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men fighting back


              1. Having large sums of money in ANY bank. (They are all con men see HERE)
              2. Having any kind of mortgage with a bank. (They are all scams see HERE)
              3. Marrying and signing a state marriage certificate. (Notice NO small print see HERE)
              4. Having a child. (Maybe the single most dangerous threat to a mans welfare see HERE)
              5. Entering ANY court especially NO JURY civil courts.(Mason judges make it up see HERE)
              6. Hiring a lawyer anywhere across the globe. (ALL part of the Bar associations see HERE)
              7. Trusting any politician.(They are ALL on the take see HERE)
              9. Taking out any type of credit especially for a large purchase like a car (see HERE)
              9. Trusting any journalist who answers to the corporate media (see HERE)
              10. Trusting any cop who answers to masonic superiors (see HERE)
              11. Allow social workers, lawyers and judges with a homosexual (HERE) or radical feminist (HERE) agenda to decide
              on the future welfare of your children (see HERE)
              12. Doing any form of business with a FREEMASON. ( ALL of the above included see HERE)

them and us



We all strive to better ourselves, in our lives and in our children's lives, but that should NOT be at the expense of others. The ruling mafia have created an underclass for a number of reasons and would include letting us all know that if we do not follow their rules we may end up on the streets. Also their mass media propaganda machine ensures the poor, disabled, vulnerable and sick can be used as a punch bag and blamed for ALL the ills of the world and have us believe it is the POOR that are stopping us from bettering ourselves.

This is maybe the most devious lie created by the press barons who have ensured the sheeple's venom is vented towards those least able to defend themselves while distracting attention away from the ruling mafia who live opulent lifestyles and with riches so VAST no one can truly comprehend how vast that wealth is. Fortunately the internet is rewriting history and exposing the myths from a global propaganda machine that is breaking the despicable cycle of deceit and where a psychological battle has been waged on our minds to ensure we remain compliant with the ruling elite's demands. We must all re-learn to respect those who need our sympathy and understanding, not venom, and we must also be aware that every man facing injustice will allow, in the end, all men to face that same injustice .

Without fighting for the weakest in our society, while complying with the ruling mafia's orders, we condone and perpetuate a well orchestrated master plan that will allow these evil bastards to hold on to power unless our humanity has a massive wake up call and remove that ruling elite from power in one way or another. It is only in the interests of the ultra wealthy that this system can carry on ad infinitum. Everyone else will continue to suffer, as they have done throughout history, while the ruling mafia carry on their deceitful and diabolical plans and all part of their new technological world order.


The best index to a person's character is how they treat people who can't do them any good, and how they treat people who can't fight back.



  • The X Factor vision of society blames the poor for their predicament
  • Campers descend on central Paris to highlight plight of homeless
    Do you think the cops are there to protect you from criminals?
    Do you think judges are there to give you justice?
    Do you think lawyers are there to protect your freedoms?
    Do you think legal aid is paid to poor litigants?
    Do you think bailiff's act honestly when evicting homeowners?
    Do you think social workers are there to protect your children?
    Do you think politicians are there to ensure your welfare?
    Do you think local authority chiefs are there to provide you with services?
    Do you think psychiatrists are there to guard your mental health?
    Do you think the banks are there to make YOU prosperous?
    Do you think the media are there to enlighten us?
    Do you think teachers are there to educate ?
    Do you think the armed forces are there to protect your security?
    Do you think regulators are there to ensure all of the above stay in line?

    If you have been reading and watching the complicit media for most of your life you likely have been brainwashed into believing all of the above, when in fact many are criminals or forced to act in a criminal way for their masters. They only get away with murder to protect the self appointed elite pulling the strings of their satanically controlled duped goons who act ONLY in the interests of the psychopathic madmen and women running the world while living in VAST OPULENCE.

    You might also believe that the latest credit crunch is affecting everybody, but look closely at the facts and you will see there is a tier of privileged individuals who NEVER suffer during controlled recessions. In fact they PROSPER while millions struggle to survive the sudden changes of fortune brought about by the few at the top deciding to rein in the pittance they provide in sustenance to the masses primarily to stop any major dissent from their form of enslavement and tyranny . For centuries these few dynastic families have been getting away with absolute murder turning generation upon generation of our forefathers into slaves for the ultra wealthy. Unless we stop them now our children and grandchildren will suffer the same deviant world they claim is some kind of civilized society. They have required a massive propaganda network to get away with this for so long, but by the day that machine is grinding to a halt in the mass exposure of the monstrous evil they have been getting away with.

    Do not be fooled by the fancy clothes and ancient traditions, these mobsters have been using subtle and devious tricks of the trade , disguised as some sort of esoteric knowledge, or so they claim, while using thuggery, blackmail, bullying and abuse to persecute anyone who steps outside their masonic bubble. These maniacs and psychopaths have been raping and murdering in endless wars they create to keep us all in fear and in our lowly place.

  • Super Rich The Greed Game (VIDEO)
  • Credit crunch? 619,000 millionaires living in Britain rising 17 per cent over the last two years
  • A third of Britain STILL belongs to the aristocracy
  • Pay gap between highest and lowest earners growing faster in Britain than any of the world's richest countries
    wake up Your passionate way with words is a daily source of energy to me and, I would expect, lots of others subscribers---keep it up!!...john
    There are hundreds of websites, probably thousands, devoted to men’s issues and combating feminism. Something for everyone. We are glad the topic is under discussion from every angle. But if you really want to understand the New World Order conspiracy, one site stands above the rest because it has the correct New World Order worldview (or close to it): International Men’s Organisation.
    From a review by the NWO University Forum
    Brilliant website matey I read it often and it blows my mind how much information you have gathered over the years well done dude. Sullers
    I have been reading stuff on your website for some time and can relate to everything that is being exposed. Glad there is a website out there which is really showing up and exposing it all. Kind regards DR
    Hi! Great site! Telling it like it is. Keep it up! Best Regards, Dr.Les Dove
    Love the site, you have a done an awesome job Dan
    I am an avid reader of International Mens Organisation. JB
    We love!
    I really appreciate your collection of resources on the website. Thank you for your wonderful resources. VB
    I just checked your website and I am blown away!! Its so cool to be in contact with you!! Axel
    I have been reading your site for some time now and gaining a deep insight into the workings of this so called democratic western world we live in. I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much. Just as a good mate of mine always says: Ignorance is the worst sin. Therefore the revealing of knowledge and understanding must be the greatest virtue. Thanks again Rory UK
    Amazing info on the site keep up the fab work. NN
    Dear Sirs , I just want to say how much I love your site. I've been an avid truth seeker for many years and would be a big time follower of the Jeff Rense program, but I really think your site is one of the best, well laid out and most interesting alternative media site. I've only known of its existence over the last week, but I'm already hooked on it. Keep up the fantastic articles and pressure on the NWO scum. Name and email supplied
    I just suddenly found your site on the internet, and WOW - it really is packed with useful information about the inhuman beasts who are planning the NWO. Their activities are far advanced in my country Sweden, but England is leading with regard to public camera watching. Unfortunately your multimillion population seems to be as sleeping as our 9 million sheeple. Good luck and keep holding up the torch of Knowledge! Best regards , Name and email supplied from Sweden


    We try and ensure most of what is published is important and highly relevant to men globally and especially those men made homeless and penniless by the evil misuse of the law and courts that have a feminist / homopaedo / masonic /zionist / law society driven agenda.

    We reproduce important articles under 'fair use' and in the 'public interest' with due credit to our sources.




    We are not here to promote the ultra-rich but to counter their mass media buddies who are trying to convince us there is NO MONEY and that the political lackeys, who they fund, are making policies, NOT for the greater good of all the world's people, but to make the ultra-rich even richer. Less than 1% of the people of this world own more than 90% of the world's wealth and that we aim to correct the lies and deceit about just who are responsible for that massive imbalance.

  • USA wealth inequality - top 0.1% worth as much as the bottom 90%
  • Rich 1% own half the world’s wealth (VIDEO)
  • Britain's richest 1% own as much as poorest 55% of population
  • Pseudo austerity has starved the peasants to feed the billionaires pulling ALL the strings
  • Just five super-wealthy families own more than the poorest 12 MILLION Britons put together
  • £13,000,000,000,000 trillion: The hoard hidden by global elite
  • How The Super Rich Avoid Paying Taxes
  • Feminist leaning Guardian think its great women make up 10% of super-rich billionaires list
  • No austerity for World's super-wealthy who spend their riches on luxury travel adventures
  • So much for austerity propaganda as Billionaires' club welcomes 210 new members
    global population

    Controlled temporarily by 5 million+ freemasons hand picked by the ruling mafia
    One mason for every 1427 people on the planet.
    Out of 196 countries in the world masons are embedded in 164 of them.

  • 5,000,000 Freemasons creep and crawl amongst us (VIDEO)
    Freemason thug bullying rife in Scotland even within cops

    They spend most of their time carrying out the orders of crooked masonic judges and lawyers raiding the homes of divorcing men and stealing their children. How do we know? We are only SOME of their many victims. Will he get sacked? We don't think so with most of the cop regulatory bodies rife with freemasons.

