote the royal parasite and her Downing street lackeys like Margaret Thatcher at every opportunity. Savile's history shows how a twisted media, who can either promote those working for the British establishment even if they have a sordid dark past behind the cameras while they will with enormous venom attack, for decades, anyone who dares rock the establishment boat.

    The most recent events of this week show that in action and primarily a major distraction from where many supposed global terror threats have originated and NOT where those rags are pointing the sheeple towards with incessant coverage that no doubt will still be hitting their front pages for months to come.

  • Feminism was BAD for two-thirds of woman, says FAY WELDON
    Even women see the madness of the man hating feminasty

    Outspoken She Devil author risks infuriating working mothers by claiming their cause helped to drive down men's wages by half Author Fay Weldon has risked infuriating fellow feminists by claiming their cause left two-thirds of British women worse off.

    In an interview, Weldon, 85, says the feminist revolution had adverse implications by ‘halving the male wage, so it no longer supported a family.’ That meant some women had to get jobs, even if they would rather have been at home with their children. ‘Women had to work to support the family. So for two in three women, it really was a problem.’

    Elsewhere in the interview, Weldon also launches an astonishing attack on the ‘bad’ women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment. She argues that the US President’s ‘foolish’ and ‘neurotic’ accusers are trying to make a fast buck out of the situation.

    ‘I suspect the kind of women who Trump molests are not necessarily against the molestation but hope to make money out of it,’ she says. ‘Because not all women are good women. There are as many bad women as bad men.’ Weldon, who worked in advertising before finding fame as a novelist in the late 1960s, claims that behaviour now classed as harassment was looked upon differently in her day. She adds: ‘In my youth, what is now seen as sexual harassment was seen as welcome attention. Actually, if men took notice of you in an office, you were very pleased.’

    Her views on Trump will anger fellow feminists who have come to regard him as a hate figure because of his alleged treatment of women. But Weldon says it’s time women stopped SEEING THEMSELVES AS VICTIMS. ‘This was right and proper 20 or 30 years ago when they couldn’t earn, they couldn’t work, they couldn’t join the professions. Well all that has changed.’

    It is not the first time Weldon has courted controversy. In 1998, she provoked uproar by claiming that rape wasn’t the worse thing that could happen to a woman. She is also likely to ruffle more than a few feathers with a sequel to her best-known novel, The Life And Loves Of A She Devil. In the Death Of A She Devil, the She Devil’s grandson Tyler undergoes a sex-change operation so that he can get his hands on her fortune.

    And like Woman’s Hour presenter Jenni Murray, Weldon says she came to the conclusion that men who have a sex change can never really become women.

  • Hong Kong Shopping Center Escalator Malfunction VIDEO
    Australia to release report on 'racist' juvenile abuse VIDEO
    Scotland's freemason cops push for routine gun carrying after Westminster attack

    But no mention of giving us all guns for our own safety
    Compliant media a mouthpiece for the ruling mafia
    Harmsworth uses the Daily Rat as a royal propaganda tool
    Icke on the Hypocrisy of Western Governments Condemning Terrorism VIDEO
    The Manipulated Man by Esther Vilar

    Esther Vilar's classic polemic about the relationship between the sexes caused a sensation on its first publication. Her perceptive, thought-provoking and often very funny look at the battle between the sexes has earned her severe criticism and even death threats. But Vilar's intention is not misogynous: she maintains that only if women and men look at their place in society with honesty, will there be any hope for change.


  • Pavlovian Conditioning
  • Westminster attack distracts from Israeli jew behind global bomb threats

    It is NO coincidence on the very day Westminster was being attacked, and only days after London met cops were doing terror training on the Thames with some of the cops even unaware they were involved in training, that an investigation into global bomb threats, against mostly jewish institutions, was finalised and centred on a dual citizen living in Israel.

    The investigation has been going on for months with even airlines being threatened and just as they move in to capture the culprit, an 19 year old jew who police are keeping his image and name anonymous despite the enormity of his crimes, the Westminster attack has the world distracted.

    The jewish communities have been ranting about anti-semitic threats yet it now appears that one of their own has been behind those threats and once again makes those attacks suspect and that they are intentionally seeking sympathy from the public that these are legitimate anti-semitic attacks on the Jewish community which is a blatant lie.

    While the world is being distracted by the global media on the Westminster attack much of what is being reported is going under the radar and once again the zionist controlled media is failing to address what is the sinister manipulation of the public to garner sympathy for the Jewish cause when it is their own kind carry out the threats.

  • Israeli teenager arrested over bomb threats to USA Jewish targets (Then they SCREAM anti-semitism)
  • Israeli jew arrested in Jewish center threats (VIDEO)
  • Israeli 'allegedly' behind hoax bomb threats against US Jewish centers (Notice the Israel jewish news outlet claims allegedly)
  • Two days before London attack 'Terrorists' hijacked tourist boat in London terror drill (VIDEO)
  • Trump denounces anti-Semitic attacks as 'horrible' (When is he going to make a statement that American / Israel jews themselves are behind global bomb threats?)
  • The history of the transistor VIDEO
    Deek Jackson - FAKE NEWS VIDEO
    Not one MSM rag had front page covering Israeli jew's global bomb threats
    Israeli jew arrested in Jewish center threats VIDEO
    ADL Exposed: The Anti-Semitism Hoax VIDEO
    Israeli teenager arrested over bomb threats to USA Jewish targets (Then they SCREAM anti-semitism)

    Israeli Jewish man, 19, is suspected of being behind dozens of anonymous calls and communications

    A 19-year-old Israeli Jewish man has been arrested in Israel on suspicion of making multiple bomb threats to Jewish organisations and an airline in the US and elsewhere. The unnamed individual – who lives in Israel, reportedly in the southern city of Ashkelon, but has joint US-Israeli citizenship – was arrested at the request of the FBI, which has been examining a wave of threats against Jewish centres. The arrest took place after a months-long undercover investigation by an Israeli police unit specialising in cybercrime.

    Police seized a number of computers as well as other equipment during the arrest. Micky Rosenfeld, an Israeli police spokesman, said the motives behind the threats were unclear. Rosenfeld alleged the suspect was “the guy who was behind the JCC threats” – referring to Jewish community centres – and said advanced technologies had been used to mask the origin of calls and communications to synagogues, community buildings and public venues. “He didn’t use regular phone lines. He used different computer systems so he couldn’t be backtracked,” Rosenfeld said. The suspect also made threats in New Zealand and Australia, Rosenfeld alleged.

    According to a recording acquired by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in one call to the airline Delta the caller is heard threatening to kill Jews onboard a flight. The suspect’s lawyer said her client suffers from a “very serious” medical condition that may have affected his behaviour. Galit Bash told reporters outside a courthouse that the young man’s condition had prevented him from serving in the army or going to school. The medical condition could “affect the investigation”, Bash added. The US Anti-Defamation League has tallied 166 hoax bomb threats to Jewish schools, synagogues and cultural centres since 9 January. There has also been a spate of vandalism in Jewish cemeteries, leading to fears of rising antisemitism in the US.

    The Trump administration was accused of not speaking out quickly enough on the threats, though last month the White House denounced them and rejected “antisemitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms”. Despite efforts to mask the source of the calls, police investigators in New Zealand and Australia were able to identify the IP address of the computer used as being inside Israel. According to some reports, the equipment used included a large antenna and unusually sophisticated computer hardware. The caller also used technology to alter the sound of their voice. An Israeli police official said sophisticated methods were used. Yaniv Azani, the head of technology in the Israeli police’s cyber unit, said several different means were used “to camouflage the various layers of communication mechanisms” to carry out the calls.

    According to Nimrod Vax, a co-founder of the US-Israeli cybersecurity company BigID, the phone calls required a level of sophistication but were “not too difficult” for an experienced hacker. Rosenfeld said the investigation was carried out with the help of the FBI and police from other countries.

    The suspect is the second person to be arrested in connection with the hoax bomb threats in the US. Earlier this month, Juan Thompson, a former journalist, was arrested in relation to eight of the bomb threats. Federal officials said some of the calls were made in the name of Thompson’s former partner as part of a campaign to harass and intimidate her. Commenting on Thursday’s arrest, Israel’s public security minister, Gilad Erdan, said: “We hope that this investigation will help shed light on some of the recent threats against Jewish institutions, which have caused great concern both among Jewish communities and the Israeli government.”

  • Israeli jew arrested in Jewish center threats (VIDEO)
  • 'allegedly' behind hoax bomb threats against US Jewish centers (Notice the Israel jewish news outlet claims allegedly)
  • Israeli cops brutality on a Palestinian truck driver VIDEO
    Legitimate Israeli criticism masked with anti-semitic claims
    DARPA Insider says Scientist on Verge of Cataclysmic Discovery VIDEO
    Two days before London attack we reported 'Terrorists' hijacked tourist boat in London terror drill VIDEO

    More than 200 Met cops participated in a large-scale terror drill on the River Thames
    Moment attacker's car speeds across Westminster Bridge VIDEO

    Woman falls into Thames at 0.10
    'Go! Go Away!': First moments of police locking down Westminster following attack VIDEO
    The Multibillion-Dollar American Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard of

    How Trump might turn an all-seeing spy apparatus on innocent American citizens.

    On a heavily protected military base some 15 miles south of Washington, D.C., sits the massive headquarters of a spy agency few know exists. Even Barack Obama, five months into his presidency, seemed not to have recognized its name. While shaking hands at a Five Guys hamburger restaurant in Washington in May 2009, he asked a customer seated at a table about his job. “What do you [do]?” the president inquired. “I work at NGA, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency,” the man answered. Obama appeared dumbfounded. “So, explain to me exactly what this National Geospatial…” he said, unable to finish the name. Eight years after that videotape aired, the NGA remains by far the most shadowy member of the Big Five spy agencies, which include the CIA and the National Security Agency.

    Despite its lack of name recognition, the NGA’s headquarters is the third-largest building in the Washington metropolitan area, bigger than the CIA headquarters and the U.S. Capitol. Completed in 2011 at a cost of $1.4 billion, the main building measures four football fields long and covers as much ground as two aircraft carriers. In 2016, the agency purchased 99 acres in St. Louis to construct additional buildings at a cost of $1.75 billion to accommodate the growing workforce, with 3,000 employees already in the city.

    The NGA is to pictures what the NSA is to voices. Its principal function is to analyze the billions of images and miles of video captured by drones in the Middle East and spy satellites circling the globe. But because it has largely kept its ultra-high-resolution cameras pointed away from the United States, according to a variety of studies, the agency has never been involved in domestic spy scandals like its two far more famous siblings, the CIA and the NSA. However, there’s reason to believe that this will change under President Donald Trump.

    Throughout the long election campaign and into his first months as president, Trump has pushed hard for weakening restraints on the intelligence agencies, spending more money for defense, and getting tough on law and order. Given the new president’s overwhelming focus on domestic security, it’s reasonable to expect that Trump will use every tool available to maintain it, including overhead vigilance.

    In March 2016, the Pentagon released the results of an investigation initiated by the Department of Defense’s Office of Inspector General to examine military spy drones in the United States. The report, marked “For Official Use Only” and partially redacted, revealed that the Pentagon used unarmed surveillance drones over American soil on fewer than 20 occasions between 2006 and 2015. (Although the report doesn’t identify the nature of the missions, another Pentagon document lists 11 domestic drone operations that principally involved natural disasters, search and rescue, and National Guard training.)

    The investigation also quoted from an Air Force law review article pointing out the growing concern that technology designed to spy on enemies abroad may soon be turned around to spy on citizens at home. “As the nation winds down these wars … assets become available to support other combatant command (COCOM) or U.S. agencies, the appetite to use them in the domestic environment to collect airborne imagery continues to grow.”

  • The Lie We Live VIDEO
    MSM blame immigration NOT Bush/Blair's wars across Middle East for attacks VIDEO
    Westminster attack mass killing despite Britain's strict gun laws

    We can't depend on the state to protect us
    TIME TRAVEL Gone Wrong? The "Lead Glasses" Mystery VIDEO
    'Full counter-terrorism investigation' underway in Westminster Attack VIDEO

  • London attack: Four dead in Westminster terror incident
  • FOUR dead - including policeman and a woman - and 20 injured as 'two attackers' mow down people on Westminster Bridge before one is shot attacking police inside Parliament gates
  • Stay away: Police urge public to keep off streets of central London as they issue list of NO GO AREAS following Parliament terror attack
  • Met cops accused of using hackers to access protesters' emails

    Sinister stasi like behaviour of the murderous masonic met thugs masquerading as some sort of policing.

    Watchdog investigates claim that secretive unit worked with Indian police to obtain campaigners’ passwords

    The police watchdog is investigating allegations that a secretive Scotland Yard unit used hackers to illegally access the private emails of hundreds of political campaigners and journalists.

    The allegations were made by an anonymous individual who says the unit worked with Indian police, who in turn used hackers to illegally obtain the passwords of the email accounts of the campaigners, and some reporters and press photographers. The person, who says he or she previously worked for the intelligence unit that monitors the activities of political campaigners, detailed their concerns in a letter to the Green party peer Jenny Jones. The peer passed on the allegations to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), which is investigating.

    Hacked passwords were passed to the Metropolitan police unit, according to the writer of the letter, which then regularly checked the emails of the campaigners and the media to gather information. The letter to Jones listed the passwords of environmental campaigners, four of whom were from Greenpeace. Several confirmed they matched the ones they had used to open their emails. The letter said: “For a number of years the unit had been illegally accessing the email accounts of activists. This has largely been accomplished because of the contact that one of the officers had developed with counterparts in India who in turn were using hackers to obtain email passwords.”

    Jones said: “There is more than enough to justify a full-scale criminal investigation into the activities of these police officers and referral to a public inquiry. I have urged the Independent Police Complaints Commission to act quickly to secure further evidence and to find out how many people were victims of this nasty practice.” The letter also alleges that emails of reporters and photographers, including two working for the Guardian, were monitored. A spokesperson for the Guardian said: “Allegations that the Metropolitan police has accessed the email accounts of Guardian journalists are extremely concerning and we expect a full and thorough investigation into these claims.”

    The IPCC has for several months been investigating claims that the national domestic extremism and disorder intelligence unit shredded a large number of documents over a number of days in May 2014. Last month the IPCC said it had uncovered evidence suggesting the documents had been destroyed despite a specific instruction that files should be preserved to be examined by a judge-led public inquiry into the undercover policing of political groups. The letter claimed that the shredding “has been happening for some time and on a far greater scale than the IPCC seems to be aware of”. The author added that “the main reason for destroying these documents is that they reveal that [police] officers were engaged in illegal activities to obtain intelligence on protest groups”.

    The letter to Jones lists 10 individuals, alongside specific passwords that they used to access their email accounts. Lawyers at Bindmans, who are representing Jones, contacted six on the list and, after outlining the allegations, asked them to volunteer their passwords. Five of them gave the identical password that had been identified in the letter. The sixth gave a password that was almost the same. The remaining four on the list have yet to be approached or cannot be traced. Colin Newman has for two decades volunteered to help organise mainly local Greenpeace protests which he says were publicised to the media. He used the password specified in the letter for his private email account between the late 1990s and last year.

    Newman said he felt “angry and violated, especially for the recipients”. He added: “I am open about my actions as I make a stand and am personally responsible for those, but it is not fair and just that others are scrutinised. “I am no threat. There is no justification for snooping in private accounts unless you have a reason to do so, and you have the authority to do that.” He said he had been cautioned by the police once, for trespassing on the railway during a protest against coal about two years ago.

    Another on the list was Cat Dorey who has worked for Greenpeace, both as an employee and a volunteer, since 2001. She said all the protests she had been involved in were non-violent. The password specified in the letter sent to Jones had been used for emails that contained private information about her family and friends. She said: “Even though Greenpeace UK staff, volunteers, and activists were always warned to assume someone was listening to our phone conversations or reading our emails, it still came as a shock to find out I was being watched by the police. It’s creepy to think of strangers reading my personal emails.”

    In 2005, she was part of a group of Greenpeace protesters who were sentenced to 80 hours of community service after installing solar panels on the home of the then deputy prime minister, John Prescott, in a climate change demonstration. According to the letter, the “most sensitive side of the work was monitoring the email accounts of radical journalists who reported on activist protests (as well as sympathetic photographers) including at least two employed by the Guardian newspaper”. None were named. Investigators working for the IPCC have met Jones twice with her lawyer, Jules Carey, and have asked to interview the peer. An IPCC spokesperson said: “After requesting and receiving a referral by the Metropolitan police service, we have begun an independent investigation related to anonymous allegations concerning the accessing of personal data. We are still assessing the scope of the investigation and so we are not able to comment further.”

    The letter’s writer said he or she had spoken out about the “serious abuse of power” because “over the years, the unit had evolved into an organisation that had little respect for the law, no regard for personal privacy, encouraged highly immoral activity and, I believe, is a disgrace”. In recent years, the unit has monitored thousands of political activists, drawing on information gathered by undercover officers and informants as well as from open sources such as websites. Police chiefs say they need to keep track of a wide pool of activists to identify the small number who commit serious crime to promote their cause. But the unit has come in for criticism after it was revealed to be compiling files on law-abiding campaigners, including John Catt, a 91-year-old pensioner with no criminal record as well as senior members of the Green party including the MP Caroline Lucas.

    The Metropolitan police said the IPCC had made it “aware of anonymous allegations concerning the accessing of personal data, and requested the matters were referred to them by the MPS. This was done. The MPS is now aware that the IPCC are carrying out an independent investigation.”

  • Transgender rapist, Brexit date and UK banks launder Russian money

    Eviction victim Tom Crawford break through in court case VIDEO
    Norman Finkelstein to Jewish journalist in Denmark 'You are spouting Israeli propaganda' VIDEO
    Why do the mass media constantly rant about property prices and sales?

    It is constant throughout the mass media reminding the 'They think they own property' sheeple that house prices and sales are on the rise. So why do they do that so often? Most of the advertising revenue the media rely on come from lawyers / banks pushing property in their newspapers and the whole corrupt system relies on property increasing in value to pay for it all.

    Millions of the properties being advertised have been STOLEN by the legal mafia and readvertised for the next donkeys who comes along and fooled into parting with money under the guise they are in fact buying property when that is so far from the truth. Millions of separated men know how quickly those homes can be stolen back in a merry go round of endless paper shuffling and pseudo property selling. Those contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on.

    One very good reason why all of the mass media refuses to publish the biggest criminal racketeering as they feed off of the corruption that is rife in the old property game.

  • London house prices hit record high: the average asking price for a home in the capital reaches £650k - despite imminent Article 50 trigger
  • FORGET THE LONDON BUBBLE House prices are now rising fastest in the Midlands, as average asking price hits £310,000
  • Chris homeless on the streets of Austin, Texas VIDEO
    BBC arrogance knows no bounds

  • BBC demands new laws to give its (propaganda)shows top billing over rivals in television guides (Rich coming from ex Labour James Purnell maybe one of the worst MP's Labour ever had)
    Is the Royal parasite dying?

    Multiple articles have appeared this week in the compliant rags about some secret plans that will kick into gear when the Queen dies. We can only surmise why they are all running the same story as more propaganda to promote the present and future generations of a parasitic entity that, over the last few years, a myriad of websites have done a spectacular job of exposing the behind the scenes machinations this lot have been getting up to.

    For far to long the sheeple have been browbeaten to tug the forelock to a bunch of ultra greedy parasites who have so much wealth thanks to the control they exert over the political and legal systems of Britain and with tentacles across the globe. The British crown ain't just a few posh toffs working a racket in London city they are intimately woven into a global fleecing machine that makes ALL the mobs and mafia's pale with what they are robbing from the unsuspecting public and with the complicity of the media that spends so much time kissing the royal arses.

    Just as the BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile was hailed a legend in those rags when he died we KNEW the evil he was hiding behind and the same rags only exposed after his death in case he brought the establishment down. All the rags who praised him in death had mountains of evidence that he was a serial abuser of children and did nothing allowing that abuse to carry on throughout his life and until his death. He was KNIGHTED by the royal parasite for his services and used the BBC as a platform to promote them at every opportunity. No one at the BBC had their head up their arses more than Savile.

    So despite the mourning already starting before her death we will ensure the enormity of her crimes are fully published, as others have done, and the evil network of power she controls with her loyal lord lieutenant the Dukey Kent who heads the freemason mafia (5,000,000+) who do her dirty work and why she remains the richest despot on the planet by far.

    There will be no love lost for the millions of men, many who are not even fully aware, they have been ruthlessly and brutally treated by her lackeys in the crown courts that have caused monstrous damage to those men's families touched by pure evil.

  • Why are the compliant media (Guardian) en masse getting the sheeple ready to mourn the death of the royal parasite? Is she ill?
  • 'London Bridge Is Down' (Daily Rat) gets sheeple geared up to mourn the death of the royal parasite
  • 'London Bridge is down': the secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • UN withdraws Israel’s apartheid report VIDEO
    Osborne's new job confirms disturbing Tory dominance of the media

    From Johnson to Gove, Tories are revelling in their links to papers, and proprietors no longer try to hide their rightwing views

    George Osborne. Gone are the days when editors disingenuously claimed to cover news objectively.

    After the crop of cynical jokes about George Osborne becoming editor of the London Evening Standard, let’s get serious. However odd the appointment appears, and few journalists will think it anything other than that, is it really fair to suggest that the paper’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev, has taken leave of his senses? Osborne is not the first person chosen to be a sort of figurehead editor, a man without any experience of newspaper mechanics.

    Such people – think the TV newsreader Alastair Burnet at the Daily Express in the 1970s or Peregrine Worsthorne at the Sunday Telegraph in the 1980s – set the editorial tone. While they concern themselves with strategy, they leave deputies to deal with the details of production, design and the gathering of news. Osborne has not been given the chair at the Standard because he writes clever headlines or knows how a paper is put together. He is unlikely to have learned that during his couple of weeks freelancing on the Daily Telegraph’s Peterborough diary in 1993. Osborne, a born Conservative, has been a political animal ever since. It must be presumed that Lebedev believes the overt Tory partisanship, which has been the Standard’s long-held default position, will do no harm to his paper.

    It is hard to imagine that the 900,000 people who pick it up at stations across London every evening will suddenly turn their backs on it. The product is very unlikely to suffer a boycott. Some of Lebedev’s liberal-minded celebrity friends may raise their eyebrows. Then again, among his coterie there are those who have, like Osborne, favoured harsher regulation of newspapers following the Leveson inquiry. However, seen from a wider political perspective, the appointment confirms a trend towards a “big C” Conservative media dominance that has disturbing democratic implications.

    High-profile Tory MPs are revelling in their links to newspapers and, for their part, newspaper owners do not seek to conceal the connections. Rightwing proprietors and politicians are out and proud. So Boris Johnson is the blue-eyed boy at the Daily Telegraph. Michael Gove enjoys working for the Times, doing an interview with Donald Trump while accompanied by Rupert Murdoch. Evgeny Lebedev: owner of the London Evening Standard: it is hard not to wonder if he displays a political naiveté. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

    Add on the fact that the Daily Mail is acting as a propagandist for the prime minister, Theresa May. And for that matter, Richard Desmond’s Daily Express enthusiastically has been doing the same job for Nigel Farage. Gone are the days of pretence when editors disingenuously claimed to cover the news objectively. They no longer need the fig leaf because they exist in a safe haven where the opposition offers no threat to Tory hegemony. Lebedev, who also owns the online-only Independent, has not previously suggested an allegiance to the Conservative party and it is hard not to wonder if he displays a political naiveté in his Osborne appointment.

    In making the announcement he referred to Osborne being “socially liberal and economically pragmatic”, which he thought “closely matches” readers’ viewpoints. During his six years as chancellor, most observers would not have perceived Osborne’s social liberalism and economic pragmatism. In fairness, he was considered to be a friend of the arts, at least according to Patience Wheatcroft in a BBC Radio 4 interview.

    But note the difference. When Wheatcroft was ennobled in 2010, and took the Conservative whip, she was editor of the Wall Street Journal’s Europe edition. Her bosses immediately decided she must step down to avoid any suggestion of political bias. Seven years on, in a changed political and media landscape, there is a renewed confidence about rightwing newspaper owners. Having spent years denying that old canard about forming “the Tory press”, they are no longer attempting to hide the truth.

  • Mystery UFO Outside ISS Window VIDEO
    Tory AUSTERITY henchman Osborne under attack for multiple high flying jobs

    New Additions To The Illuminati Theme Park 2017 VIDEO
    RIP Chuck Berry - Johnny B-Goode VIDEO
    Tory HQ accused of “covering their own arses” in election spending scandal

    TORIES BUSTED Furious Conservative MPs say they are being thrown under the bus as Theresa May wrestles with her biggest scandal since becoming leader – spending scandal over fleet of election battle buses

    The party was slapped with a record £70,000 fine after party chiefs broke spending rules during the 2015 General Election

    RAGING Tory MPs told last night how they are being thrown under the bus as Downing Street scrambles to protect Prime Minister Theresa May from the biggest scandal of her leadership. Inept party chiefs have been found guilty of breaking strict spending rules over the use of special busses during the 2015 Election. Up to 20 Tory MPs could now face criminal charges over dodgy election spending.

    And any police charges could trigger a string of by-elections which – in a doomsday scenario for the party – could slash Mrs May’s tiny majority as she battles to deliver Brexit. On Wednesday the Conservative Party was slapped with a record £70,000 fine for cheating in General Election and three by-elections in 2014.

    A breathtaking judgement from the Electoral Commission pushed this growing scandal to the very top of the governing party – and threw open the possibility of by-elections up and down the UK. The watchdog concluded there was a “realistic prospect” that Conservative MPs had gained a “financial advantage” by overspending in key marginal seats across the country two years ago.

    Strict spending caps are in place for all elections, with all candidates having to report how much they spent at each seat. Parties then also have to declare their national spending — but last night the Tories were accused of exploiting loopholes in this system on an industrial scale.

    Filing an incorrect election spending return is illegal and any MP found guilty of doing so would have to quit — risking Mrs May’s wafer thin parliamentary majority. Ex-Tory Party Treasurer Simon Day was accused of “knowingly or recklessly” filing dishonest spending returns and faces the prospect of criminal charges — as the party was slammed for trying to “buy British politics”. But MPs fear they are being hung out to dry because of blunders by “clever dick” party bosses.

    Tory MP Karl McCartney — whose Lincoln seat is under investigation by the police — has emailed colleagues blaming Tory HQ for “covering their own arses.”


    MAY 7, 2015: Tories sweep to victory in General Election.

    Jan 2016: Channel 4’s Michael Crick discovers Tories spent £14,000 at a Ramsgate hotel during the campaign.

    Feb 2016: Hundreds of receipts for Tory hotel rooms leaked. Watchdog launches probe into South Thanet — extended to three 2014 by-elections.

    April 2016: Tories admit some spending not declared.

    March 2017: Police send files to the Crown Prosecution Service on up to 20 MPs. Tories are fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission.

    He wrote: “We didn’t create this mess, the clever dicks at CCHQ did, and I don’t see their professional reputations being trashed in the media much.”

    He went on: “The initial cock-ups, ‘strategy’ and ineptitude with regard to this issue that has so negatively impacted our: lives, standing in our communities, standing amongst colleagues, families… were all of CCHQ’s making.” And a very senior Tory source told The Sun: “The anger felt in the party about how this is being handled was made very, very clear. “No. 10 are hoping this will all just go away, while the MPs are left hanging.”

    Last night Downing Street was on red alert for a by-election in South Thanet where the Commission concluded the Tories had overspent by a huge amount in their desperate bid to bar Nigel Farage from the Commons in 2015. Farage says he would stand in any by-election triggered by the scandal.

    The Sun revealed this week Mackinlay has been questioned under caution by police about his role in the 2015 campaign. The debacle in South Thanet was by far the most blatant stretching of the rules exposed after a year long probe by the Electoral Commission. Hotel bills for a crack team of party hands sent to the Kent coast for the last weeks of the tight battle were either missing or incorrectly classed as national spending.