  • Scots Chief Constable Phil Gormley in bullying probe
  • Death in police custody referred to prosecutors following probe by watchdog (Scottish freemasons, disguised as cops, getting away with murder)
  • Three Square Market becomes the 1st American company to implant employees with microchips VIDEO
    One killed in ride accident at Ohio State Fair VIDEO
    Chaos at Ohio state fair as one killed on the fireball ride VIDEO
    Ancient Egypt History Documentary VIDEO
    Australia's Cardinal George Pell facing multiple sex assault charges VIDEO

  • Homo leaning Guardian fails to identify gender of sexual abuse victims of Cardinal George Pell who has appeared in court (Knowing the gender makes a world of difference when the global rags controlled by 'man hating' lesbians have been pushing a homosexual agenda for so long while smearing heterosexual men)
  • Cardinal George Pell homopaedo abuse against altar boys
  • Tulsi Gabbard "CIA Have Been Providing Direct And Indirect Support For Al Qaeda!" VIDEO
    History of First Spaceflights Documentary VIDEO
    Universe Observed by Hubbles Documentary VIDEO
    Somalian USA cop who murdered woman has numerous history of complaints against him VIDEO
    Future of Aviation Documentary VIDEO
    Stress, panic and paranoia of the billionaire class VIDEO

    When they are ripping off the world there are side effects
    How Shady Political Operatives And Fake News Control What You See, Think And How You Vote VIDEO
    The Absolute Zero Documentary VIDEO
    Trump BRAGS about another arm of the Military Industrial Complex VIDEO

    USS Gerald R. Ford cost $12.8 billion, 22% over the 2008 budget, plus $4.7 billion for R&D
    How Neil Armstrong Cheated Death Multiple times Before Apollo VIDEO
    Questions over American lawyer mafia funding political mafia VIDEO
    The Mystery of Men in Black Documentary VIDEO
    Poland's former president Lech Walesa joins protest over judicial mafia selections VIDEO
    Homeless in Hawaii Documentary 2017 VIDEO

    How the ruling mafia allow rises in homelessness as a warning to everyone else
    Saint Louis Public Schools on Family and Youth Homelessness VIDEO
    House thief used the legal mafia to steal homes from the vulnerable

  • House thieves jailed after UK's longest criminal trial (Outrageous that Scottish lawyers involved in the transactions were NOT prosecuted as they were used as witnesses in the trial)
  • Twisted UK rags overload on front page royalist propaganda

    We know exactly who THEY work for
    Who Does Mike Pence Work For? VIDEO

    Stomach churning zionist / masonic bullshit that America needs to waken up to.

    While the world investigates the White House's connection to Russia, an
    elephant in the room is being ignored, a big fat Jewish elephant.
    NASA's ultra expensive Mars pics requiring $trillions more for human landing on uninhabitable planet VIDEO
    EU Concerned About Philippines Cops Murdering People Under The Guise Of Drug War VIDEO
    Molten Material Inside Fukushima Nuclear Reactor VIDEO
    Morally upstanding BBC and their tax dodging stars and bosses

  • The tax dodging highly paid BBC stars and managers
    (Paid to produce heterosexual MALE hating feminist / homosexual propaganda)
  • Attorney General Sessions Expands Police Authority To Seize Private Citizens Money And Property! VIDEO

  • Jeff Sessions Moves to Make it Easier for Government to Steal Property of Innocent American Citizens
  • 'The dead don't want you': Grenfell Tower survivors hit out at new council leader VIDEO
    Public Trust In American News Rags Reaches All Time Low! VIDEO
    Numb - Linkin Park (RIP Chester Bennington) VIDEO
    BBC pay revelations VIDEO

    Paid millions, from licence payers extortion scams, to pump out establishment propaganda while kissing the royal arse
    BBC Bloated Blokes Club

    A self appointed elitist group of men (freemason club) using the BBC to attack heterosexual men while lining their pockets from the licence money paid MOSTLY by heterosexual men

  • BBC pay revelations (Paid millions, from licence payers extortion scams, to pump out establishment propaganda while kissing the royal arse) (VIDEO)
  • Institute of Directors says BBC pay gap highlights wider problem for businesses (VIDEO)
  • Feminist BBC push gender pay inequality in their news despite paying women far less than men
  • Feminist ranting BBC pay women less
  • Feminist BBC critical of companies who DON'T pay women same as men but hypocritically do the very same
  • USA employed cop who gunned down women who called for help was Somalian VIDEO
    USS Gerald R. Ford cost $12.8 billion, 22% over the 2008 budget, plus $4.7 billion for R&D VIDEO

    No shortage of money for America's military industrial complex
    Meanwhile poorest wallow on the streets homeless and penniless
    Great to see USA's political mafia have their priorities right
    Feminist BBC pay women less

  • Feminist BBC push gender pay inequality in their news despite paying women far less than men
  • Feminist BBC critical of companies who DON'T pay women same as men but hypocritically do the very same
  • The perverts they employ as British cops

  • The absolute dregs they employ as cops
  • New-design MiG-35 makes air show debut at MAKS 2017 VIDEO
    Woman shot and killed by cops (body cams were OFF) after responding to her 911 call VIDEO
    USA media concentrates on Russian but NOT Israeli interference in American elections VIDEO
    Political pollsters are pushing a pile of bullshit VIDEO
    UK ready for Brexit? So where are the papers?

  • Davis leaves Brussels after less than an hour of Brexit talks
  • Royal parasites use children AGAIN to wave flags as propaganda stunt in Warsaw

    An old trick they use regularly in Britain with unsuspecting children and without the CONSENT of their parents. How do we know? It actually happened to us when we were kids. Dragged out of school a flag pushed into our hand by a teacher and asked to wave at a strange women in blue.
    Tory scum imploding over Brexit

  • Weakened May can't stop tory infighting
  • Why do the public eventually HATE every single political leader since Thatcher?

    When will the gullible British public every learn? The political scumbags are NOT there to take care of the general population, no matter what they tell you, they only serve the interests of the ruling mafia and why they sign up to the QUEEN first before the country.

    When a vast army of freemasons, who swear loyalty ONLY to the British crown, block any hope of the UK getting somebody with the right credentials of decency and compassion it is a very long way from evolving into somewhere worth living . Once you have spent time away from Britain you start to see why the dark forces that protect the royal mafia and their vast army of secret society goons you realise how massive the infestation of twisted and ruthless bastards, with no soul, that are getting hand picked into key positions of power . All of it under the guise that we have elections when we are only allowed to vote for those already on the freemason royalist leaning bandwagon.

    Only one British politician refused to stand for the Queen and he was taken out by the Murdoch press and with the assistance of Scotland's evil judicial mafia who backed his evil rag to the hilt when stitching him up. Until Britain's sheeple waken up to the reality that they are living in a nightmare scenario that is cruelly punishing millions of it own citizens for their evil ends Britain will continue to sink into the quagmire of filth that so many are deluded into believing is the correct way to behave towards their fellow citizens struggling on the edge of life thanks to a demonic force that has taken over all positions of authority. The LUNATICS really are running the asylum.

  • Daily Rat reports today that a "Wave of 'nastiness and hatred' against politicians is driving top talent out of public life, watchdog warns"
  • Trump hires new lawyer Ty Cobb VIDEO

  • Who is Trump's new lawyer Ty Cobb?
  • Sinkhole Rapidly Grows, Swallows Central Florida Homes VIDEO
    After job loss and a heart attack, Byron lives in a tent homeless in Detroit VIDEO
    World's Most Shockings Sinkholes Caught on Camera VIDEO
    Fact check: Donald Trump Jr. v Donald Trump Jr. VIDEO

    Jewish pirate embroiled in Trump affairs

  • Who is zionist lackey Rob Goldstone? And why is the British PR embroiled
    in the Donald Trump Jr scandal over Russia
  • Sen. Grassley requesting Donald Trump Jr. testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee VIDEO
    Submarine Disasters Documentary VIDEO
    What was Jared Kushner's role in the Russia meeting VIDEO
    Plane Crashes Documentary VIDEO
    UFO's and Nukes the secret link revealed VIDEO
    "GIANT" Alien Ships Around Saturn Admits Scientist VIDEO
    Vile Orange Order used by British establishment to split and stir hatred in Ireland VIDEO

  • Britain being ripped apart by bigoted religious hatred fomented by a vile British establishment (The Royals use these neanderthals ,like the EDL, as support when they are under fire)
  • Trump Jr treason investigation

  • Donald Trump Jr says father 'didn't know' about emails from Russia offering
    'dirt' on Clinton as he faces 'treason' investigation
  • Israeli zionist Sheldon Adelson Gave Trump $100 Million For Election (Zionist run media aren't bothered if Israel is funding USA election campaign)(VIDEO) (VIDEO)
  • Area 51 Documentary VIDEO
    CCTV captures man squeezing fridge onto train VIDEO
    Harmsworth's Daily Rat has audacity to claim HATE and bullying

    There is no bigger a paper that spouts HATE and bullying against the most vulnerable in society

  • Labour hit back at 'hard-left' election abuse claims by saying Tories do it on an 'industrial scale'
  • Hidden secret of Las Vegas Casinos VIDEO
    Andy Serkis Becomes Gollum To Read Trump's Tweets VIDEO
    Nuclear Subs Documentary VIDEO
    When HATE is maybe warranted
    When scumbags with ulterior motives are exposed they shout HATE to deflect away from their agenda.