    Adding to the PM’s headache, the Commission found the party’s claims that two top aides to Theresa May had only “provided assistance for the Conservative Party’s national team” were misleading. No10 Chief of Staff Nick Timothy and Political Secretary Stephen Parkinson said they were campaigning against UKIP nationally but the Commission claim they actually “played key roles” getting successful Tory candidate Craig Mackinlay elected. But the cost of their hotel rooms were not declared locally — leading to “doubt as to the accuracy and completeness of MacKinlay’s election expenses return.”

    The seeds of the Conservative’s current chaos can be traced back to David Cameron desire to stamp out Ukip after they topped the ballot in 2014 European Parliament elections and the defection of two Tory MP’s into Mr Farage’s ranks. Three by-elections that year have been slammed by the Commission for overspending — and the bad habits spread to the General Election the following year. The by-elections in Rochester, Kent and Clacton, Essex were also where controversial Tory advisor Mark Clarke and ex-Party Chairman Grant Shapps road tested their new secret campaign weapon — the battle bus, then styled RoadTrip2015.

    The simple model of shipping in activists, getting them to deliver leaflets and then getting them drunk at a free bar was the brainchild of Clarke — a former Tory candidate seeking to win backing to become MP. However the campaigns days he organised were later mired in lurid allegations of sexual misconduct, drug taking and bullying.

    Clark was booted out of the Tories last year over a string of bullying allegations made by Elliot Johnson, the young Tory activist who took his own life in October 2015. But yesterday disgraced Clark was outed as a key whistleblower at the heart of the scandal.

    The Electoral Commission judgement stated that the Battlebus mastermind was one of just a handful of people they had probed about the spending scandal. It marks the ultimate revenge for the Battlebus coordinator – who was livid following his treatment by the party.

    Tory insiders last night pointed the finger of blame at him for blowing open the scandal and leaking devastating documents to the elections watchdog. Mr Clarke was last night declined to comment.

    The PM said yesterday that her party had “complied fully with the Electoral Commission throughout their investigations” and would pay the fine. But the Electoral Commission blasted Tory HQ for “unreasonable uncooperative conduct” and said they had to go to court to get their hands on evidence during their year long probe. They found the party failed to include or misdeclared £250,000 of spending on their controversial Battlebus2015 campaign and during crunch by-elections against Ukip in 2014.

    The Battlebus strategy saw Tory activists bussed around the country to key battlefield swing seats at the last election and put up in hotels while they campaigned. The Commission ruled that some of this spending should have been included in local declarations made by MPs and candidates in areas visited by the buses rather than in the party’s national spending return. But local spends are capped at £15,000 meaning many MPs would have actually overspent on their campaigns, breaking those strict election laws.

    The Electoral Commission said the failure to properly abide the rules “cast doubt” on the accuracy of dozens of MPs local election returns, opening the door to possible criminal charges for MPs and prompting panic in Westminster. On Monday the furious Conservative MPs confronted Theresa May over the scandal at a tense meeting as their see their careers in Westminster at risk. The angry face to face showdown came as the PM was attending a closed doors gathering of the executive of the powerful backbench 1922 Committee.

    Last night Tory high command moved to calm the growing backbench mutiny by attempting to take the the blame for the mess — but only after a year of silence. They said on Thursday that MPs were given “no reason” to think Battlebus spending should have been included in local spending returns. And they insisted that their candidates were “directed” by HQ that battlebus visits would count as national spending, not local spending.

    But it would appear to be too late as the Election Commission dismissed the party’s claims of “human error” as “not a reasonable excuse” and called in the police. It has referred Simon Day, who was the party’s treasurer until April 2016, to the Metropolitan Police over a potential breach of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act. The Crown Prosecution Service will decide by the end of May whether to bring charges against the Tory MPs.

    As they nervously wait to hear their fate, blunders by Conservative HQ could yet send the Government into a tailspin. Last night: Ukip Party Chairman Paul Oakden blasted “wealthy political parties cannot buy British politics.” He added: “Politicians complain that politics is seen in contempt by the people of this country, they have only themselves to blame.”

  • Theresa May lied about working alongside with police on Election Fraud
  • The Prime Minister, the Tatler Tory, his Conservative party Battlebus mistress and a VERY revealing election expenses leak
  • Only ONE of many legal rats who hound men but media only interested when its the military

    Tank-chasing lawyer Phil Shiner declares bankruptcy despite £1million business value in suspected bid to dodge £4million payout to taxpayers

    Shiner was struck off for hounding British war heroes in an enquiry that did not produce one successful prosecution despite huge funds THE solicitor struck off for hounding British war heroes has declared himself bankrupt — in a suspected bid to dodge handing back £4million to taxpayers. Shamed tank-chaser Phil Shiner, 60, raked in ­millions in legal aid cash to bankroll his pursuit of troops.

    A source said: “The unwritten understanding is he’s going bankrupt to avoid paying back huge sums he’s facing.” His most recent accounts show his business worth more than £1million, sparking a riddle over where it’s gone. The details, filed in December 2015, also showed his legal outfit, Public Interest Lawyers, had £190,000 in the bank.

    Shiner, 60, applied to the Insolvency Service to be officially declared bankrupt on Tuesday. Critics claimed the move was a bid to “wriggle” out of paying £4million back to taxpayers. Land Registry documents show Shiner once owned two properties in Birmingham.

    One is now worth £400,000 and the other £625,000.

    He recently transferred the property to his two daughters which could be seen as an attempt to prevent seizure of assets Two months ago Shiner transferred the mortgage-free £400,000 property to his daughters Leisha, 27, and Bethany, 29 — who both worked for his Birmingham-based firm. The switch could be seen as an attempt to shield assets from seizure by the authorities.

    Solicitor Bethany worked on cases involving British troops and caused outrage after claiming lawyers were being made “scapegoats”. Shiner was lauded by human rights organisation Liberty for his work

    Last August, the Legal Aid Agency cancelled the bumper contract enjoyed by Shiner after an 18-month probe. With no cash coming in, he had to close his firm the same month.

    Shiner was struck off last month after being found guilty of misconduct charges. He has been ordered to pay at least £250,000 costs to the Solicitors Regulation Authority for his trial. The Legal Aid Agency is aiming to recoup more than £3million — and the MoD “millions” more to cover unneeded costs defending themselves.

    Where did all the money go?

    £100million spent by MoD on legal fees and compo since witch-hunt began into outlandish war claims

    £57million cost so far of the IHAT team’s probe into 3,281 claims against Army staff

    ZERO prosecutions so far brought against any serving or military personnel by IHAT

    His firm overwhelmed the controversial Iraq Historical Allegations Team — set up to probe alleged wrongdoing during the Iraq War — with dodgy claims against British troops. In total the MoD has paid out more than £100million on legal costs and compensation.

    IHAT has cost £57million to date probing 3,281 claims. It has not brought a single prosecution and is to be closed this summer. Ex-commander of British Forces in Afghanistan Col Richard Kemp said: “It’s hard to find any sympathy for Shiner.

    “He hounded many brave soldiers and wrecked their lives.”

  • ‘Surveillance should only be carried out where law provides appropriate safeguards’ – UN expert VIDEO
    UN report: Israel has established de facto 'apartheid regime' VIDEO
    Michio Kaku - Fukushima Disaster VIDEO
    Newly declassified films show American nuclear tests VIDEO
    Six Secret Cities That Prove We Don't Know What's Really Going On VIDEO
    Korean flying drone VIDEO
    How did the Apollo flight computers get men to the moon and back ? VIDEO
    We Are Becoming the Internet, the Internet Is Becoming Us VIDEO
    Comey spelling out how American judges (Law society) use unrestrained power VIDEO
    Trump's zionist puppet award VIDEO
    Trump's endless hand signals says it all VIDEO
    USA Marines photo scandal sparks investigation VIDEO
    Gerald homeless in Hollywood VIDEO
    Tory Liam Fox denies sending controversial tweet while sitting in front of a giant picture of it VIDEO
    No evidence Russia trying to disrupt UK democracy, but they can - FM Boris Johnson VIDEO
    Judge Napolitano: Obama could wiretap you anytime, anywhere with no warrant VIDEO
    Out-of-control SUV crash onto house's roof VIDEO
    The Hollywood producer at the center of a scandal shaking the Israeli government
    Hollywood producer Arnon Milchan tied to corruption inquiry of Israel's prime minister Netanyahu

    His movie credits include classics such as “Pretty Woman” and “JFK,” as well as recent Oscar winners “The Revenant” and “12 Years a Slave.” But his back story reads more like an espionage thriller that has landed him at the center of a scandal shaking the Israeli government.

    The latest chapter in the strange saga of Israeli billionaire and veteran film producer Arnon Milchan arose last week over accusations that he — in Hollywood mogul fashion — gave thousands of dollars worth of cigars and champagne to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his wife. Israeli police Thursday interrogated Netanyahu for the second time in one week over accusations that he improperly accepted gifts from rich businessmen. Those individuals are said to include Milchan, 72, and others who gave gifts to the prime minister, according to Israeli media reports.

    Milchan, through a spokeswoman, declined to comment. Netanyahu’s lawyer dismissed the allegations after the three-hour questioning session, saying “any reasonable person knows that there is nothing remotely criminal involved when a close friend gives his friend a gift of cigars,” according to Israeli news outlets. Still, the investigation has shone a spotlight on Milchan, a Tel Aviv-born tycoon whose business interests at one point reportedly spanned 30 companies in 17 countries. He has long wielded influence in politics in the country and abroad, and worked in industries including agribusiness, plastics and weapons.

    He is a fearless man himself and has an affinity for artists who go where no one has gone before them. — Avi Nesher, Israeli filmmaker, on Milchan He is considered one of the movie business’ most influential producers, yet has remained an elusive figure in Hollywood. Though he’s a jet-setting entrepreneur known for his charm, Milchan rarely gives media interviews. Nonetheless, he has earned respect and admiration from A-listers and studio chiefs. Over his long career, he has made films with the likes of Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone.

    “Look in the dictionary under Renaissance man,” said then-20th Century Fox Chairman Jim Gianopulos in a documentary for Israeli Channel 2 TV. “You’ll see a picture of Arnon — or you should.” Milchan has used his clout and film connections to help shape Israel’s image around the world. He once hosted an A-list party at his Malibu home for then-foreign minister Silvan Shalom, attended by stars such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson, according to Jacob Dayan, who was Israel consul general to Los Angeles from 2007 to 2011. He has played a key role in “branding Israel” in Hollywood, Dayan told The Times several years ago.

    “When you have such access to opinion-shapers, this gives Israel a tremendous advantage,” Dayan said. “These are extremely influential people. And such access is an asset to Israel. I don’t know many people who can bring Hollywood’s entire A-list to their home like this.” Beyond his ties to the film industry, Milchan is perhaps best known for his involvement in the armaments business. Though he was described in a 1989 Israeli newspaper article as “probably the country’s largest armaments dealer” at the time, Milchan has downplayed the extent of his history in the munitions business.

    In an interview for a Times profile in 1992, Milchan acknowledged dealings with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and his role as a consultant to defense contractor and aerospace giant Raytheon Co. He was also connected to a pair of international scandals decades ago. One was his association with a pro-apartheid propaganda campaign in 1970s involving South Africa. The other concerned the shipment of devices that can be used to trigger nuclear explosions to one of his Israeli companies. His business associate, Richard Kelly Smyth, was accused of smuggling the devices to Israel in a 1985 case. Milchan was never formally charged with wrongdoing in either matter.

    His murky past, though, did little to slow his rise to power in the movie business. Milchan turned his attention to Hollywood in 1975 after producing films in Israel and England, with early efforts including Scorsese’s “The King of Comedy.” He won show-business credibility with commercial hits such as “Pretty Woman” (1990) and “The War of the Roses” (1989). Milchan produced the 1984 classic “Once Upon a Time in America,” in which he also played a minor acting role as a chauffeur. “He is a fearless man himself and has an affinity for artists who go where no one has gone before them,” Israeli filmmaker Avi Nesher said in an interview with The Times years ago.

    Milchan’s star reached new heights in 1991 when his company, Regency Enterprises, formed a joint venture with Time Warner, French TV giant Canal Plus and German entertainment company Scriba & Deyhle. The partnership produced such hits for Regency and Time Warner’s Warner Bros. movie studio as “Natural Born Killers” and “L.A. Confidential.” After six years with Warner Bros., Milchan moved his New Regency Productions to Rupert Murdoch’s 20th Century Fox lot in 1997. Under the deal, Fox took a 20% stake in the company for about $200 million.

    Milchan has had his share of struggles as a producer. New Regency’s latest movie, the video game adaptation “Assassins Creed” — which cost $125 million to produce — flopped at the box office, grossing $96 million in ticket sales. The studio’s 2016 Warren Beatty film “Rules Don’t Apply” was also a commercial bomb. The company endured a fraught production process for “The Revenant,” and its budget ballooned to $135 million. Still, the film was a hit and scored Leonardo DiCaprio his first best-actor Oscar win. New Regency scored back-to-back best picture wins for “12 Years a Slave” in 2014 and “Birdman” in 2015.

    Regency’s next film is “A Cure for Wellness,” a psychological thriller from director Gore Verbinski that will debut in February.

  • Wiretapping at Trump Tower: ‘A scandal bigger than Watergate’ VIDEO
    Zionist Israeli's panic over internet reaction to zionist crimes VIDEO
    Mobile Alien Bases On The Moon? VIDEO
    Trump's right about corporate fake news that includes the BBC VIDEO
    Scandal over austerity mad psychopath ex chancellor Osborne's new pay deals
    This crazy Eton groomed psychopath has been bleeding the country dry while lining his pockets

    Striver? Tory architect of austerity George Osborne banks £1m fortune

    Sacked chancellor’s £650k-a-year BlackRock salary makes him the highest-paid sitting MP ever and follows £800k for 15 speeches and a £100k book advance George Osborne has been accused of dragging the reputation of politicians “deeper into the gutter” by trading his insider knowledge of government to Donald Trump’s favourite investment firm – and pulling in the highest-ever earnings of a sitting MP.

    As his successor Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered the government’s latest austerity budget on Wednesday, the register of MPs’ interests was published – and the full details emerged of Osborne’s lucrative new contract with US money manager BlackRock which will see him collect at least £650,000 a year for just one day’s work a week. Osborne’s £13,500-a-day earnings at BlackRock may be substantial, but they are a piffling amount for a firm which makes more than $13m (£10.7m) profit each day, advising clients including President Trump, who has praised BlackRock for “great returns”.

    But Osborne’s huge pay packet is not his only income. Over the past six months the former chancellor pocketed almost £800,000 for 15 speeches, some of which caused him to miss a series of crucial votes in parliament, including on Brexit – although he was paired with an opposition MP who was also unable to make the vote so that his absence did not affect the outcome. He also collects a £120,000-a-year “stipend” from a US Republican thinktank, and received an estimated £100,000 advance for his forthcoming book Age of Unreason which explores the rise of “populist nationalism”. Then there is an annual dividend of £44,000 from his family’s upmarket wallpaper business, Osborne & Little – and it is all on top of his £75,000 salary as the Right Honourable member for Tatton.

    Andrew Gwynne, shadow Cabinet Office minister, said it was outrageous that Osborne’s annual pay from his one-day a week job is more than many of his constituents “will see in their lifetime, [and] all whilst still claiming his full salary as an MP”. “It is an outrage that whilst the country was listening to the chancellor sentencing us to austerity until at least 2025 – Osborne was banking almost £1m trading in his experience as a failed former chancellor and failed EU negotiator. . “Claims from this government that they represent working people, shows how detached from reality they are.”

    Osborne’s post-chancellorship fortune will be boosted further by bonuses he expects to be granted by BlackRock. His final take will depend on how much profit the world’s largest fund manager makes. The firm, which manages more than $5tn worth of investors’ money including “a lot of” Trump’s fortune, made profits of $4.6bn last year. BlackRock declined to specify how Osborne’s bonus and share awards will be calculated – but they may well be big. Last year, BlackRock’s chief executive, Larry Fink, collected a bonus worth 2,766% times his basic pay, taking his total yearly earnings to £25.8m. While he was in office, Osborne met with BlackRock bosses five times, and members of his team at No 11 met with the firm 22 times in his last two years at the Treasury. His former righthand man, Rupert Harrison, who was described as the architect of the government’s pension reforms, left government to become BlackRock’s chief macro-strategist in 2015.

    BlackRock president Robert Kapito said the pension reforms that Osborne introduced in the 2014 budget helped transform $25bn of pension savings into “money in motion” and the firm aimed to “put a lot of effort into putting together more retirement products to capitalise on this market”. Both Osborne and Harrison have promised they will not lobby the government on behalf of BlackRock, but Osborne has made clear that he intends to work with BlackRock on UK pensions. “BlackRock wants better outcomes for pensioners and savers – and I want to help them deliver that,” Osborne said in BlackRock’s official announcement.

    Fink said: “At the centre of our mission is helping people around the world save and invest for retirement, and George’s insights will help our clients achieve their goals.” Osborne and Harrison’s appointments were rubber stamped by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba), the official watchdog charged with monitoring the revolving door between Whitehall and big business. Acoba has failed to block a single ex-minister’s new money-spinning job over the last eight years, and more than 370 politicians’ lucrative appointments have been approved by the watchdog.

    Veteran Labour MP Paul Flynn, who sits on the public administration select committee, said that Osborne and other former ministers were “making money out of their ministerial experience [is] dragging the reputation of politicians deeper into the gutter”. He added: “We need a powerful watchdog to stop former ministers from prostituting their insider knowledge by selling it to the highest bidder,” he said. “Acoba is not a watchdog, it is a pussycat without teeth or claws. All it can do is give advice but former ministers ignore it with impunity.”

    On the international speech-making circuit Osborne can command more than £50,000-an-hour for some events, as well as free first-class or private jet travel and luxury accommodation. In just one week in November he earned £187,474 giving speeches to banks and hedge funds in London and New York, including £34,109 for a speech at BlackRock’s HQ in Midtown Manhattan.

    On 7 February he was handed £51,000 for a three-hour speech to the Flanders chamber of commerce in Antwerp, Belgium, when parliament was debating Brexit and article 50. On 18 January he collected a further £51,829 for a two-hour speech to HSBC’s top clients at Davos, where he was pictured socialising with George and Amal Clooney. The House of Commons was also sitting when he gave speeches at Stanford University in California and for Palmex Derivatives in New York in October and to ITP Publishing in Dubai on 28 November.

    His speeches are mostly arranged via the Washington Speakers Bureau, the world’s biggest public speakers agency, which claims to have represented “three out of the last four US presidents, the last four prime ministers of England [and], countless world leaders”. Osborne has denied that his new jobs distract from his constituency work in Tatton, Cheshire, saying “It’s very similar to what previous chancellors, Labour and Conservative, have done in the past.”

    He added: “As a member of parliament I disclose all my earnings. I think it’s quite right that people can see what I do and what I am paid and so on. I was chancellor of the exchequer working seven days a week, and now I’m a backbench MP I made a decision to remain in politics and public life because I wanted to go on contributing to the discussion about helping to improve our country.”

    Osborne's jobs in full …


    Osborne will collect $650,000 for 48 days work a year as a part-time senior adviser to the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII). The institute, which is run by former Swiss National Bank boss Philipp Hildebrand, says it exists to provide “connectivity” between portfolio managers and to publish investment insight. BlackRock declined to state exactly what Osborne will be doing for his £13,500-a-day, but he is likely to be asked to join the fund’s daily video conference and may even be allowed to pose “a Question of the Week to debate a topical or thematic issue”, BII says on its website. “The entire BlackRock investment community can vote and comment on the question on our internal blog.”

    Public speaking

    Osborne has made £786,450 giving 15 speeches since he was sacked as chancellor. Over two days in October he earned £141,752 for giving two speeches, lasting seven hours combined, to US investment bank JP Morgan, which also paid for his travel and accommodation. Most of his speaking work comes via DC-based Washington Speakers Bureau, which describes Osborne as “a prominent campaigner for Britain to remain in the EU, George left the government in July 2016 following the outcome of the referendum”.

    Kissinger fellow at the McCain Institute

    Osborne is the first Kissinger fellow for the McCain Institute, an academic centre set up by Republican Senator John McCain. The former chancellor will collect a £120,212 stipend to cover travel costs, accommodation and to pay for a research assistant. Henry Kissinger, in whose name the fellowship was created, said it should help Osborne pursue a “bright future in public service”.

    Book deal

    A US literary agent known as “the jackal” for his hard bargaining has secured Osborne a rumoured six-figure deal to write a book to serve as a “rallying cry to save capitalism and western democracy”. The “urgent and impassioned” book to be published by William Collins, part of HarperCollins, has provisionally been titled The Age of Unreason.

    Osborne & Little

    Osborne last year earned £44,647 in dividends from Osborne & Little, the wallpaper firm co-founded by his father, Sir Peter Osborne, through direct ownership of shares and as a life tenant of a family trust whose assets include shares in that company. Osborne received the windfall dividend payment despite the family firm having paid no corporation tax since 2008 because it has rolled over losses from previous years.

    Northern Powerhouse

    He is chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, which was created to bring together business and local politicians to commission research, share ideas, and lobby Whitehall to press ahead with devolution. “There’s a real excitement now in the north about what we can achieve if we work together,” Osborne said, when his appointment was announced last September. “I don’t want us to lose that. Chairing this new partnership will now be a major focus of my political energies. The northern powerhouse is here to stay.”

    MP for Tatton

    Although he was sacked as chancellor following the Brexit vote, Osborne is still a sitting MP and drawing a £74,962 salary a year. He has been MP for Tatton, where he won 59% of the vote at the last election, since 2001 when he became the youngest Conservative MP in the Commons.

  • Greenwald on Wikileaks CIA dump VIDEO
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    The CIA and the traitors running it should all be jailed for treason
    against the long suffering American people
    The Jewish Oligarchy: Running and ruining America VIDEO

    CIA: Deadliest Intel Organization on Earth, #Vault7 Confirms

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W220) the car Diana was killed in was the first worldwide with a radar-assisted Autonomous cruise control system

  • Was Diana's car taken out by CIA/MI5 tinkering with the operating system now we know they have been using that as an assassination technique?

    Two nights ago, Wikileaks started releasing what the whistleblowing platform dubbed as the #Vault7 Series of damaging information into the inner workings of the CIA.

    The first iteration “Year 0” describes the specific tools that the Deep State agency has been using against its friends and foes. Said tools include ways and means to penetrate and control the firmware of your smartphone, smart TV, laptops, desktop computers, and your smart car.

    In fact, any piece of electronic equipment, which has a basic programmable CMOS chip in it, can be manipulated to work according to their whim, for as long as the battery is in place.

    Dumb Chips in Smart Appliances

    A CMOS chip is composed of several electronic switches which can be used to store instructions and data, when coupled to a power source. Billions of these electronic switches in one chip make a CPU, i.e. the brain inside your laptop. A firmware is a cross between a software and a hardware. While a software contains instructions for the hardware to comply, a firmware is instruction and hardware in one.

    The CMOS is the hardware, and instructions are electrically written, or programmed into it, making the whole assembly as the firmware. It is the first to act when a computer, or any smart devices, is turned on, performing the necessary bootstrap preparations, self-checking routines, and loading the operating system. Without the instruction starting at the firmware, any hardware or gadget is just a piece of junk.

    Laptops, personal computers, and similar devices are all using CMOS firmware that are usually connected to a coin battery, so that even if it looks like the appliance is switched off, it is not. CMOS in smart appliances is far more advanced which may also employ supercapacitors, which can store large amounts of energy.

    Solid state storage disks used in your laptop, for example, are not only made up of thousands of CMOS chips, but is also utilizing supercapacitors as its own source of power to maintain data. In short, the embedded power source may not, at all times, look like a battery, and the appliance need not be connected to any convenience outlet. Even our smartphone’s camera sensor is also made up of CMOS chip…

    To put it bluntly, all Smart TVs, not just Samsung brand, and all smartphones, can be used to monitor our living rooms, everywhere we go, and in real time. And no matter how application developers implement their encryption, the CIA would just bypass it, as Vault7 Year 0 reveals. It’s the least of our concerns?

    Just look at how social media trolls are using smartphone cam videos to blackmail students and housewives. These trolls are just amateurs, they got caught by the authorities eventually. Imagine if the authorities themselves, the CIA, or the FBI, has all the tools in their arsenal to do all of these things far more efficiently, and in the name of “national security.”

    What could possibly go wrong?

    CIA Surveillance & Assassination

    Nowadays, data and programming instructions can be sent through a variety of channels, i.e. internet, power lines, and wireless. The ability to send programming signals wirelessly, and through the household and distribution power lines, puts everyone in danger of being under surveillance and assassination even when not connected directly to the internet.

    Surface mounted components inside smartphones look all the same. The best way to shut them off is to tear them apart, or cook them in an oven. The only safe cars are those without any piece of electronic “enhancements,” e.g. programmable electronic fuel control [EFC], electronic brakeforce distribution [EBD], and electronic gear-shifting system. Otherwise, a quick increase on the voltage supply to your EFC would simulate a hard press at the accelerator, while a sustained low voltage signal on your brake system may disable it for good. Not a good combination along superhighways. Imagine what the full implementation of the driverless cars could accomplish.

    If you own a plane, they can hack it, too. Of course, we have known how the Malaysian Boeing jumbo jet just dropped out of its flight path and never to be seen again. In short, the Deep State can monitor your activity 24/7 without you even realizing it, and when needed, plunge your car into a deep ravine on your way home.

    They have this capability, not in some distant future, and certainly not in some fiction movies, but right here and now. Imagine what could be leveraged from the full digitization of your wallets, and the full microchipping of the population entails. Imagine what wifi hacking vis a vis Transhumanism could achieve.


    The first #Vault7 release, “Year Zero,” is less than 1% of the entire #Vault7 data dump. Whatever the contents of the remaining 99% must be more devastating than the first. We can only speculate that the next Vault7 iteration will be more about their specific targets and victims since the day they’ve obtained these tools, in much greater detail than the Edward Snowden NSA surveillance leaks have revealed.

    Having the appetite and ability to:

    * launch a 24/7 surveillance on any targeted individual, blackmail and assassinate the same when necessary, and;
    *launch color revolutions against independent governments, and supposed allies;
    *launch color revolution even within the United States itself, as it is now doing against a legitimate Trump government, and;
    * dictate specific targets for Pentagon armed operation/invasion, or through private mercenary groups around the world;

    … the Central Intelligence Agency has proven itself to be the most dangerous intelligence organization within the Deep state infrastructure.

    Both NSA and the CIA are rivals when it comes to unregulated snooping, and the Trump administration intended to destroy the latter by using the former. Sadly, Mike Flynn went to the exit door prematurely. Nevertheless, Trump’s offensive accusation about Obama’s wiretapping, and the subsequent Wikileaks #Vault7 confirmation of the CIA’s ability to leave Russian hacking footprints in all its snooping activities, are putting the Deep State in an uncomfortable defensive “will investigate further” mode.

    We also suspect that more sordid details about the PedoGate and PizzaGate scandals will also come to the fore. Surely, there will be more than enough evidence to bring the Khazarian Mafia puppets in DC, and in Brussels, to justice. But will the people of the West ever demand so? Interestingly, even the Pope has gone on PR hyperdrive by appearing on the Rolling Stone magazine, you know, to get the people distracted.

    They’ve even resurrected the butcher of Iraq…

    Aside from the Deep State/CIA’s surveillance and assassination capabilities, we can also extrapolate that they can control the entire interconnected fiat financial system of the planet, through the use of these hacking tools, in conjunction with banking personnel blackmail. We are already aware of the wrong “bankers’ suicide” some years ago. Since the CIA is also massively involved in pharmaceuticals and bioweaponry, we can anticipate that the deeper truths about autism, AIDS and cancer, will see the light of day.

    Not that we have no information about them already, but a confirmation of their lies will be much appreciated, as all of these revelations, from Bradley Manning to Ed Snowden, and all those files that the Wikileaks whistle-blowing platform has published so far, validated all of the “conspiracy theories” in the 60s and beyond. Most significantly, all of the above discussions prove that the real tinfoil asshats are those people working in the mainstream media, while the Deep State CIA is also stabbing Khazarian Mafia’s best friends on the back.