    With so many global controllers trying to stifle debate about what they are implicated in there is ONE particular nasty ploy they are using to point the finger by claiming 'HATE' to stifle criticism.

    Well we do not mind making some HATE suggestions.

    1. HATING any politician who thinks using their military industrial complex to bomb the fuck out of innocents is the correct use of power.

    2. HATING a mass media that is pushing feminist and homosexual agenda's while undermining heterosexual men with 'HATE' campaigns that strip men of the right to protect their families from their sinister and SICK satanic agenda.

    3. HATING lawyers and judges who, across the world, have been giving themselves power over men's estates by a divorce industry that has destroyed those men's ability to keep a roof over their heads and their families causing massive dysfunctionality for heterosexual men in many cases loss of their lives and mass homelessness for those targeted heterosexual men.

    4. HATING freemason controlled cops who are out of control and using unregulated powers to beat the shit out of their victims to the point of death and using deadly force NOT as a last resort but a first resort. Terror false flags being used to arm them to the hilt while they claim taking guns off the streets.

    5. HATING zionists who control the West's political scum through bribes and freemasonry that allows Israel to bomb the fuck out of the Middle East and especially Gaza and with huge stock piles of nuclear weapons with America's political mafia only to happy to oblige, meanwhile ranting that other nations in the Middle East are trying to get hold of nukes .

    6. HATING paedo's in particular the homopaedo's who hide behind discrimination as an excuse to abuse millions of young boys across the globe with impunity and being covered up by a freemason hierarchy.

    HATE is a strong word but throughout history men have been forced to rise up when they experience HATE brought on by the dire circumstances so many of their fellow citizens have been left in thanks to the scum who have taken control of their lives through stealth and manipulation. It is the LOVE for their fellow man that breeds HATRED towards those who provide the chains that enslave humanity.

  • Journey through a jet engine VIDEO

  • Gas turbine blade failures
  • Dramatic clashes between LGBT and anti-LGBT protestors in Chile VIDEO
    Net Neutrality II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver VIDEO
    AC/DC with Bon Scott - Touch Too Much VIDEO
    Nuking transparency: Pentagon hides nuclear weapons inspections reports VIDEO
    Man's message in a bottle VIDEO
    Lesbian cop proposed to at London Pride VIDEO

    Just how many of the LGBT brigade are employed as cops? UK's social services regime is full of them and act in an extremely divisive way when divorcing HETEROSEXUAL men are seeking custody and access to their children. Cops now using their position to promote a homosexual agenda and those same cops are being used by divorce courts to steal children away from heterosexual fathers protection and influence. When you have faced jack boot lesbian social workers dictating how you raise your children then you know the sinister aspect of what the homosexual agenda is all about.
    John Is Sleeping Rough in London VIDEO
    Little Mix's latest garb show they are freemason / illuminati molls / puppets

    Three more molls dress to suit
    Media in homosexual frenzy over London LGBT march VIDEO

    Britain's rags give MASSIVE platform for this vile nonsense
    Bunkers Documentary VIDEO
    Cop Spies VIDEO

  • Do we have a fundamental right to film the police in public?
  • 50 years of shoving homosexuality in the face of the public VIDEO

    without ANY action from freemason cops
    What is Gravity? VIDEO
    Scotland's part time tory MSP's

  • Scotland's Tory MSPs face massive financial hit in double jobs crackdown at Holyrood
  • Trump tries to prop up HATED Theresa May with talk of powerful trade deal VIDEO
    The most detailed scan of the wiring of the human brain VIDEO
    May claims of being bold when she is WEAK show all the signs of a psychopath VIDEO
    Protesters clash with police at anti-G20 demonstration in Hamburg VIDEO
    Dad makes roller coaster for his baby daughter VIDEO
    Fatal moment plane corkscrews to the ground while performing air stunts in Russia VIDEO
    Lesbian Jemma Beale wicked rape lies got man 7 years jail

  • Lesbian who made up bogus rape and sex assault claims against 15 men - landing one in prison - now facing jail for her 'appalling lies'
  • Lesbian who made false allegations of rape against men is jailed
  • Daily Rat's contempt for those who despised Thatchers vile reign
    Nikki Haley warns North Korea at UN VIDEO

    She forgets how many have been murdered by USA actions in the Middle East
    The USA is Owned by Israel VIDEO
    Buzz Aldrin's face when Trump talks about space is absolutely hilarious VIDEO
    Cameron the Eton gangster groomed to keep the peasants in their place

  • Shameless millionaire David Cameron says people who want nurses to get a decent pay rise are 'selfish'
  • The former Prime Minister showed his true colours with his slur on "selfish" public sector workers (How the Eton wealthy are groomed to keep the peasants in their lowly place by stifling wages)
  • Scotland under SNP with the absolute dregs of the earth spilling onto Scottish streets VIDEO

    Under SNP rule the Orange Order 'hate' bigots are being allowed to spout hate campaigns across Scotland. The same thugs who show allegiance to the Royal parasites and who they rely on for support. Scotland's version of the EDL. Anyone considering moving to Scotland will need to be aware this mob will be your neighbours and who will get away with murder as Scotland's vile mason cops wont do anything to stop their behaviour as they do watching this going on.

  • Glasgow considers Orange march ban (These hate marches should have been banned decades ago if its wasn't for the freemason / Orangemen control over ALL of Scotland's political, cop and legal gangsters)
  • Orange Order HATE parade through Glasgow could be reviewed in light of banned sectarian song being sung (Dregs of the earth allowed to spout their bigoted HATE campaigns across Scotland's towns)
  • Orange Walk Glasgow: ‘Famine Song’ sung by Orange bigots sees police launch investigation
  • Famine Song not meant to offend says senior Orangeman Reverend Mervyn Gibson (He has the audacity to claim he is a member of the clergy)
  • Area 51 The CIA's Secret Files VIDEO
    Masons Without A Face on Independence Day

    NO WONDER THEY HIDE THEIR FACES!!!!!!! The following is a pathetic attempt by freemasons to justify their VILE existence. Anyone who has been a VICTIM of their persecution techniques will know the masonic bullshit they spout to distract from exposure of what they are all about.

    Masons Without A Face on Independence Day

    by Chris Hodapp from Freemasons for Dummies blogspot Masons Without A Face on Independence Day

    Today being Independence Day in the United States caused me to regard something I came across online in a very melancholy and sympathetic way. In America, we occasionally have to deal with folks who are hostile or downright pathological in their hatred and mistrust of Freemasonry. But it’s rarely more than an odd rant or insult online here and there. Oh sure, there are the Jack Chicks out there, and we may even have a relative or two who tries to talk us out of our membership for the “sake of our soul.” And there are certainly endless cranks who claim to know the “real secrets” of Masonry that real-life, actual Masons have never heard of despite our own decades of membership and vast piles of amassed degrees. But for the most part, such anti-Masonic swipes are pretty benign in this country. Would that were so elsewhere.

    Which brings me to the photo I saw online today. It showed several lodge officers in a country outside of the U.S. lined up posing for the camera after being installed in their lodge offices, and they are in the company of a grand lodge officer. Here in America, we have all seen dozens, if not hundreds, of such photos on websites and Facebook.

    But several Masons in the back row of their lineup held their white-gloved hands up in front of their faces. They blocked their identities from the camera because they would undoubtedly face problems if their co-workers, neighbors, or just the general public in their communities or country discovered their Masonic membership. While most of the men in the picture didn’t cover their’s, I’m not posting the whole photo here because it might still cause them problems if it became more widely circulated.

    Very early in my Masonic life, I visited brethren in another country, and eagerly posted their names and faces after a dinner out with them socially, innocently identifying them as members on my little-seen personal web page, and thanking them for the wonderful dinner. The next day, they contacted me and asked me to quickly remove their names and images, because they knew they might be spotted by non-members who would damage their careers or otherwise make a spectacle of exposing them. One brother in particular wrote to me several years later and told me he had been passed over for a major promotion because a co-worker had seen that photo I had removed almost immediately years before. The damage had been done by my stupid and excited blunder just from that short-lived reference to him. I learned a very humiliating lesson, and since that time, I have been told far worse stories than just the loss of a promotion.

    We point proudly and openly to our Masonic membership here, but elsewhere, Masonic activity can often make headlines or the front covers of national magazines – and not in a good way. Conspiracy theories are mainstream ideas in some places, and Masonic secrecy is often a trait practiced out of self-preservation.

    Many years ago, I was attending a gathering of a club for young men who were members of the fraternity. Almost everyone in the room was under thirty-five, with the exception of myself and the father of one of the others. The older man came over to me and we began to chat. He was in his late sixties or early seventies, and spoke with a very thick accent. The gentleman had been an émigré from Transylvania in Romania, and he had come to America in 1965.