    The “internet of things,” or IoT, is a very potent tool for mass surveillance and assassination. It’s either we go off the grid, or we get rid of agencies like the CIA. Already, the Deep State mainstream media are moving heaven and hell to contain the Wikileaks Vault7 “Year 0” CIA dump. If they were struggling with Trump’s “Obama snooping during the campaign” accusations, how much more with the full uncloaking of the Deep State’s primary weapon of mass destruction?

    Their continued focus on non-issues [except in CIA-controlled regimes] such as transgender and women’s rights, or the “epic Barcelona comeback,” or Bieber’s “fake 900 child sex offense charges,” all reflect about their advancing irrelevance.

    Their only remaining overused counteroffensive narrative is:

    The Russians did it, again.

    The mainstream media’s pathetically double standard is more than glaring. Will the Wikileaks organization be able to “break the CIA into pieces and scatter them into the wind,” as its password to the “Year 0” Vault7 iteration suggests? … a befitting honor to John F. Kennedy’s wishes before his assassination.

    “I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the wind,” were his exact words, according to a Kennedy administration official who spoke with The New York Times for a report published three years after JFK’s death. In order to answer the question, we must consider two contrasting viewpoints. The move towards the full establishment of a Technocratic Dictatorship in the West is still in full swing.

    Evidence like the massive move to a cashless society in Europe is still ongoing, and even in the BRICS member India, under the able assistance of Bill Gates Foundation [here], although in other instances, the Modi government is banning Gates’ vaccination efforts [here]. The other viewpoint is that a move like this one from Wikileaks, and the ongoing Russian-led military intervention in Syria, are decapitating the Khazarian Mafia’s systematic encroachment to the few countries still left unconquered. Add to that is the growing independence of the ASEAN community from the diktats of the West.

    If the Western population could implement the best in science and technology, while completely removing the Oligarchy from the whole picture, or they could take away the “dictators” from Technocracy, as the Wikileaks’ Vault7 Series necessitates, then we can say that the Khazarian Mafia cum Deep State will become history. But that is a big if. One thing is sure though: the agency may be the deadliest of its kind because of its willingness to pull the trigger, but not necessarily the smartest one as the massive Vault7 leak is suggesting.

    To top it off, knowing that they’ve been monitoring our conversation online, we can also turn these aggressive offensives into some golden opportunities by telling them exactly what we think of them, or just about anything that our heart desires, … knowing fully well that they are engaged in real-time violation of our constitutional rights, and have committed treason of the highest order against the Republic.

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    Blair isolated as Iraq memorial unveiled while royal parasite shows total lack of concern
    Royal mafia feign concern for young boys killed in the Crown's illegal wars VIDEO

  • Blair isolated as Iraq memorial unveiled while royal parasite shows total lack of concern
  • Russia's massive energy consumption just to stave off the cold
    Johnson & Johnson's talcum baby powder causes ovarian cancer VIDEO
    How to be a ZIONIST VIDEO
    More people come forward in the DWP ‘Kill Yourself’ scandal
    On 28 February, The Canary reported the case of a woman who claimed an assessor working on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) asked her why she hadn’t killed herself yet.

    Since we published that report, several people have approached us claiming the same thing happened to them. In this follow-up, we are publishing several of their testimonies. We have also spoken to Atos, the company which carries out assessments for the DWP. And in a separate report, we have discussed these claims with the President of the British Psychological Society, Peter Kinderman.


    Several people contacted us with similar stories to Alice Kirby’s. Most have asked that we do not mention them by name. The majority of them said they feared it could affect their claims.


    " I was asked by a woman at the Atos PIP interview: ‘Why haven’t you killed yourself yet?’ I remember it very clearly. I left the room in tears and had my PIP cut. I was too afraid to complain in case they took all the money off me. "


    " I got asked why I hadn’t successfully committed suicide yet. Was it because I was trying to con benefits? Then when I was sanctioned from ESA, the woman who phoned me to tell me said that if I had been more suicidal I would have had more hospital visits for injuries sustained. Because I didn’t have (how many?) hospital stays because of suicide attempts, they judged I wasn’t sufficiently suicidal to warrant sick benefits and she ruled I was fit for work. I have on-going physical conditions that resulted in me having to give up most of my work due to illness. The depression and severe anxiety developed due to on-going work capability assessments and constant threat of suspension of benefit. I then had to go to the job centre. That is a whole other story of horrific humiliating degrading bullying. Deliberately designed to guide you to suicide "


    " I was asked if I’d thought about killing myself and then asked how I would do it. That was PIP. Have brain injury, constant anxiety attacks, and my meds for depression were increased today by doc. Didn’t score a single point. Nothing awarded. Have an ESA one to get through one week today. Absolutely dreading it. "

    Mona Gibson:

    " The assessor asked about my depression and I said that most days it’s like a darkness over me, my mind races along and I just couldn’t focus on one thing, other days I feel so lost and useless, with worry about coping with daily things and life in general and with all my different illnesses. She asked have I ever tried to take my life? I said yes, on several times. She said what stopped me? I said what. She said why didn’t I just get it over with? I just couldn’t cope with her asking me stuff like that. I just couldn’t stop crying, and she ended the assessment, and reported lies to DWP, that I didn’t want to carry on and she felt I was managing OK. She left me in pieces. Now I have to appeal the decision to not give me the full disability. "


    " Having recently had my WCA, I can confirm these questions are being asked. In my case, I was asked “Have you ever attempted suicide?”, then ” When?”, followed by “What did you do?”. The next question was “What is stopping you trying again?”. I also had this at my previous WCA. If you give a reason why you haven’t tried again, they decide you’re fit enough to go back to work. You then have a choice of signing on as available for work, or fighting them. If you choose to fight, you can’t sign on as available for work, because it will go against you. So your only option is to go back on assessment rate of £57 per week, quite difficult.

    First stage of fighting is asking for a mandatory reconsideration, which you only have one month to do. If this fails, you can then apply for an appeal. Only if the Courts and Tribunal Service agree you have grounds will you then be allowed to appeal. It took nearly twelve months between submitting my appeal and getting a decision, just twelve months ago. Here I am again, going through the WCA, and awaiting their decision, even though the tribunal judge, a proper high court judge, told them not to assess me again for a minimum of two years. "


    " I was at my ESA assessment in Poole, Dorset, summer 2016. I was suffering from suicidal depression and cluster headache (aka suicide headache). The interview was on the third floor. I opened the window to alleviate headache symptoms and he started making jump jokes and asking why I didn’t? IN FRONT OF MY SUPPORT WORKER!!! She wanted me to make a complaint but my mental health couldn’t take more conflict. I had gassed myself in a tent only 8 weeks previously. "


    " I’ve just read your article on ESA and Atos. I went for a medical assessment on the 21/2 2017 and I was also asked why I hadn’t taken my own life yet. I have never felt so belittled. I wasn’t examined either, just asked questions. "


    The Canary asked Atos whether asking people why they hadn’t killed themselves yet was a standard question:

    " This is not a standard question, however it is important to note our health professionals should be assessing this particular risk of all claimants who present with mental health conditions. Our trained and qualified health professionals have a duty of care to all claimants and so should this topic arise in an unprompted way during wider assessment discussions, our staff are trained to sensitively ascertain the nature of a person’s mental wellbeing. If a level of risk is identified we would then be required to share this with an independent medical health specialist. "


    The Canary asked the DWP three questions about our previous report. The DWP also told us that the healthcare professionals who carry out the assessments are supported by ‘mental health champions’ who have relevant mental health work experience.

    1) Will the DWP look into these claims?

    " We are not aware of any complaints made to either DWP or our contractors on this issue, but would investigate any allegations thoroughly. "

    2) Is the DWP happy with Atos assessors asking questions that psychologists claim these assessors are insufficiently experienced to be asking?

    " All PIP assessment providers receive training on mental health conditions, including suicidal issues. "

    3) Was the DWP already aware that Atos staff were asking people why they hadn’t killed themselves yet?

    " Healthcare Professionals receive training in order to conduct functional assessments on behalf of the DWP and their training includes conducting a mental health assessment which may, if appropriate, include questions about suicide or self-harm. "


    The DWP has made it clear that there has been no complaint so far. Atos said the same thing in reply to our original report. But fear of sanctions meant that most people who approached The Canary requested anonymity. And this same fear may be preventing people from making formal complaints.

    The testimonies suggest that inadequately trained staff are asking inappropriate questions of people with disabilities. These questions are disturbing people so much that it’s affecting their ability to deal with the assessment properly; and making them afraid to speak out. As such, it may be time for the DWP to stop waiting for a complaint and look into the matter itself.

    Get Involved!

    – If you are having a mental health crisis or are feeling suicidal, contact The Samaritans.

    – Write to your MP to voice your concerns about the way the DWP and Atos handle these assessments.

    – Support Disabled People Against Cuts.

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  • Wikepedia quotes: Kutcher has been a student of Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism Natalie Portman, stated in 2011 that Kutcher "has taught me more about Judaism than I think I have ever learned from anyone else". On trips to Israel, Kutcher visited Kabbalah centers in Tel Aviv and in Tsfat. In 2013, Kutcher remarked, "Israel is near and dear to my heart, coming to Israel is sort of coming back to the source of creation
  • Obamagate: The president who bugged the world



  • Obamagate: Here is the List of Former LAWYER President Barack Obama’s Wiretapping Victims
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  • UK Helped Obama WIRETAP Trump? Insider Explains FBI, NSA Coup (ObamaGate Sedition) VIDEO
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    MI5/CIA use smart TV's to spy on public


  • Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed
  • CIA Posed as ‘Russian Hackers’
  • WikiLeaks publishes 'biggest ever leak of secret CIA documents' (detailing the tools it uses to break into phones, communication apps and other electronic devices)
  • Samsung TV viewers were 'recorded via their sets by British and American spies who hacked into devices with a virus named after eerie Doctor Who villains'
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  • Did the CIA hack Obama's phone and Twitter account? Wikileaks' shock claims CIA malware can control presidential accounts
  • Vault 7 bombshell just vindicated every conspiracy theorist: The CIA can spy on anyone through TVs, iPhones, smart phones and Windows PCs
  • Wikileaks Under Attack as It Releases Key to 'Year Zero' Data Dump
  • NSA and CIA is the Enemy of the People
  • CIA can steal hacking fingerprints to frame others VIDEO
    International Witch Day

  • International witch bitch day: Feminasty there is just NEVER enough entitlement (They ignore the millions of women who voted for Trump)
  • Women urged to take the day off on Wednesday, March 8 as part of 'Day Without a Woman' strike and International Women's Day
  • Chakrabarti (via the femi Guardian) claims austerity is a feminist issue(Once again a very selfish view of who is affected by austerity when the vast bulk of homelessness on the streets is 90%+ men. How do we know? We have walked and talked with those men for decades and see few women suffering in the same way who have much more support)(VIDEO)
  • Black female Trump supporters give BBC's Evan Davis a rough ride VIDEO
    Israel passes law to ban boycotters VIDEO
    C3 Is Proof Los Angeles Can End Homelessness VIDEO
    Los Angeles C3 Team on Skid Row in action VIDEO
    The insane roofies 2016 VIDEO
    Trump's Florida winter White House Mar-a-Lago

  • Trump's Florida winter White House Mar-a-Lago removed from Trip Advisor due to members-only club’s initiation fee, recently raised to $200,000 (or more like recent reviews)
  • Trump's Florida winter White House Mar-a-Lago staffed with Jamaican security personnel, housekeepers of Caribbean or Latin American background, and restaurant staff of Eastern European descent
  • "Camp David Is Not Very Trumpy" President Trump And His Family's Travel Expenses (VIDEO)
  • Never underestimate the royal toffs impact on the UK's vast inequality

    Meanwhile let's visit a local homeless shelter to feign concern
    Mark Levin Provides Proof Obama Admin Wiretapped Trump Tower VIDEO
    Trump accuses Obama of tapping phones during election campaign VIDEO

    He didn't just tap Trump's phones lawyer Obama tapped everybody in the world's phones
    Obama Wiretapped Trump Phone Before Election? VIDEO
    The two faces of Trump VIDEO
    How Employers And Other Entities Are Using “Big Data,” VIDEO
    Biker puts lives at risk after crazy stunt over USA freeway VIDEO

  • Dangerous Stunt - Video Shows Man On Dirt Bike Flying Over Freeway In Moreno Valley (VIDEO)
  • TSA officers to implement a deep groin invasion at airport security lines VIDEO

    The future of flying
    Militarizing cops on British streets

    This is nothing to do with foreign terrorism and everything to do with freemasons threatening and intimidating the local population. They are not there to protect the peasants and never have.
    Trigger happy American cop shoots unarmed man immediately after demanding to show hands VIDEO
    One very good reason why NEVER to vote Labour

  • MORE HERE (Scotland woke up to Labour's hidden agenda many years ago)

  • Lets NOT be politically correct in that NEW labour since war criminal Tony Blair took over has THREE priorities
  • Rich people's games
    PIP investigation: Welfare expert says two-thirds of appeals involve lying assessors
    Graeme Ellis exposes the lengths the tory mafia will go to cause untold harm to the sick and vulnerable

    Welfare rights experts have produced evidence that backs up the findings of a Disability News Service (DNS) investigation into the lies told by healthcare professionals in their disability benefit assessment reports.

    Last week, the two-month investigation revealed how assessors working for the outsourcing companies Capita and Atos – most of them nurses – had repeatedly lied, ignored written evidence and dishonestly reported the results of physical examinations. The investigation suggested a serious, institutional problem that stretched across the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and its contractors, whose staff carry out face-to-face assessments of eligibility for personal independence payment (PIP). Now two separate welfare rights advice organisations say they have their own evidence that confirms many of the DNS findings.

    Graeme Ellis , who founded the Lancaster-based social enterprise Here2Support, said he and his colleagues are currently lodging up to 30 PIP appeals a week on behalf of claimants, and “20 to 25” of them involve assessors who have told lies in their reports. Here2Support has now started requesting some tribunals to call the Atos assessors to give evidence at appeals so they can be questioned about the honesty of their reports.

    But on the three occasions they have tried this so far, all have resulted in a DWP decision-maker reversing their decision and finding in favour of the claimant, despite the mandatory reconsideration – the internal DWP appeal – having already taken place. He said this shows that DWP “know damn well that the assessors are not reporting accurately”.

    Ellis said that he has been to many assessments in which the subsequent reports bore no relation to what the assessors were told by the claimant. He said: “You read the report and your first thought is, ‘It’s somebody entirely different.’ And most of these cases are successful at appeal.”

    Ellis and his colleagues do not have the resources to attend many face-to-face assessments themselves, but he has still witnessed this happening himself about eight times in the last three months. Among the tricks played by Atos, he said, is to force PIP claimants to walk down a long corridor to get from the waiting area to the assessment room.

    Even if they are able to make it – and he has seen claimants in such discomfort that they fall against the corridor wall – this does not mean that the claimant can do so “safely, reliably and repeatedly”, which assessors should take into account, he said. He has also read reports in which the assessor said the claimant walked to the assessment room, even though they arrived in a wheelchair.

    Another frequent comment is to say the claimant showed no signs of breathlessness or anxiety, even though they had been in tears during the assessment, he said. Ellis points out that he has had some cases in which the assessor has produced an honest and accurate report, only for the DWP decision-maker to ignore what had been written.

    Asked why there were so many dishonest reports, he said: “There have got to be some [assessors]doing it for kicks, but I think it is the pressure on the employer on how many people they let through. “DWP deny it, but there is pressure from DWP on Atos and Capita to meet targets.”

    And he believes that many of the problems with dishonest reports are the result of last year’s post-budget chaos, in which the government had to perform a u-turn over plans to tighten eligibility for PIP, following the resignation of work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith. This left a hole in DWP’s spending plans, Ellis believes, that it has filled by somehow increasing pressure on the assessment regime.

    He said: “Because they were unsuccessful in the budget last year with the plans for PIP, I think this is the aftermath.” It was Ellis who, last spring, embarrassed the Tory party by resigning in disgust at George Osborne’s budget, after voting Conservative for nearly 50 years.

    He had been managing the Conservative Disability Group’s website, and left a message on the site, stating: “This website is temporarily closed owing to Disability Cuts.” Asked whether it was happy for PIP assessors to be questioned by tribunal appeal panels, a DWP spokeswoman said in a statement, released less than an hour before today’s final DNS deadline: “As you’ve not provided the details of these cases, we are unable to look into them.

    “However, assessment providers work on behalf of DWP and it is DWP who have overall responsibility for making decisions. “Therefore, it wouldn’t be appropriate for an assessor to attend a tribunal. “In many cases, appeals are granted because further medical evidence is provided.”

    Evidence of concerns about PIP assessors has also come this week from Southampton Advice and Representation Centre (SARC). Just before Christmas, SARC published research analysing the results of 100 appeal tribunals in which it supported claimants between August 2015 and December 2016.

    SARC’s analysis found that it had been successful in 78 of those cases – although it only takes on cases where it has a reasonable chance of overturning the DWP decision – the highest success rate it has had for any benefit since it was founded 35 years ago. It has also had three cases in which an initial Atos assessment report led a DWP decision-maker to award the claimant zero points for both daily living and mobility – they need eight points for the standard rate and 12 for the enhanced rate – only for the tribunal to award the claimant the enhanced rate for both elements.

    The most outrageous example was that of a claimant who had been awarded zero points after the Atos assessment, only for the tribunal to award them 50 points for daily living and 22 for mobility, while another claimant was awarded 35 points for daily living and 18 for mobility. Gary Edwards, SARC’s manager, said: “Repeatedly clients tell us and indeed the tribunal panel, that the written records of the assessment do not accurately reflect what they actually recall saying to the assessor.”

    He said earlier: “The results we have found raise serious questions about the ability of Atos and point to a wider system failure. “We have real concern about the suitability in terms of professional experience of their assessors: can a physiotherapist or paramedic seriously understand complex mental health issues? Our research suggests this is improbable.”

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    Plants for the law society the biggest global terror regime on the planet
    John McCain Lindsey Graham Town Hall Nothing But WAR PROPAGANDA From Start To Finish! VIDEO
    BBC a licence to extort VIDEO

    The poorest sections of society FORCED to pay for their propaganda

  • BBC's draconian court orders for tv licences(Jail and criminal conviction for not paying for propaganda in closed courts)
  • BBC chief savages TV licence bullies as victims come forward to claim they were duped on their doorsteps and spied on through their curtains
  • BBC’s hirelings to enforce TV licence have become positively Orwellian (The DV propaganda merchants get women jailed for not paying for their bullshit)
  • BBC exposed bully boy network
  • Large meteor caught flying through Texas sky VIDEO
    Is Trump really draining that swamp? (While zionists are still pulling the strings?) VIDEO
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    Japan Declares Crisis As Fukushima Reactor Begins Falling Into Ocean And Radiation Levels Soar VIDEO
    Trump is a Zionist Shill VIDEO
    Jimmy Kimmel Trashes Trump at Oscars 2017 VIDEO
    BBC exposed bully boy network

    The BBC rant endlessly about domestic violence when they employ thugs to terrorize the poorest and most vulnerable in society including bullying their journalists to write the utter bullshit and propaganda the BBC is famous for.
    Here's why you can't get a cop to investigate REAL crimes (To busy helping BBC thugs) VIDEO
    Five Nuclear Detonations that went WRONG VIDEO
    A fight for equality? No, it's a plot to wipe out marriage
    The campaign to get rid of marriage has not gone away. Civil partnerships for heterosexuals were not thrown out by the Appeal Court last week, only put off till later. They will come.

    In fact, after 20 years of New Labour government (some of it nominally Tory) we can now look back and survey the smoking ruins of marriage. It’s not that the New Labour radicals and their Tory imitators wrecked marriage on their own. It’s just that they have more or less finished it off. The very words ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ have been erased from official forms and even from normal conversation. We all have partners now, whether we want to or not.

    Divorce figures have fallen only because so many couples don’t get married in the first place. The marriage statistics show that more and more people simply aren’t bothering to make any sort of legal commitment at all before setting up home and starting a family. As Lady Justice Hale, now tipped to be boss of the Supreme Court, said in 1982: ‘Family law now makes no attempt to buttress the stability of marriage or any other union,’ adding ‘the piecemeal erosion of the distinction between marriage and non-marital cohabitation may be expected to continue.’ And how.

    Marriage has a strange, unique status in the courts. If you break a contract with your building society or a car leasing company, the law will come down against you. If you break the marriage contract, the law will take your side and will eventually throw the other party out of the marital home if she or he insists on sticking to the original deal. Odd, eh? It’s amazing how many men, the usual victims of this strange arrangement, still get married at all.

    I’d guess that marriage figures are artificially swollen each year by an unknown but large number of fake weddings, aimed at getting round immigration laws. Who can say? By their nature, such things aren’t always easy to detect.

  • Trump over the years VIDEO
    Bill Paxton dies at age 61 (LAST INTERVIEW) VIDEO
    Former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds Uncovers ‘The Untouchables’ VIDEO
    British establishment have a LONG history of stealing and abusing children

    Taking children from their homes and parents and moving them half way round the world to feed their paedo rings in Australia and Canada

    The child abuse scandal of the British children sent abroad

    For several decades, the UK sent children across the world to new lives in institutions where many were abused and used as forced labour. It's a scandal that is still having repercussions now.

    Imagine the 1950s, in the years before air travel became commonplace or the internet dominated our lives. Imagine being a child of those times, barely aware of life even in the next town. An orphan perhaps, living in an British children's home. Now imagine being told that shortly you would board a ship for somewhere called Australia, to begin a new life in a sunlit wonderland. For good. No choice.

    It happened to thousands of British children in the decades immediately following World War Two, and they had little understanding of how it would shape their lives. The astonishing scandal of the British child migrants will be the first subject for which the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse will hold full public hearings. It's first because the migrants are now nearing the end of their lives. Clifford Walsh stands in the port of Fremantle near Perth in Western Australia.

    He is now 72. Fremantle is where, in 1954, aged nine, he stepped off the ship from London, looking for the sheep he'd been told outnumbered people in Australia 100 to one. He ended up at a place called Bindoon.

    The Catholic institution known at one point as Bindoon Boys Town is now notorious. Based around an imposing stone mansion in the Australian countryside, 49 miles north of Perth, are buildings Walsh and his fellow child migrants were forced to build, barefoot, starting work the day after they arrived. The Christian Brothers ruled the place with the aim of upholding order and a moral code. Within two days of arriving he says he received his first punishment at the hands of one of the brothers.

    "He punched us, he kicked us, smashed us in the face, back-handed us and everything, and he then sat us on his knee to tell us that he doesn't like to hurt children, but we had been bad boys. "I was sobbing uncontrollably for hours."

    His story is deeply distressing. He tells it with a particularly Australian directness. He is furious. He describes one brother luring him into his room with the promise he could have some sweet molasses - normally fed, not to the boys, but the cows. The man sexually abused him.

    He claims another brother raped him, and and a third beat him mercilessly after falsely accusing him of having sex with another boy. "We had no parents, we had no relatives, there was nowhere we could go, these brothers - these paedophiles - must have thought they were in hog heaven." He has accused the brothers at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the first time he has fully disclosed his experiences.

    At the time he says: "I was too terrified to report the abuse. I knew no other life. "I've lived 60 odd years with this hate, I can't have a normal sexual relationship because I don't like to hold people," says Walsh. "My own wife, I couldn't hug." He was troubled by all the memories.

    "I couldn't show any affection. Stuff like that only reminded me of what the brothers would do all the time." Britain is perhaps the only country in the world to have exported vast numbers of its children. An estimated 150,000 children were sent over a 350-year period to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and what was then Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe. Australia was the main destination in the final wave between 1945 and 1974.

    There were twin purposes - to ease the population of orphanages in the UK and to boost the population of the colonies. The children were recruited by religious institutions from both the Anglican and Catholic churches, or well-meaning charities including Barnardo's and the Fairbridge Society. Their motivation was to give "lost" children a new life, and it would be wrong to say that every one of Britain's exported children suffered. But for too many, the dream became a nightmare. Hundreds of migrant children have given accounts of poor education, hard labour, physical beatings and sexual abuse.

    Attempts were made to recreate a happy home life. At the Fairbridge Farm School in Molong, four hours outside Sydney, children lived in cottages, each with a "house mother". Fairbridge was not a religious order, like the Christian Brothers, and some of its former children have praised the start it gave them. But not Derek Moriarty. He was at Molong for eight years, one of hundreds of children to have endured poor food, inadequate education and physical labour. His life has been deeply affected by his Fairbridge upbringing.

    He suffered at the hands of the then-principal of the school, Frederick Woods, a man he says kept 10 canes, and to the horror of the children, a hockey stick - which he used to beat the boys. Perhaps inevitably, Moriarty alleges sexual abuse - by a member of staff who took his clothes off and touched him. "I was nine or 10," he says, "and I didn't understand it." He eventually ran away from Molong, attempted suicide at the age of 18 and has always suffered from depression, not helped by the years it took to discover the details of his family back in the UK.

    In 2009 the Australian government apologised for the cruelty shown to the child migrants. Britain also made an apology in 2010. The pressure for answers and reparations had been growing. Questions might never have been asked, had it not been for two seekers of the truth. In the early 1980s a Nottingham social worker, Margaret Humphreys, came across Australian former migrants who had suddenly started to realise they might have living relatives in the UK.

    Many had been told, as children, their parents were dead. It wasn't true. "It was about identity," she says, "being stripped of it and being robbed of it." Her life's work has been about reuniting "lost children" with their lost relatives. Having reinstated their sense of identity, she went on to build a lifelong bond with many former migrants, and they began to disclose the physical and sexual abuse they had suffered.

    "As you go along, you're learning more and more about the degrees and the awfulness of the abuse. That's been incremental because people can really only talk about it over a longer period of time when there is trust. There's a lot of trauma involved here." Further revelations about the Fairbridge homes were uncovered by one of their own.

    David Hill was shipped out from Britain with his brothers to the Fairbridge farm at Molong in 1959. He was one of the lucky ones. His mother followed him later, providing him with a stable future. He became a highly successful public figure in Australia. He was chairman and managing director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and is a keen historian. Hill brought together the Fairbridge boys and girls to tell him their stories. Like those from the west of Australia - they were dominated by beatings and abuse. Derek Moriarty was among those who unburdened themselves for the first time to Hill, as part of the research for his 2007 book The Forgotten Children and a 2009 ABC television documentary.

    "I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders when I told him," Moriarty says. "But my abuse paled into insignificance compared to some others." David Hill's work triggered claim after claim from men and women about their experiences as children. They wrote and told him of a litany of sexual abuse. There was no sexual education at the school and, failing to understand what was happening, they were left traumatised.

    Hill makes the astonishing claim that 60% of the children at Fairbridge Molong allege they were sexually abused, based on more than 100 interviews. The Australian law firm Slater and Gordon successfully claimed compensation on behalf of 215 former Fairbridge children, of whom 129 said they had been sexually abused. For the Christian Brothers the figures are even higher. The Australian Royal Commission on child abuse recently revealed 853 people had accused members of the order.

    Hill is one of the expert witnesses who will give evidence to the UK Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA). The inquiry has been bitterly criticised since its creation - and some have questioned its huge scope. Is there any point in it considering the history of child migration, dating back so far? The Australian Royal commission is examining child migration closely. In 1998 the UK's Health Select Committee also held hearings, in which the Child Migrants Trust described the Christian Brothers institutions as "almost the full realisation of a paedophile's dream".

    But the committee did not get to the bottom of it, concluding: "The Christian Brothers were very insistent that the abuses were not known to those who controlled these institutions. We cannot accept this." Sources close to the current public inquiry have told the BBC it will produce new and startling revelations about the scale of sexual abuse abroad, and attempts by British and Australian institutions to cover it up. This will include an examination of the claims of some child migrants that they were sent abroad weeks after reporting sexual abuse at their children's home in the UK. The allegation is that they were hand-picked. Either to get them out of the way, or because they were of interest to paedophiles.

    Three former Fairbridge boys have claimed that the then-Australian Governor General, Lord Slim, sexually molested them during rides in his chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce while visiting the home. It is understood these allegations could be considered by the inquiry. The inquiry could also definitively answer a crucial historical question. Did the British government know it was sending children to be mistreated in a foreign country? Margaret Humphreys is adamant: "We want to know what happened, we want to know who did it, and we want to know who covered it up for so long."