    Romania in those days was a puppet state of the Soviet Union. Their king had been forced to abdicate by the Soviets in 1948, and the country had been bled dry economically to pay for Stalin’s post-war debts. Worse, between 1948 and the mid-1960s, almost two million Romanians had been arbitrarily thrown into prison for political, economic or other “unspecified” reasons. The Communists had the blood of at least 200,000 Romanian corpses on their hands, along with hundreds of thousands of incidents of torture and abuse of Romanian citizens. It was against this backdrop that this gentleman had secretly fled from his homeland as a young man, and come to the United States.

    Then he told me a curious thing. He had first read about Freemasons in Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, and like Tolstoy’s Pierre, he wanted very much to become a Mason himself. But Freemasonry was outlawed at that time in Romania, just as it had been outlawed all across the Soviet bloc. Just as it had been outlawed in Hitler’s Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain, Khomeini’s Iran, Hussein’s Iraq, and Russia under the last of the Czars and the Soviets alike. The list could go on.

    When he came to America, he said, the first thing he did was to petition a Masonic lodge. Because it was a symbol of freedom to him. Because Freemasonry can only flourish in a free country. The issues of liberty and equality are intertwined with the fraternity of Freemasonry as much today as they were in 1776. Men living under brutal regimes have been persecuted, imprisoned and even executed for the “crime” of their Masonic membership. Yet, Freemasonry survives and grows wherever men are free. One need only look as far as the former Soviet republics where Communism died to see the steady rebirth of their Masonic lodges. Even in Romania.

    And yet. In many countries around the globe that we regard as free and open societies today, anti-Masonic conspiracies can often lurk within national psyches. Centuries-old libels and suspicions against Masons are often repeated by the press, politicians, and just rank and file pub crawlers – many times commonly paired with anti-Jewish conspiracy theories. Masons all over the world fight every day just for the simple privilege and ability to tie on a Masonic apron and attend a Masonic meeting – a privilege that so many of the rest of us just take for granted. I think we sometimes forget that here in America.

    So, enjoy your 4th of July picnics and fireworks today. But if you have a quiet moment of reflection before you turn in for the night, give a thought and send up a prayer for those anonymous Masons I saw today covering their faces, and for a time when they will finally be able to declare their membership openly by wearing a ring, or posing for a Facebook photo.

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    Where Jersey establishment got away with MURDER!!!!!!

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    28 years of freemason cover up over Hillsborough

  • Hillsborough disaster: six people, including David Duckenfield, charged
  • Hillsborough: Freemason cops banned from working on criminal probe into cover-up (The revelation adds weight to the theory that members of the secretive organisation suppressed the truth after 96 Liverpool fans died)
  • Calls for senior freemason cops to be held accountable for the deaths of 96 fans in the Hillsborough disaster
  • A Look at the Dallas Public Library Helping Homeless People VIDEO
    London's fashion lunatics think men will wear this shit?

    Retired judicial mafia to lead Grenfell Tower disaster inquiry

  • Retired Court of Appeal judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick has been chosen to lead the public inquiry
    (They are ALL freemasons to ensure maximum cover up and years of obfuscation)
  • Judge once accused of helping 'social cleansing of the poor' is picked to run Grenfell Tower public
    inquiry into tragedy that killed at least 80
  • Common Law Workshop, Australia
    The 1984 Documentary That Predicted Grenfell Tower VIDEO
    If it were not FILMED, no one would BELIEVE IT VIDEO
    David Cameron and Prince William implicated in FIFA corruption probe VIDEO
    Trump gets slated for complimenting female RTE reporter VIDEO
    Turning London into a fortress

  • Wimbledon 2017: Anti-terror operation turns All England Club into a fortress
  • BBC report on Cambridge Analytica in the EU referendum? (Despite BBC using same techniques) VIDEO
    Jewish and Zionist Influence at the BBC

    Jewish influence, or power if you like, in mainstream media is one of those pink elephants in the room that everyone at some level realizes, but which badly needs to be openly discussed. This is happening more and more today due to, to their infinite credit, the efforts of the anti-Zionist left, which has found itself stymied by this influence and has spent some time documenting it.

    In order to contribute broadly to this discussion I thought it would be appropriate to explore the influence that jews, be they pro or anti-Zionist, have in British state broadcaster; the BBC. This is important because the BBC has long been viewed, although less so today, as a relatively impartial broadcaster around the world and has been the subject of the umbrage of many a Zionist over the years.

    The fact that jews, as a minuscule part of the population of the British Isles, have so many members of their community in positions of power and influence in a state broadcaster committed to journalistic impartiality is obviously extremely concerning to any individual in their right mind. After all jews, like any other group, are always going to promote their interests or push their particular perspective as a group and as such will knowingly or not distort the narrative to favour their perspective and interests.

    When we look at the Executive Board we find the following individuals: (2)

    Tony Hall (Director General, BBC)
    Helen Boaden (Director, Radio)
    Danny Cohen (Director, Television)
    James Harding (Director of News and Current Affairs)
    James Purnell (Director, Strategy and Digital)
    Annie Bulford (Managing Director, Finance and Operations)
    Tim Davie (CEO, BBC Worldwide and Director, Global)
    Simon Burke (Non-Executive Director)
    Sir Howard Stringer (Non-Executive Director)
    Dame Fiona Reynolds (Non-Executive Director)
    Sir Nicholas Hytner (Non-Executive Director)
    Alice Perkins (Non-Executive Director)
    Dharmash Mistry (Non-Executive Director)

    Of these thirteen executives; three are jewish.

    The executives who have jewish backgrounds are Danny Cohen, (3) James Harding (4) and Sir Nicholas Hytner. (5) This seems superficially reasonable until we note that, according to the 2011 census, jews are 0.5% of the British population. (6) Comparatively those of jewish origin are 23% of the membership of the Executive Board of the BBC.

    When we compare that to Indians who are a similar minority group in the United Kingdom; we note that while in the 2011 census they made up 2.3% of the British population. (7) They only have one representative (Dharmash Mistry) on the Executive Board of the BBC.

    Therefore we can see that jews are both significantly over-represented among the individuals who are members of the Executive Board as well in them of themselves. In addition to being significantly over-represented relative to more populous ethnic minority groups such as those of Indian origin.

    This situation becomes more concerning when we note that James Harding, one of the jewish members, has made it explicitly clear that, after making the British daily 'The Times' newsroom pro-Israel, he wants to do precisely the same at the BBC. (8)

    This obviously already a violation of the BBC's neutrality, which is explicitly required in its periodically renewed charter, since Harding is explicitly setting out to modify the BBC's relative objectivity to a partisan pro-Israel stance.

    Naturally Harding claims it is 'injecting balance' into the BBC newsroom, but such verbiage is a common linguistic trick (9) and is explicitly how Israel projects 'soft power' to attempt to create a pro-Israeli narrative (i.e. Hasbara). (10)

    Even more concerning is the backgrounds of some of the other non-jewish members of the Executive Board.

    James Purnell is the former Chairman of the pro-Israel lobby group 'Labour Friends of Israel'. (11) This group explicitly exist to influence the members and policy making of the Labour Party in Britain and has a substantial membership among Labour party Members of Parliament. (12)

    Combined with James Harding this is enough cause for serious concern about jewish and Zionist influence within the Executive Board of the BBC.

    However Sir Howard Stringer also has a strong Zionist connection given that he was the honorary chairman of the 'American Jewish Committee', a powerful jewish communal organization dedicated to promoting Zionism in the United States, in 2004. (13)

    That he has not repudiated his pro-Zionist views since this time is suggestive of the fact that Sir Howard continues to support the objectives and methods of the 'American Jewish Committee'.

    While Sir Nicolas Hytner, a jewish member of the Executive Board, has often abused his positions in the world of acting and theatre to oppose the BDS (Boycott Divest Sanctions) movement against Israel. (14)

    It is unlikely that Sir Nicholas will act any differently while he is part of the BBC's Executive Board than he has when he was at the National Theatre. Indeed he has given us absolutely no reason to think he will do an about face on his track record of running political interference on behalf of Israel.

    Danny Cohen, a jewish member of the Executive Board, has also publicly endorsed the Zionist cause only a year ago. (15) Since he has not given us reason to think otherwise; we may be confident that he will continue in his support for Israel and the pro-Zionist narrative.

    Once we take the political affiliations of the Executive Board of the BBC into account we can see that all three of the jewish members are openly pro-Israel/pro-Zionist, while two of the non-jewish members are also pro-Israel/pro-Zionist.

    This takes the pro-Israel/pro-Zionist bloc in the BBC's Executive Board to five members, while none of the other members have any known anti-Israel/anti-Zionist convictions.

    This means that 38% of the BBC's Executive Board is pro-Israel/pro-Zionist. When added to the fact that three of those five members (James Harding, James Purnell and Sir Nicholas Hytner) have a track record of political interference on behalf of Israel in organizations then it becomes even more sinister.

    When we further note that Harding is in charge of the BBC's newsroom it suggests that the narrative the BBC will produce going forward will be pro-Israel/pro-Zionist and not in any way neutral.

    James Purnell's role as the head of Strategy and Digital makes him an invaluable ally for Harding in manipulating the pro-Israel/pro-Zionist narrative in such a way as to promote it as the 'wave of the future' for the BBC.