    In fact, government files reveal that there was a time when the migration programme could have been stopped. It came in 1956 when three officials went to Australia to inspect 26 institutions which took child migrants. There was enough warning of this "fact-finding mission" to allow a Fairbridge official to warn the manager of the Molong farm: "It would be advisable to see (the children) wore their socks and shoes." Even in a land where it was easy to encounter poisonous wildlife, that wasn't standard practice at many of the institutions. The resulting report, delivered back to the British government, was fairly critical. It identified a general lack of expertise in child care and worried that children were living in institutions in remote rural areas, whereas the trend in Britain was towards fostering them into urban families.

    However the report had a second "secret" section, never published, which went a little further. This named names - including those of five institutions which were not up to standard. When the UK's Home Office saw the report, it wanted five more added to create what became an infamous blacklist - places which should not receive more children because of poor standards of care. Fairbridge Molong and Bindoon were both on the list.

    St Joseph's orphanage, Sydney
    Dhurringile Rural Training Farm, Victoria
    St Joseph's, Neerkol, nr Rockhampton, Queensland
    Salvation Army Training Farm, Riverview, Queensland
    Methodist Home, Magill, Adelaide
    St Vincent's Orphanage, Castledare
    St Joseph's Farm School, Bindoon, Western Australia
    St John Bosco Boys' Town, Glenorchy, Hobart
    Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra, Western Australia
    Fairbridge Farm School, Molong, New South Wales

    But the report had barely scratched the surface. It made no mention of sexual or physical abuse.

    Given the length of time it took for the child migrants to tell their stories, this is perhaps unsurprising. But during the post-war years, sexual accusations were made against three principals of the Fairbridge Farm School at Molong. David Hill has revealed they included a claim that Frederick Woods - the man who beat boys with a hockey stick - was "sexually perverted" and had abused a girl resident. An internal investigation exonerated him.

    This does not appear to have been disclosed by the Fairbridge Society either to the public or the 1956 inspectors. They had a schedule to keep to, and their visits to institutions spread across a vast country were fleeting. Similarly, at the Christian Brothers' homes in Western Australia, children were terrified of criticising the brothers. Former Bindoon resident Clifford Walsh was there during the fact-finding mission. He doesn't remember it, but says speaking out would have resulted in an extremely severe, possibly even life-threatening, beating.

    The truth is that neither the institutions, nor the inspectors, came close to creating the sort of atmosphere where children could tell them their darkest secrets and be taken seriously. If that had happened, not just in Australia, but throughout modern British history, we might not have needed the current public inquiry. It might have missed the crimes being committed in the institutions, but when the 1956 report hit the desks of Britain's bureaucrats it created quite a stir. Something strongly resembling a cover-up began. Files held at the National Archive set out the response of government officials. One wrote in 1957 that the Overseas Migration Board, which advised the government, was "sorry the mission was sent at all".

    Some on the board "urged very strongly that the report should not be published." The government archives record that at a meeting with the organisations running the migrant programmes, Lord John Hope, under-secretary of state for Commonwealth relations, discussed what would be disclosed to parliament from the report. "I think you can rely upon us to do what we can in as much as we shall pick out all the good bits," he said. "I shall not be in the least critical in Parliament."

    The UK Fairbridge Society piled on its own pressure - its president was the Duke of Gloucester, uncle to the Queen. Officials discussed the "immediate parliamentary repercussions" which could result from holding up the migrant programme. Sir Colin Anderson, the director of the Orient Line, which benefited from the business of shipping the children, appealed for the report not to be made public because of the controversy it might cause. In a sympathetic phone call, a senior official from the Overseas Migration Board responded that the Fairbridge Society was an "extremely fine endeavour for which everyone felt the highest praise".

    And what did the government do? Files at the National Archive show officials squirmed in institutional discomfort at the idea of taking any meaningful action. In June 1957 the Commonwealth Relations Office sent a secret telegram to the UK High Commission in Australia - "we do not want to withhold approval", it said, for more children to to be sent from the UK. After more pressure from the Fairbridge Society, 16 children waiting to travel were sent on their way.

    The key recommendation of the inspectors, that the British home secretary agree each and every decision to send a child, was quietly shelved. The Fairbridge Society continued to ship out children, though concentrated on those whose mothers intended to join them later. David Hill's response is anger, even today. With tears in his eyes he says: "I'm surprised how vulnerable it has made me feel - that it could happen and happen to the extent that it did.

    "The British government not only continued to approve children to be sent, but they financially subsidised for them to go. To institutions they had put on a blacklist unfit for children, condemned." Molong Farm School finally closed in 1973. The Fairbridge Society is now part of the Prince's Trust and still runs activity holidays for children. The Prince's Trust said it had never been involved in child migration, "but we do hold the archive of the former Fairbridge Society. We are cooperating fully with this important inquiry."

    Bindoon remained open until 1966. It is now used as a Catholic college. The Australian Royal Commission recently estimated that 7% of the country's Catholic priests were involved in child abuse. And such is the scope of sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic and Anglican churches in the UK that entire strands of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse are dedicated to them.

    The IICSA investigation will be able to seize the records, not just of the British government but also the migration institutions themselves - including the archives of the Fairbridge society. Sixty years later, former Bindoon boy Clifford Walsh strongly believes this inquiry can help answer some of his questions about the culpability of the government and British institutions. "They sent us to a place that was a living hell. How come they didn't know that? Why didn't they investigate? And if they investigated, then they were incompetent or there was a cover-up."

    The child migration programme will also provide ample evidence for the UK's effort to consider the long-term effect of child sexual abuse. Something which may turn out to be a central theme of the inquiry. Historian and Fairbridge boy David Hill estimates it took victims he interviewed 22 years on average before they felt able to disclose what happened. But it will also provide a final chance for Britain's lost children to return to the land of their birth and tell their stories. The anger has not gone away, and their childhoods have left invisible scars which have lasted a lifetime.

    One of the child migrants we spoke to asked us not to name him, after he returned to Bindoon armed with a sledgehammer. His target? The ostentatious burial place of Brother Paul Keaney the institution's founder. By the time he'd finished, enough damage had been done to the marble grave slab that Bindoon's current owners, a Catholic college, were forced to remove what remained. It was one man's small blow against a history of child cruelty.

  • The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse in England and Wales is to hold its first public hearings later. It will start by examining the cases of British children sent to Australia between 1945 and 1974
  • British officials involved in a “top level cover-up” over the forced migration of vulnerable children

    A group of children pose on the Fairbridge Farm School at Pinjarra, near Perth, Australia

    Child migration is the migration of children, without their parents, to another country or region. In many cases this has involved the forced migration of children in care, to be used as child labour. Thousands of children were forcibly migrated to Australia under assisted child migration schemes. The vast majority of children were migrated from the UK, with a small number from Malta. Child migrants were adopted or brought up in children’s homes, institutions, orphanages or foster care. Many of these children experienced neglect and abuse while in institutional care.

    The philanthropists who sent Britain’s “orphans” thousands of miles overseas to farms in Australia and Canada believed they were performing a charitable deed. Between the 1920s and the 1960s as many as 150,000 young children were despatched to institutions and foster homes abroad so that they might begin happier lives in the under-populated Commonwealth.

    Charities including Barnardo’s, the Catholic church, the salvation army and local authorities helped organise the emigration of youngsters aged between three and 14. So the children could make a clean start, they were usually told their parents had died and birth certificates were destroyed The children involved lost their real identities and were told they were orphans going on holiday to a place where the sun always shines. It was cheaper to send children to Australia than care for them on British soil. It cost £5 a day to care in the UK but only 10 shillings in Australian institutions.

    In reality, many were children of single mothers who had been forced to give them up for adoption in an era when their solitary status constituted a grave social stigma. The fresh beginning the children were promised degenerated into years of servitude and hard labour on remote farms and at state orphanages. They were often subjected to physical and sexual abuse, separated from their siblings and taunted for being “the sons of whores”.

    The official Child Migrants Programme, which ended 40 years ago, ruined the lives of the most vulnerable. It has taken decades for the harm and emotional damage to be acknowledged. Nottingham social worker Margaret Humphreys uncovered the scandal, an has helped thousands retrace their relatives In November 2009 Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd formally apologized to “Forgotten Australians” and child migrants on behalf of the nation. “Forgotten Australians” is a term the Australian Senate has used to describe children who were brought up in orphanages, children’s homes, institutions or foster care in Australia. Child migrants are a specific group of “Forgotten Australians”. In February 2010 British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown issued an official apology for the ‘shameful’ child resettlement programme and announced a £6 million fund designed to compensate the families affected by the “misguided” programme.

    From the 1860s, children were sent from Britain to Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth countries through child migration schemes. Few were orphans; many came from families who were unable to care for them. With the belief that the lives of these children would improve, charitable and religious organisations sent them overseas. They were supported by governments for which these schemes supplied much needed population and labour.

    The lives of these children changed dramatically and fortunes varied. Some succeeded in creating new futures. Others suffered lonely, brutal childhoods. All experienced disruption and separation from family and homeland. Child migration schemes received criticism from the outset yet continued until the 1960s. Many former child migrants and their families are still coming to terms with their experiences. The voyage for many of the children was a time of fear but also of excitement and adventure; new friends were made, new sights seen and new places found to explore. While the separation from home and family was hard, many children had left behind a life of hardship and neglect. The ceremony of departure inspired expectation and hope for their future.

    Bindoon boys town – Evil destroyed the young migrants lives – Paedophilia, slave labour and beatings

    Those who suffered the harshest treatment were the boys sent to Bindoon, an isolated institution north of Perth. The Catholic Christian Brothers ran it. Children built it. British children were forced to do hard labour until they were 16-years-old. Some of them had unimaginable abuse inflicted on them, sexual, physical and mental. Bindoon Boys Town: it sounded like an adventure camp to the pale-faced youngsters who emerged blinking into the sunlight at Fremantle, in Western Australia, after their six-month voyage from Southampton. Among them was Laurie Humphreys, looking forward to his new life in the “land of milk and honey”, where food was plentiful and children rode to school on horses, so he had been told.

    It was September 1947, and the SS Asturias had just docked in Fremantle with 147 boys and girls, the first to arrive under a post-war plan to empty overflowing British orphanages and repopulate the former colonies with “good white stock”. Humphreys and other boys were dispatched to Bindoon, an isolated institution 60 miles north of Perth, run by the Christian Brothers, a Catholic lay order. The first shock was the desolate landscape; the second was the place itself, an abandoned farm property. It was the boys who were to build Bindoon, and children as young as 10 were set to work, constructing schools, dormitories and kitchens. They hacked at the ground with picks and shovels, and mixed concrete by hand in the blazing heat. Those unable to cope with the back-breaking labour were flogged, sometimes until their bones were fractured.

    But the routine thrashings – meted out for “offences” as trivial as bed-wetting or stealing fruit to supplement a miserable diet consisting mainly of bread and dripping – were not the worst of it. Sexual abuse was rife at Bindoon, and the boys dubbed their religious guardians the “Christian Buggers”. This grim regime was presided over by Brother Francis Keaney, 6ft tall and 17 stone. “I guess you could call him a sadist,” says Humphreys, one of an estimated 10,000 British children sent to Australia between 1947 and 1967.

    An inquiry by the Australian Senate in 2001 heard stories of rape, abuse and cruelty, including children scrambling for breadcrumbs on the floor and a boy being forced to shoot and skin a horse he considered his only friend. Almost as shocking was the deceit that had been practised on children who had been robbed of their country, roots and identity. “We were told we were orphans, that we had no one,” says Mick Snell, who has bleak memories of Dalmar House in Sydney, managed by the Methodist Wesley Mission. In fact, Snell had been given up as a baby because he was illegitimate. Other children were placed in care by impoverished families

    Many former child migrants, who were as young as three when they were transported to the other side of the world, are still profoundly affected. Some never formed adult relationships; others are alcoholics. John Hennessy, a former Bindoon boy, speaks with a stutter – a legacy, he says, of being stripped naked and publicly flogged. “A lot are starting to top themselves,” says Snell, who admits he found it hard to show affection to his six children. In recent years, Snell has been afflicted by nightmares. “I sleep in a separate bedroom because I’m afraid I’m going to swing out and maybe hurt my wife. I dream I’m back there and I’m locked up, being verbally abused and whacked. I wake up in a cold sweat.” Life at Bindoon, run by the Catholic Church’s Christian Brothers, was a catalogue of cruelty, where beatings and sexual assaults were daily events.

    ”Bindoon was nothing more than a paedophile ring,” Hennessey says. ”Most of the brothers were into raping and molesting little boys, sometimes sharing their favourites with each other.” The boys were put to work building the series of grand buildings that Bindoon became. ”It was slave labour,” says Hennessey. Many of them are now deaf or partially deaf because they were constantly bashed around the head.

    He recalls children resorting to stealing food from the pigs they tended – because the pigs were better fed. Brother Francis Keaney, the head of Bindoon, would eat bacon and eggs in front of boys who were fed porridge mixed with bran from the chicken feed. The boys would raid the bins for his scraps. Hennessey was the leader of a group of hungry boys who raided Keaney’s vineyard one night. The next day the 193-centimetre tall, 108-kilogram priest stripped him naked in front of the others and beat him viciously with his fists and walking stick. Then, as Hennessey lay bleeding on the floor, the priest kicked him out the door with heavy boots. Hennessey has had a pronounced stutter ever since.

    When he found a little boy crying because he had been molested, he took him to Keaney for counsel. ”He went into a rage, whacked me across the head, whacked the kid across the head and said, ‘Don’t you ever come into this office and tell me lies.”’ The worst thing about Dalmar House, which was infested with rats, and where he got up before 4am to milk the cows and worked until dark, six days a week, was the loneliness. “You had no one to turn to,” he says. No one showed the children any affection – unless you count the outsiders who turned up to take the younger boys out for the day. Snell remarks: “I know for a fact they were rock spiders [paedophiles]. The kids that were involved, they didn’t like talking about it.”