    Danny Cohen's role as the head of television, the BBC's most powerful arm, is even more subversive given that it is by news, documentary/factual and entertainment television programming that many people, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, get their informational prism with which they view the world.

    We get an absolutely intolerable situation where the neutral BBC has been/is being progressively hijacked by avowed pro-Israel/pro-Zionist activists with the stated aim of abusing its reputation for neutrality in order to promote Israel politically and neutralize dissenting views/unflattering coverage.

    When we look at the next organizational layer down, the BBC's Executive Team, we find the following individuals: (16)

    Ken MacQuarrie (Director, BBC Scotland)
    Rhodri Talfan Davies (Director, BBC Cymru Wales)
    Peter Johnston (Director, BBC Northern Ireland)
    Peter Salmon (Director, England)
    Ralph Rivera (Director, BBC Digital)
    Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth (Director, HR)
    David Jordan (Director, Editorial Policy and Standards)
    Philip Almond (Director, Marketing and Audiences)
    Alan Yentob (Creative Director)
    Francesca Unsworth (Director, BBC World Service Group)

    Of the ten members of the Executive Team; one is jewish.

    The member of the Executive Team with a jewish background is Alan Yentob. (17)

    Peter Salmon is sometimes listed as being jewish, (18) but while 'Salmon' could well be a contraction of the common Ashkenazi surname 'Salomon' there is no evidence I can find of such occurring here. Indeed 'Salmon' is a perfectly English surname to have (19) and without evidence to the contrary we can only assume that Peter Salmon is not jewish.

    While Yentob's presence in the Executive Team takes the jewish representation on it to 10%. The fact that it is only one individual that is jewish suggests that the numbers alone here relative to the jewish representation in the population of the British Isles (i.e. 0.5%) are in some-way reasonable (as you cannot get less than 10% of the membership of the Executive Team with representation).

    It is worth noting however that the Indian population in the United Kingdom (i.e. 2.3%) are not represented at all, while other no other ethnic or religious minorities are represented either.

    This makes Yentob's presence rather concerning given the general lack of diversity among the BBC's Executive Team since jews are a tiny minority even by ethnic minority standards and their having a voice on the Executive Team while no others do is inconsistent with the BBC's fervent support for racial diversity and propagation of an anti-nativist narrative. (20)

    We also need remember that there are internal politics in every organization and while Yentob seems rather innocuous as the 'Creative Director'; he has recently openly boasted that he is very closely involved in the running of the BBC in general. (21)

    Some would dismiss this as merely hot air, but we know that Yentob has long been tipped as a potential future Director-General of the BBC. (22) It was also Yentob who lead the charge against those BBC journalists who dared to doubt the BBC party line on the Jimmy Savile paedophile scandal and branded them 'traitors'. (23)

    One wonders why the BBC's 'Creative Director' would get so closely involved in such things if he was not a significant political force within the BBC's internal political world?

    Contrast that with the fact that no other members of the BBC's Executive Team have been named as behaving in a similar manner or censoring their own employees on said scandal and we can see that Yentob, in spite of being only one man, is a political force to be reckoned with within the world of organizational politics in the BBC.

    Yentob is also quite active in the jewish community (24) and is known to produce programming that lionizes said community. (25)

    While I cannot link him directly to Zionist activity; given his background and lionization of the Iraqi jews (who immigrated to Israel). It is reasonable to assume that, while not an open political partisan, Yentob is at least willing to allow a pro-Israel/pro-Zionist narrative on the BBC. Therefore while jewish and Zionist influence in the BBC's Executive Team is seemingly small; the fact that its only known representation is an obvious key political player in the BBC is suggestive that at the very least there is would be no significant resistance to a pro-Israel/anti-Zionist, as opposed to a neutral, narrative from the Executive Team.

    When we move on to the BBC's editors and correspondents we find the following individuals listed: (26)

    Mark Easton (Home [UK] Editor)
    Bridget Kendall (Diplomatic Correspondent)
    Andrew Harding (Africa Correspondent)
    Carrie Gracie (China Editor)
    Soutik Biswas (Delhi Correspondent)
    Katya Adler (Europe Editor)
    Anthony Zurcher (North American Reporter)
    Robert Peston (Economics Editor)
    Kamal Ahmed (Business Editor)
    Mark D’Arcy (Parliamentary Correspondent)
    Laura Kuenssberg (Political Editor)
    James Landale (Deputy Political Editor)
    Rory Cellan-Jones (Technology Editor)
    David Lee (North American Technology Reporter)
    David Shukman (Science Editor)
    Jonathan Amos (Science Correspondent)
    Nick Triggle (Health Correspondent)
    Fergus Walsh (Medical Correspondent)
    Hugh Pym (Health Editor)
    Branwen Jeffreys (Education Editor)
    Sean Coughlan (Education Correspondent)
    Will Gompertz (Arts Editor)

    Of these twenty-two editors and correspondents; six are jewish.

    Those with a jewish background are: Katya Adler, (27) Robert Peston, (28), Laura Kuenssberg, (29), David Shukman, (30) Jonathan Amos and Will Gompertz. (31)

    This means that the representation of jews among the BBC editors and correspondents is currently running at a frankly frightening 27%. Compare this with their representation in the British population (0.5%) and it becomes obviously a matter of likely pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist bias.

    It is more difficult to prove sympathies (one way or another) with the BBC's editor and correspondents than with the BBC's Executive Board and Executive Team. Since editors and correspondents by the nature of their profession are very aware of the need to carefully manage any statements they make outside of a professional context as they are aware of how closely scrutinized they will be once they pass into the public domain.

    However something of the pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist views of some of the editors and correspondents can be gleaned from the fact that both David Shukman (32) and Will Gompertz (33) have abused their positions to insert an unbalanced historical narrative of jewish suffering into the content they have produced for the BBC.

    Meanwhile Rory Cellan-Jones, the non-jewish Technology Editor, has been a major figure in the anti-BDS/pro-Israel movement since early 2007 (34) and has abused, like James Harding and Sir Nicholas Hytner have done in the past, his position as a BBC editor to give credence to his pro-Israel views (which was regarded as a significant contribution to the Zionist cause by the website 'Totally Jewish'). (35)

    Then we have Robert Peston, the jewish Economics Editor, who believes that his jewish heritage has provided him with superior genes compared to non-jewish heritage. (36)

    This clearly suggests that Peston holds to some form of jewish nationalism (i.e. Zionism) given these, essentially, jewish supremacist sentiments that necessarily label non-jews as inferior beings when compared to jews.

    I would also be remiss if I didn't mention that Laura Kuenssberg is a very recent appointment to the position of Political Editor; previously the position was held, for several years, by Nick Robinson. He is, like Kuenssberg, jewish. (37)

    Interestingly Kuenssberg was promoted to the position of political editor over Robinson's non-jewish deputy James Landale, (38) which suggests that Kuenssberg may have been promoted (she was formerly merely a guest blogger) (39) merely because she is jewish and Landale is not.

    I cannot prove it one way or the other, but the otherwise inexplicable appointment of Kuenssberg over Landale would then explicable.

    Given all this information we can see there at least four of BBC's editors and correspondents (David Shukman, Will Gompertz, Robert Peston and Rory Cellan-Jones) who are pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist activists, while three others (Katya Adler, Laura Kuenssberg and Jonathan Amos) are likely to be such.

    This then suggests that the pro-jewish/pro-Israel/pro-Zionist narrative that seems to be part of James Harding's overt plan for the BBC would find at least seven supporters out of the twenty-two current editors and correspondents at the BBC (i.e. 32% of all those concerned).

    What we can see from the foregoing analysis is that the BBC has a disproportionate number of jewish ethnic and non-jewish pro-Zionist activists, particularly on its Executive Board and among its editors and correspondents to seriously impede the BBC charter's requirement for neutrality.

    In essence the bald way of putting it is that the BBC has been all but captured by jewish ethic and non-jewish pro-Zionist activists. We should therefore reasonably expect the BBC, a-la James Harding's explicit plan, to become a particularly insidious weapon in the Israeli Hasbara arsenal.

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    Meanwhile ignoring debauchery paraded in front of children
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    Lesbian feminazi out in force in NYC homo parade
    Homo's parade on streets of Toronto

    Trudeau with kids out backing homosexual debauchery on show in streets of Toronto
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    Over an hour into the AirAsia flight one of the engines of Airbus A330 flying from Perth to Kuala Lumpur experienced a violent malfunction
    UK councils and government murdering for the British state

    Rock Feilding-Mellen, Theresa May and Nicholas Holgate

    The peasants of Britain no longer matter. We have been reporting for over two decades the most oppressive regime disguised as council and government powers that have been, sometimes through stealth, bumping off the population but it is only since the disaster at Grenfell Tower that people are now beginning to notice and WAKEN up.

    When you see mass murder, due to gross incompetence or more like corruption and a complete disregard for the welfare of a whole tier of society, you know you are living in a psychopathic paradise. The lunatics really are running the asylum and it doesn't matter if you are poor, vulnerable or disabled the British government and its councils will ride roughshod over every area those individuals rely on to survive in a hostile world made much more so by the mistreatment of those they regard as NOT WORTHY.