    At Bindoon, the threat of violence was ever present. The brothers carried a strap consisting of four pieces of leather stitched together and a metal weight. Humphreys recalls one particularly vindictive man who “gave me one hell of a hiding” after he tried to protect a younger boy. There was no teaching at Bindoon, and he knows several former inmates who still cannot read or write. Aged 14, he worked as a truck driver. All that sustained the children was each other. “You had good mates, and we were all in the hardship game together. And you knew nothing better. You knew nothing of love and affection. I can’t recall being given a Christmas or birthday present until I was married.”

    Tracking down relatives after so much time and with little information can be a difficult task. A former Nottinghamshire social worker, Margaret Humphries, set up The Child Migrants Trust in 1987 after being approached to help track down a former child migrant’s family. It has since helped to locate the relatives of many former child migrants and reunite families.

    Homopaedo Robert Ernest Excell's years of abuse at Fairbridge Farm School

    One of WA’s most notorious paedophiles was secretly preying on boys at Fairbridge Farm School more than a decade before his first arrest on sexual abuse charges, a victim has revealed. Robert Ernest Excell, who attained notoriety for spending 37 years in WA prisons after a string of sex crimes against children as young as seven, can now be shown to have begun a lifetime of child rape earlier than ever suspected. Revelations about his unpunished, early crimes against young children have emerged along with evidence Excell was himself a victim of sexual abuse at Fairbridge.

    Documentation obtained by The West Australian, including an unpublished manuscript the sex offender wrote in prison, shows Excell was forcibly sent to the Fairbridge Farm School as a child migrant where he says he was sexually abused by staff during the 1950s. The serial sex fiend’s previously hidden reign of terror at the farm school is the latest bombshell to rock the ailing Fairbridge reputation, after _The Weekend West _revealed that more than 200 child migrants forcibly sent to the institution have been awarded more than $1.1 million in ex-gratia payments by the WA Government for sexual, psychological and physical abuse they suffered there while in State care.

    A child migrant, who asked not to be named, has spoken out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Excell. He said he was one of several children who were molested by Excell in the 1950s when the paedophile was a teenager.

    The child migrant said he was too afraid to report the incident to Fairbridge staff at the time. “This bloke (Excell), he threatened us,” he said. “I was a young bloke and he was near enough to being as big as a full-sized man. When you’ve got a bloke like that you just shut up.”

    The West Australian _has sighted the Redress WA application in which the victim detailed Excell’s abuse. The WA Government, which accepted the victim’s claim, awarded him just over $10,000.

    Alarmingly, the child migrant said he believed the extent of Excell’s sex crimes against Fairbridge children could be much more widespread, because after leaving the institution staff allowed him to return and “help out, with the kids.” In a 99-year-old registry book – missing for decades until it was anonymously dropped off at the farm school last year – Excell is listed as having arrived at Fairbridge on June 24, 1950, at age 11.

    Excell, who says he was first molested as a boy in Britain, wrote that he was raped by a staff member at Fairbridge. In his prison manuscript, Excell wrote that his abuser was still working at Fairbridge and molesting children there when he returned at age 21. He said the children had asked him if he was aware this staff member was a predator.

    “I said I knew that from when I was a kid, they said he had a couple of regulars and kept them in money.” Excell also chillingly wrote of the sickening thoughts going through his tortured mind when he took children on unsupervised outings.

    “They all went in swimming. In my mind was to ask them if the sex stuff still went on in the cottages – right at that moment I felt like holding one of them.” He admitted touching at least one child under the guise of “fooling around” and wrote that he wanted the minor to commit sex acts on him.

    One child migrant, who did not wished to be named, said there were at least three paedophiles among the Fairbridge staff that preyed on children in the 1950s. Excell was first jailed in 1965 after he sodomised a seven-year-old boy. In 1973, he raped a nine-year-old boy and in 1977, he raped a 13-year-old boy.

    Excell was freed in 1981 but within 18 months was charged with sex crimes against a nine and 10-year-old boy. Excell drove the children to the Fairbridge area where he made them commit indecent acts with each other and with him. Shipped to Australia and told his parents were dead, a Welsh ‘orphan’ relives a difficult childhood He was just seven when he was shipped to Australia believing his parents were dead.

    Now David Crisp has spoken of falling victim to physical and sexual abuse in Australia having been told by British authorities he was going on holiday. And he told of learning his parents were still alive and his 30-year search for them.

    David was sent from Swansea down under and in 1952 was taken to a children’s home run by the Christian Brothers, who have recently apologised to victims for an “indefensible” record on child sexual abuse. At 10 he was sent to an orphanage. “I was there until I was 15 and didn’t find my mum until 1991,” he said.

    “I had been chasing for 30 years but had given up because letters were not coming back.” He was put into the care of nuns at Swansea’s Nazareth House by his grandmother because his mum, Rose Gosling, was a single Catholic mum. That was shortly after he was born. But when she later came looking for him it was claimed he had been adopted then she was told he had been shipped to Australia.

    “I was there the first time but they said I was adopted in London with rich people,” he said. “That was a lie. The second time they said ‘He’s gone to Australia’. “No-one knew where we were.”

    In 2010 then Prime Minister Gordon Brown apologised for the scandal that saw 130,000 children sent to Britain’s colonies. Decades after leaving Wales David had a call from the Child Migrants Trust, a charity that helps those sent from Britain as kids. His mother had been found. He also had a brother, Les, and two sisters, Heather and Frances.

    When his mother called on Christmas Day in 1991 he couldn’t understand her because of her accent. “I was stunned,” said David, 68. “She said, ‘Dave, this is your mum’. I froze, then I said ‘G’day mum’. I was about 45 I think. “It was one of the biggest shocks and the best Christmas.

    “I will never forget it, it was just amazing.” At first he could barely understand her. “Mum had a real Welsh accent,” he said. “She was Welsh and talked too fast. God, she could talk.

    “I had to tell her to slow down. She said ‘Am I talking to fast Dave?’ “I said ‘Yes. It’s bloody hard to hear you.’ She learned to talk slow on the phone.” The next year Rose and his stepdad Frank came to visit David, who lives in Northam, near Perth, in Western Australia.

    He took them to the orphanage where he was raised. Rose was horrified. “Dave, you were in jail,” she said. “We were slave kids,” the dad-of-one and grandfather-of-one said. “But I said to mum ‘We didn’t know any better’.”

    Kids were used as live in servants and used for free labour. Beatings and sex abuse were rife in his childhood. “I was belted for being left handed,” David said. “They reckoned I had the devil in me. “People didn’t realise what happened in those places.”

    Many child migrants committed suicide. David admitted it was something he had considered. “The abuse was shocking,” the retired sheep shearer said. “I don’t care what anyone says.”

    David wrote a book – My Life as an Orphan – in 2008 to help him cope with the torment of his past. “I wrote it to try and get it out of my system,” he said. “But it is still in my head. People say you write it and get rid of it but it is there all the time. “Life is so lonely and sometimes I don’t know what to do.”

    He still keeps in contact with his brother and sisters in Swansea. “I ring them and they ring me but they all want me to come home,” he said. He has visited Wales since his mum – who is now dead – got in touch.

    “Coming into Swansea there was the big steelworks [at Port Talbot],” he said. “I turned to mum and said, ‘Isn’t funny how I remember the steelworks.”

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    Family court judge commits suicide exposing the dementia he was suffering from while deciding changes to divorce laws
    Disturbing when such a powerful position was being filled with someone with serious mental health problems and with extreme views on what men are left with after his plans have been instigated

    Former top family judge, 71, commits suicide after being diagnosed with dementia

    A former top family judge killed himself after being diagnosed with dementia following 'years of suffering', his family has said. Sir Nicholas Wall, who retired on health grounds in 2012, died last week at the age of 71 after battling serious illness for the past five years. In a death notice published today, his family said the judge - who was President of the Family Division for two years from 2010 - had 'died by his own hand'.

    They added that Sir Nicholas, who was married and had four children and two grandchildren, had suffered for 'several years' with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe, but it had only recently been diagnosed. He also suffered with depression. The notice in the Times read: 'Wall, Sir Nicholas Peter Rathbone, past President of the Family Division died by his own hand on 17th of February 2017, aged 71. 'After years of suffering he was recently diagnosed with a rare dementia of the fronto-temporal lobe.'

    The tribute also included a verse from Tennyson's poem Tithonus, which reads: 'The woods decay, the woods decay and fall/ The vapours weep their burthen to the ground/ Man comes and tills the field and lies beneath/ And after many a summer dies the swan.' Sir Nicholas was found dead in Sevenoaks, Kent, on Friday. Kent Police were called to the scene and asked the Met Police to inform his wife Margaret, to whom he was married for more than 40 years. He also leaves behind his children Imogen, 41, Emma, 39, Rosalind, 36, and Simon. He also had two grandsons, Joshua and Arthur. Today, the family did not want to speak at their terraced home in Clapham, south west London.

    But they released a statement, describing how the 'highly-respected' judge had only recently received a diagnosis to explain his ill-health. 'We are sad to confirm the death of Sir Nicholas Wall, who was not only a highly-respected former President of the Family Division but also a much-loved husband, father and grandfather,' it read. 'Sir Nicholas took his own life having suffered for several years from a rare neurological disease called fronto-temporal lobe dementia that had only recently been diagnosed.'

    It is understood that Sir Nicholas's death was not connected to Dignitas or any other assisted dying campaign. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, Sir Nicholas was called to the Bar in 1969, before being appointed a High Court Judge in the Family Division in 1993 and the Court of Appeal and Privy Council in 2004. He was also a judge of the Employment Appeal Tribunal from 2001 to 2003 and a member of the Lord Chancellor’s Advisory Board on Family Law from 1997 to 2001.

    Sir Nicholas became president of the Family Division and head of family justice for England and Wales in April 2010. When he was put forward by the appointments panel, then-Justice Secretary Jack Straw attempted to block the promotion, perhaps due to his reputation as a forthright critic of social services, local council, social workers and politicians.

    In 2009, Sir Nicholas urged his colleagues to 'come off the bench' and speak out about the 'parlous state of family law'. In one memorable case, he said social workers were 'perceived as the arrogant and enthusiastic removers of children', who 'trample on the rights of parents and children in the process'.

    The following year, he publicly called for a law to hand legal rights and duties to unmarried couples, saying a ‘live-in lovers’ law would protect women in long-term relationships from losing their home and their income in a break-up with their partner. He was also outspoken in his condemnation of proposed cuts to legal aid. On Saturday, the Family Law Bar Association announced the judge's death, describing him as a 'compassionate judge who thought and cared deeply about the outcome of his cases'.

    Tributes have also poured in for him. Family law barrister James Roberts said he was 'a most humane Judge who always strived for the best outcome'. Richard Cheesley wrote: 'RIP always had my respect, loved working him'. Barrister Alan Bates added: 'A noble last gift by the wonderful Sir Nicholas Wall to justice and law reform to let it be known that he took own life. RIP'.

    He told MailOnline: 'I think it's quite poignant in highlighting some of the problems around assisted dying and suicide. 'I can well see why someone who was known for his huge intellectual power and who felt such compassion for people would find the thought of losing their mental faculties so hard to bear.

    'A lot of these discussions talks about pain and suffering, but this case highlights there different kind of pains. There's the kind of pain where you are suffering physically, but then there's the emotional pain of the thought of losing your intellectual ability. 'That's something that no pain relief can address and that's why his death is particularly poignant.'

    Fronto-temporal dementia, also known as Pick's disease, affects the parts of the brain that control behaviour, emotions and language. It is the same condition as Colin Baddiel, the father of comedian David Baddiel, who recently made a documentary about his father's battle with the disease.

    In the film, called 'The Trouble with Dad', Baddiel explains the condition involves 'uncontrolled swearing, inappropriate behaviour, irritation, mood swings, apathy, and extreme impatience'. Sir Nicholas's family asked for donations to be made to the Dementia Research Centre at the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery in London.

    A Kent Police spokesman said: 'At 2.15am on Friday 17 February 2017 Kent Police received a report stating that a 71-year-old man had died suddenly at an address in Sevenoaks. 'There are no suspicious circumstances and officers are preparing a report for the coroner.'


    Fronto-temporal dementia, also known as Pick's disease, affects the parts of the brain that control behaviour, emotions and language. The symptoms - including impulsivity, loss of inhibitions and irrationality - usually develop gradually and get increasingly worse over a number of years.

    The early symptoms can vary between different people with the condition, depending on which part of the brain is affected. Many people will initially have either behavioural or language problems. As the condition progresses, most people experience problems in both of these areas, as well as additional physical problems and thinking difficulties. Eventually, the condition spreads to affect most brain functions.

    Pick's disease is a significant cause of dementia in younger people, mainly between the age of 45 and 65.

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    The law's an ass when judeo/freemasons are writing it
    World leaders endlessly chant without the 'RULE OF LAW' we would all end up in the jungle. Well after decades of listing vast injustices that are emanating from every court in the UK and replicated in courts globally, that have members of the legal mafia's bar association who are all answerable to the Inns of Court in London, we can say we would take our chance in the jungle long before those vile courts.

    Laws that are being imposed on the peasants, while the self appointed elite rob us blind with impunity are NOT laws that should be adhered to. Laws that allow a bunch of perverted paedo's to steal our children for their abuse network are NOT laws that should be adhered to. The very murdering bastards manufacturing those laws are the very bastards who do not abide by them and their lodge buddies embedded in the legal system and cop mafia make sure they are NEVER charged for their abhorrent crimes against the long suffering public.

    We can say with certainty the law society has the most ruthless bunch of scum dishing out judgments that make Mugabe look like an angel. Families destroyed by their version of what is law and what is to many decent citizens repugnant and where evil masquerades as good law. It is taking time for all of this to filter through to the masses as yet to face that tyranny and the monstrous evil that passes off as law enforcement.

    They require to heavily enforce those laws that are so inhumane their victims die on a regular basis when pushed over the edge and when they realise what they are facing, pure evil and the more they thieve the stronger their network of twisted laws become with their own lodge buddies controlling the whole ugly operation.




    Join HERE. The majority of the mass media has a hidden agenda and none of it includes fair reporting of men's issues. Please send comments and articles to EDITORIAL.
    World NEWS the government and judicial controlled mass media wont EXPOSE.


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    expose corruption


    stop the nwo
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