    Despite our own personal experiences alongside many other victims we have seen the tory mafia voted back into power, even with the slimmest of margins, and shows it is not only those in power who are shameless but the millions of vile scumbags who, despite their murderous reputation continue to vote for them. They can then continue the mass culling spree that has been going on for far longer but kept under the radar by a malicious media now forced to report when a whole glut of victims are burned to death in an inferno that could so easily have been avoided. But only if those in power where sensitive to the needs of those who died BUT THEY ARE NOT.

    There is a mindset in British power, and has been since Margaret Thatcher, that the peasants do NOT matter and thousands of British citizens have died long before Grenfell but not as blatantly in your face as a huge tower taking light and citizens are seen going up in a bonfire created by corrupt and uncaring councils the likes of Kensington emanates.

    We hope many more will start waking up to the vicious cost cutting that had to, in time, led to many more deaths and we have been saying for a very long time the tory scum have a trail of the dead hanging over their heads. Despite this their head faltering honcho Theresa May tries to continue to hold power even in their now weakened position. It will take an uprising, long overdue, to rid Britain of that EVIL and the memories of Grenfell victims cannot be allowed to silence the growing anger now reaching sections of the population that for to long ignored the suffering of so many of the targets of ruthless tory policies.

    Every last bastard that voted tory should hang their head in shame for the complete lack of concern for their fellow citizens who have been trodden under foot by the fascist boot that masquerades as government and if that tragedy had happened weeks before the election and exposed what can happen when ruthless draconian measures are put in place they may never have been voted back in. BUT in time they must be removed for the sake of the millions living in squalor and danger from their uncaring control.

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    Grenfell Action Group email in 2014 warned about fire risk at towering inferno

    From: Grenfell action Group
    Subject: Re: Grenfell Tower- Ongoing concerns!
    Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014

    Dear Ben,

    I am very sorry to trouble you again and I hope that you can understand that my reason for doing so is entirely genuine. A number of residents of Grenfell Tower are very concerned at the fact that the new improvement works to Grenfell Tower have turned our building into a fire trap.

    There is only one entry and exit to the tower block itself and, in the event of a fire, the LFB could only gain access to the entrance to the building by climbing four flights of narrow stairs.

    On top of this the fire escape exit on the walkway level has now been sealed. Residents of Grenfell Tower do not have any confidence that our building has been satisfactorily assessed to cope with the new improvement works and we are seeking a meeting with the Chief Fire Officer from Kensington Fire Station so that these concerns can be addressed.

    Thank you for your continued assistance with this matter.

    Kind regards,

    Grenfell Action Group

  • Grenfell Action Group had been exposing tory corruption at the heart of Kensington long before Grenfell fire
  • Tory scumbag Nicholas Holgate,CEO of Kensington and Chelsea Council, resigned this morning after continued criticism over the Government’s response to the tragedy, which saw 79 people die in a hellish blaze last week
  • Tory scumbag Nicholas Holgate joined Kensington council after working as former director of welfare reform at the Treasury (The man behind the thousands who died from tory welfare reform and now behind the deaths of residents at Grenfell tower)
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    Tory corruption behind London inferno

    Kensington council is maybe they most despicable council in Britain run by the tory scum for decades they have propped up the rich while treating the poorest with disdain. Pure evil at the heart of council and governments run by the tory mafia. Tory cuts ALWAYS lead to deaths.

    Conservative party donor's private equity firm invested in construction company accused of saving £6,000 by cladding Grenfell Tower in cheaper more flammable material

    * Jeremy Coller, who donated £15,000 to the Tory Party, owns Coller Capital
    *They part-owned Rydon Construction when the firm re-clad Grenfell Tower
    * Construction firm used a cheaper version of the cladding to save around £6,000
    *The panels are believed to have contributed to how quickly the flames spread as the fire took hold on Wednesday morning

    A Tory party donor invested in the firm that used the cheap plastic cladding believed to have carried the flames of the Grenfell Tower blaze so quickly, it has emerged.

    Jeremy Coller, a financial executive, gave £15,000 to the Conservatives in 2015. His firm, Coller Capital, owned a fifth of Rydon Construction when work started on the refurbishment in 2014. Omnis confirmed it sold the cheaper versions of the Reynobond panels, costing £2 less per square metre than the more fire resistant option. A Reynobond salesman said the version believed to have been used on the Grenfell Tower, was just plastic.

    The revelation, from the Mirror, comes amid a criminal investigation into the inferno which has killed at least 30 people, with 70 missing. A Coller spokesman told the paper: 'Coller was a minority shareholder in Rydon to 2015 and had no operational control.' Documents on the refurbishment of the tower show fire-resistant cladding was initially chosen, but later ditched to save just £6,250 with the cheaper option.

    Yesterday, the MailOnline revealed that the bosses of the company that installed Grenfell Tower's allegedly deadly cladding were accused by HMRC of pumping £2.5million into tax avoidance schemes. Ray Bailey and his wife Belinda were director and secretary of Harley Curtain Wall, which went bust in 2015 allegedly owing creditors £1.1million. Despite being liquidated with significant debts it was later bought by Harley Facades Ltd, Mr Bailey's other firm, who did the Grenfell Tower job in a contract valued at £2.6 million.

    Their cladding sparked 'like a match' and helped engulf the 27-story building, it has been claimed. The £8.6million refurbishment by Rydon and the cladding by Harley Facades Ltd will be a key issue at the public inquiry into the Grenfell blaze. The first contractor chosen to refurbish Grenfell Tower was dropped to save cash, it was revealed today.

    Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council became unhappy when preferred bidder Leadbitter told them the required works would cost £11.27 million because it was £1.6million more than they wanted to spend. A housing report from 2013 shows that unless the price dropped the contract would be put out to tender again to ensure better 'value for money'. Rydon would later win the work by saying it could replace windows, install a new heating system for flats and add the cladding, which experts believe accelerated the fire, for £8.7million.

    The deal done after re-tendering the Grenfell Tower saved the council £2.5million. A public inquiry into Wednesday's fire that is feared to have claimed more than 100 lives will consider whether the reduced price led to any impact on safety. Rydon and Harley Facades Ltd, who installed the cladding, say the work 'met all required building regulations' and was signed off by the council's building control.

  • Theresa May avoids protesters during Grenfell tower visit VIDEO
    Tory failing henchwoman Theresa May heckled by angry crowds VIDEO
    Protests erupt over London towering inferno

    Protests after cop shooting of Philando Castile found not guilty VIDEO
    Billy Connolly accepts the 'Mark of the beast' VIDEO

  • Billy Connolly's knighthood (From a critic of the royals to becoming a WEALTHY court jester)
  • Lily Allen attacks media cover up of actual deaths at London inferno VIDEO

  • Lily Allen dropped from Newsnight following controversial Grenfell Tower claims on Channel 4 news
  • Jesse Ventura "The HYPOCRISY! How Many Elections Has USA Interfered With Around The World! VIDEO
    Ron Paul "Usually WAR PROFITEERING Is A Major Reason These Things Happen!" VIDEO
    Orangemen now running Britain
    Britain's dangerous housing for the poorest exposed in towering inferno

  • Kensington's social divide and social cleansing exposed in towering inferno aftermath
  • USA banned cladding that was used on Grenfell Tower
  • Tragedy of Grenfell tower exposes 911 collapse
    Beatles were into satanic hand signs way back
    Costumes and Questions VIDEO
    Chrisy Morris arrested. For obstruction fake bailiff that won't identify or show any paperwork VIDEO

  • Chrisy Morris: Battling the Bailiffs(VIDEO)
  • Fighting the system When does Battling The Bailiffs start on Channel 4 and what’s the show about? Here’s all you need to know
  • Only the 'poorest' in London could be so disastrously let down

  • May's chief of staff is accused of failing to act on warnings about fire safety rules as the PM voices shock over London tower block blaze (Tory incompetence, neglect and cuts behind more deaths)
  • Cheap cladding put on high rise to 'improve the view' for the luxury flats nearby (The poor paying a heavy price for the Kensington rich)
  • Grenfell Tower fire shows that the poor and working class are once again left behind to live in danger
  • Last night countless of London's poorest burned to death in a man-made Roman Candle in one of Britain's richest boroughs. We can't blame terrorists. It wasn't an act of God. But someone was to blame. And they need to go to jail
  • Tory godmother Theresa May claims to 'learn lessons' over London fire but THEY NEVER DO (The same old rant that avoids responsibility for mass killing)
  • Company paid £11M to manage flats accused of 'incompetence' as construction boss who oversaw £10m revamp admits he 'doesn't know what it's clad in'
  • Company boss paid £3m to clad inferno tower block is hiding in his £1m mansion as homeless residents sleep on the streets
  • In 2015 London's richest borough Kensington moved those in temporary housing to cheaper areas (Despite EVERY effort by the tory scum to move those least likely to vote for them OUT of the area Kensington still voted Labour and a major investigation should look into how moving the poor away from areas voting tory is another means to manipulate elections who claim we have a democracy)
  • Grenfell Tower Fire Fund
  • Crowdfunding to Help the families of Grenfell Tower
  • Leading USA Republican and others shot in Virginia, suspect is dead VIDEO
    Moby Mart VIDEO
    Kensington get first Labour MP after tory's tried to throw poor out of the area


    Despite EVERY effort by the tory scum to move those least likely to vote for them OUT of the Kensington area locals still voted in the majority for Labour and a major investigation should look into how moving the poor away from areas voting tory is another means to manipulate elections by those who claim we have a democracy. The richest borough in London has rising anger against some of London’s most extreme gentrification.

    In 2015 London's richest borough tried to move those in temporary housing to cheaper areas

    Kensington and Chelsea said it was looking for 39 homes outside borough because it cannot afford properties in area where average price is £1.4m

    The UK’s most expensive borough to live in, the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea, plans to send some of its most vulnerable residents to live outside London because the soaring property market means it can no longer afford to house them. The Conservative authority, where the average home costs £1.4m, will spend £10m buying properties outside the borough for people who have been made homeless. It is searching for 39 homes in outer London, the M25 corridor and the home counties suitable for temporary accommodation, used by people who often suffer physical or mental health problems and are left without a roof over their heads.

    The policy has been fiercely criticised by housing activists, who say the use of temporary accommodation to house vulnerable tenants will isolate them from vital community support. Nick Paget-Brown, the council leader, said: “In an ideal world we would like to buy properties in Kensington and Chelsea, but the numbers simply don’t stack up. We could only buy a handful of homes here. By looking further afield, we can purchase significantly more, making a huge difference to those on our waiting list.”

    Neighbouring Westminster city council has spent £3.6m buying 25 homes in Thurrock, Essex, for temporary housing, bringing the number of Westminster-owned homes located outside London to about 100. The latest batch bought by the council in Grays, 25 miles east of central London, cost £183,000 each on average, compared to the almost £1m an average house in Westminster costs. The new strategy comes amid plans to tear down flats in Chelsea which the council currently uses for temporary accommodation. They are likely to be replaced in part by private apartments fetching up to £4m each, in a scheme that has been opposed by the comedian Eddie Izzard and the deputy Labour leadership candidate Tom Watson. A spokesperson for Westminster city council said: “We do not rule out having to go further afield and will consider the M25 area and southern counties.”

    Doaa Borie, 38, a single mother of two whose son has special educational needs, said: “It is unfair and it makes me angry.” Her family are facing eviction from temporary housing on the Sutton Estate, a social housing area in Chelsea that will be partly replaced by multi-million pound luxury apartments. “It seems like only rich people can lead normal lives. Sending people out of London is a very bad idea. This will damage children by pushing us away from the community.” John Kent, the Labour leader of Thurrock council, said he had not been told about Westminster’s plans and demanded that the London authority pay the social care costs of residents it places in the homes. Moving tenants out of Kensington and Chelsea is the only affordable option

    In a robust letter sent in March, he told Westminster’s Conservative council leader, Philippa Roe: “Your current approach simply props up your failing housing system. It increases the burden on the public purse through ever growing housing benefit payments by pushing up rents and demand for housing outside London.” Paul Dimoldenberg, until recently the leader of the Labour group at Westminster, also opposes the move. He said: “Westminster Conservatives are continuing to export the homeless to east London and Essex where they have no social connections or family support. They are using their financial wealth to take away homes from residents in Grays who want to buy or rent locally.”

    Daniel Astaire, the Westminster cabinet member for housing and regeneration, defended the strategy as “a practical step to help people in housing need” and said housing is a London-wide issue that will not be solved by sticking rigidly to borough boundaries. With the average cost of a home in Kensington and Chelsea the highest anywhere in the country, according to Land Registry data, the council expects to save significant sums by looking further afield. It is planning to pay no more than £450,000 per home. The strategy could leave workers in temporary housing facing long commutes if they want to keep their jobs. But the council said the two and three-bedroom homes would be chosen so they are within commuting distance of the borough, and in an area where the ethnicity of the population is similar to the different types of households who access temporary accommodation.

    Roger Harding, the policy director at the housing charity Shelter, said: “This is yet another symptom of the capital’s drastic shortage of genuinely affordable homes, which is seeing homeless families uprooted and torn away from their local area on an unprecedented scale. Imagine the pain of losing your home and just wanting a little help until you get back on your feet. And instead finding yourself being forced to pack your bags for a new town and waving goodbye to schools, jobs, and everyone you know. “If we don’t want to see parts of London becoming no-go zones for all but the very rich, then the only solution is for the mayor and the government to invest in building the genuinely affordable homes that we so desperately need.”

  • London's Richest Neighborhood Just Voted Labour. That's Astounding
  • Kensington's first Labour MP vows to tackle area's inequality
  • Kensington tower block in flames despite previous warnings VIDEO

    and still standing not like 9/11 towers
    Kensington London tower block goes up in flames

    Chillingly, back in November, while addressing the managed by tenant managers Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO), the group wrote: 'It is a truly terrifying thought but the Grenfell Action Group firmly believe that only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our landlord, the KCTMO, and bring an end to the dangerous living conditions and neglect of health and safety legislation that they inflict upon their tenants and leaseholders.

    'We believe that the KCTMO are an evil, unprincipled, mini-mafia who have no business to be charged with the responsibility of looking after the every day management of large scale social housing estates and that their sordid collusion with the RBKC Council is a recipe for a future major disaster.

    'Unfortunately, the Grenfell Action Group have reached the conclusion that only an incident that results in serious loss of life of KCTMO residents will allow the external scrutiny to occur that will shine a light on the practices that characterise the malign governance of this non-functioning organisation.

    'We believe that the KCTMO have ensured their ongoing survival by the use of proxy votes at their Annual General Meeting that see them returned with a mandate of 98 percent in favour of the continuation of their inept and highly dangerous management of our homes.'

  • London towering inferno in Kensington despite action group calling for Grenfell Tower to be pulled down
    FOUR YEARS ago but say their warnings about appalling safety ‘fell on deaf ears’
    Man in prison for 17 years set free after his lookalike is found VIDEO
    Tory's EXTREMIST rags and lesser extremists point out May's tory mess
    The supposed domestic violence assessors are themselves the biggest domestic violence perpetrators

  • Top cop spends wedding night behind bars over claims he struck wife at the reception
  • Britain ruled over by a royal pariah and the cause of UK mass suicides

  • Diana on verge of suicide after marrying into the royal mafia
  • Young Royals with nothing else to do put on silly headbands feigning sympathy for those suffering from mental health problems (Their own lackeys that run British society are behind the pressures that trigger mental health issues. Ask any man and his children who have been dragged through divorce courts would be top of the mental health victims chart)
  • Even UK's right wing rags see the writing on the wall
    21 Signs Of A False Flag And/Or HOAX! VIDEO
    UK's vile press barons who backed May during election now stick knife in

    The evil tory press barons Richard Desmond (Express and Star) Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail) The Barclay Brothers (Telegraph) and Rupert Murdoch (Sun and Times) who backed Theresa May throughout election now stick the knife in, what an abysmal bunch of two faced ratbags.



    Northern Ireland bigots now dictating UK politics VIDEO

  • Delusional Theresa May's unholy alliance with the grasping Orangemen from Northern Ireland
    and the speech that proves she's finally lost it
  • Several hundred protesters march in London to voice anger at Theresa May's government
    aligning with the Orange Order DUP wing
  • Theresa May booted into touch by Observer front page
    London protest defies the Tories and the DUP VIDEO
    What Bilderberg Really Wants In 2017 VIDEO
    Former Law Society president stole millions from vulnerable families
    Despite ALL our efforts to expose the biggest thieving bastards on the planet lawyers are still getting away with murder as protection against rogue lawyers are non existent. She was only caught after another lawyer shopped her to cops (Any ordinary citizen would have been turned away by cops claiming "It's a civil matter" as they have signed a memorandum of understanding with the law society NOT to investigate corrupt lawyers.) Most victims also find it impossible to get a lawyer to sue another lawyer because they operate a massive corrupt international monopoly of financial crooks.

    Gangster Granny: The quiet and unassuming solicitor who won the trust of families riven with grief and stole MILLIONS from them to fund exotic lifestyle more like that of a Mafia boss than a grandmother

    Petite and unassuming, the grandmother who slipped quietly into Leeds Crown Court resembled nothing so much as an ageing, middle-class librarian.

    With her steel grey hair neatly combed, Linda Box had dressed sensibly in a neat black cardigan and low-heeled patent shoes. Yet those sitting in the packed public gallery might have been forgiven a moment or two of puzzlement or even outright shock as this pillar of the community took her seat in the dock. Because, for all her kindly demeanour and seeming modest attire, 68-year-old Linda Box has today been branded Britain’s most ruthless grandmother after abusing her position as a former president of the Law Society to siphon more than £4 million from grieving families.

    It funded the sort of life you might associate not with a modest family lawyer but a gangster’s moll. So astonishing was the scale of her extravagance the Solicitors Regulation Authority, which protects clients and consumers, judged it ‘almost unprecedented’. Box, the court heard, had spent thousands on designer clothes and vintage wines, flew her family and friends away on exotic holidays, paid £800 a night to stay at The Ritz during shopping sprees at Harrods and gave her sons a £100,000 pleasure boat. The SRA, which investigated the case, now believes the true extent of her fraud, which stretched for nearly a decade and a half, may be closer to £10 million. In the process she has ruined the lives of at least 75 families who came to her for help, most of them mourning the loss of loved ones.

    It is a particular irony that her expert handling of wills and estates was done with a sensitivity and warmth that marked her apart from legal colleagues. Indeed, Box was held in such high regard that she even acted for the Church of England, administering huge sums of money on behalf of the Bishop of Wakefield – and, as it would turn out, on behalf of herself. She would later be found to have defrauded the estates of four vicars and even stole the proceeds from the sale of a convent to help fund her ‘obsession’ with designer clothes. It emerged in court that more than £3 million had been spent using American Express cards in her name and in those of her sons as well as on a Harrods card.

    Yet so convincing was her deceit that her victims appear to have been completely duped by the apparent kindness of a woman who filled her office with family photographs, regarding her as a true friend in their time of need. As one grieving family put it last week: ‘How wrong could we have been when all along she was an evil con artist?’

    Jailed for seven years, struck off the professional register, branded ‘evil’ by her victims, she now awaits a hearing to confiscate the proceeds of her crime. Her career justly lies in ruins. Yet only she can say quite how or why she succumbed to temptation in such spectacular fashion.

    Linda Box’s career began in exemplary fashion.

    Box stayed at the Ritz, above, when she went to Harrods shopping. She had full designer outfits with labels still on in undertakers' bags She studied at Liverpool Law School before joining the 200-year-old Wakefield firm of Dixon, Coles and Gill in 1971. By 1979 she was a partner in the same firm, eventually commanding a £100,000 salary. Married to Richard, who ran funeral directors firm Eric F Box, the couple had two sons, Edward, now 41, and Andrew, 39, who were part of the family business.

    By all accounts, Box was well-liked and respected. A portion of her work involved selling assets, such as properties, from the estates of clients after they died. The money would be transferred into her legal firm’s client account and then paid to beneficiaries set out in the will – or so the theory went. Alongside this legal work, she held the prestigious post of Chancellor for the Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham, and later acted as legal adviser to the Bishop of Wakefield until 2005.

    Box is known to have begun siphoning off funds in 2003. But if the family appeared to have very robust financial means – and Box some extravagant tastes – it was apparently not noted as suspicious. She drove a Jaguar and paid for family holidays to the Amalfi Coast. She owned outfits from Chanel, Dior which were never worn. According to one witness, they were stored, complete with price tags, in undertaker’s body bags from her husband’s business. It seems her generosity knew no bounds. Her sons were given a Sunseeker motor boat called – with heavy-handed humour – Toy Box, and she paid off friends’ mortgages and funded her granddaughter’s private school fees. Other trappings of wealth included a vintage wine collection worth £800,000, and regular expensive lunches at city restaurants where she was known to be a good tipper. She kept her designer outfits in undertaker's body bags

    It took until Christmas Eve 2015 before the cracks finally appeared in this carefully crafted deceit. That was when Box’s partner at the law firm, Julian Gill, came across an irregular payment to another legal firm and followed its trail, which led to the discovery of more irregular payments from the client account to people who were not listed as legal beneficiaries. Gill rang the police, who eventually nailed the fraud. What they found was staggering: a deception worth at least £4,055,329 in total, which included £63,000 from the Bishop of Wakefield’s Fund for education and ministerial training.

    Box admitted her dishonesty to officers, telling them she ‘didn’t think of the consequences to her family or partners and got to the point where she didn’t know how to stop and couldn’t give up’. She revealed she would buy up to three of the same designer clothes items, and had sought help from her GP about her ‘obsession’. She told police: ‘I was robbing Peter to pay Paul.’

    Her husband and sons knew nothing of her fraudulent activities, according to her solicitor Joe Hingston, and she has expressed ‘complete remorse’. But none of this is helpful for her victims. One heartbroken couple, speaking today for the first time, have not received a penny from their late son’s estate after Box shamelessly diverted the funds into her own pockets. Jean and David Johnson from Leeds were left grief-stricken after their Oxford graduate son Tom, an NHS consultant, died two years ago in his 40s following a sudden illness.

    They described in detail how Box lured them in before callously stripping Tom’s assets for her own gain. So distraught are they, that the couple have asked not to use their real names. ‘My son was such a good person, a consultant virologist, researching cures for illnesses,’ said Jean last week. ‘He advised the Government on medical matters and had a brilliant, worthy future ahead.

    ‘When he died, we went to see Linda Box after she was described to us as “the absolutely perfect solicitor” who did charitable work for the Church. ‘Tom had been selling one property and buying another at the time of his death. ‘We stepped into her office and the walls were filled with her family photos. That made me feel we could trust her. I began crying as I talked about Tom, and she got up from her chair, brought over a box of tissues, put her arms around me, held my hand and said, “I am a mum of two sons and I can’t imagine how you feel. You must not worry, I will do everything I can to help.” ‘That made me feel better and I said to David, “Thank God we have got her.”

    ‘At one point, when we asked how things were progressing, she said Tom was in debt. I was shocked, as I thought that couldn’t be true.’ So far, they have no idea what happened to Tom’s money.

    ‘My son received a £150,000 death in service payment from the NHS – to this day, we have not had a penny from his estate. He’d be heartbroken as he left everything to his two young nieces to pay for their education. ‘We were taken in by her – she was utterly convincing as a caring person. I struggle with how a woman who is a mother and grandmother – as I am – can do what she did.’ David, who has to date spent £10,000 trying to recover their son’s estate, added: ‘She targeted and groomed us, to fund her extravagant lifestyle off the life savings of decent people. She is a ruthless, wicked person who has added immeasurably to our grief.’

    George (not his real name) is another victim. He is fighting to find out what happened to his close relative’s estate after she went into care. Having spent 50 years building up a successful small business, the relative had a comfortable £250,000 savings pot by the time she entered a home in her 80s, suffering from dementia. The pot of money was designed to pay for her needs. But after she appointed Box with power of attorney, the cash has all but vanished.

    ‘Today, there is just £212 left,’ George said. ‘Box took the lot. Her care home bills are building up, she owes thousands and I am worried they may tell me she has to leave. ‘I can’t tell my frail parents as they would be so upset, it would make them ill.’ My relative had £250,000 in savings... Box took the lot

    He said: ‘My relative had a pristine house and gardens. Box sold it for under the market value. We haven’t seen a penny. Box makes my blood boil – she is evil.’ Box was sentenced to seven years in jail earlier this year after admitting nine counts of fraud, two of forgery and one of theft. Her 200-year-old law firm has been forced into extinction. The rest of her family faced no charges and issued a statement promising that Linda Box ‘will do everything in her power to put right the dreadful wrongs’ she has committed. Today, her victims find that, stripped of cash and assets, they are short of answers, too.

    A spokesman for the Diocese of Leeds pointed out that ‘her guilty pleas, while commendable for their swiftness, have prevented a full examination’ of what truly drove her. In theory, Linda Box will pay for her actions next month when a Proceeds of Crime hearing considers which of her remaining assets must be sold to compensate her victims. They must be praying that the woman who so expertly exploited their grief does not have one final shock up the sleeves of that neat black cardigan.

  • Memorandum of Understanding between cops and law society
  • Plague of lawyers greed, self-importance and lack of scruples of UK’s last unreformed vested interest group
  • Lawyer rogues gallery
  • UK election: 'Youth quake' shakes political system VIDEO
    Brendon O'Connell's escape from zionist police state Australia VIDEO
    The lesbian plotting to take over the tory party

    and vast swathes of Scotland voted for it.

  • Tory lesbian Davidson spoke to May over DUP gay rights concern
  • May narrow election win offers no hope
    Maintenance of a Boeing 747 Documentary VIDEO

  • How To Build A Jumbo Jet Engine Documentary (VIDEO)

    UK: A bastard nation that votes a bastard into power

    Its NOT the bastard thats in power its the evil bastards who vote an evil bastard into power who has blood on her hands. Britain is a sick society and no doubt the rest of the European Union are well shot as the far right wing mindset of the British scum who vote for the likes of Theresa May and previously Margaret Thatcher will isolate them from ever more countries around the world , NOT a decent but a nasty society to do business with.

    A sad place for the vulnerable, sick and disabled to be trapped in who will continue to be destroyed by tory madness and attacks on those least able to defend themselves.


  • Vladimir Putin and Oliver Stone Talk Security, Fate and Assassination VIDEO
    Legalized Highway Robbery, Cop Caught on Dashcam Stealing $50,000 Cash VIDEO
    Nuclear Fusion MIT Conference 2016 Lecture VIDEO
    "Dream Hoarders" Claims America's Upper MIDDLE CLASS Is Stealing The American Dream VIDEO

    Most Extreme Drone Crashes of All-Time Compilation VIDEO
    Five ULTRA RICH media scumbags who support the tory scum the day before election with FAKE news

    The evil tory press barons Richard Desmond (Express and Star) Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail) The Barclay Brothers (Telegraph) and Rupert Murdoch (Sun and Times) show their allegiances by sticking their lying knives into the opposition, supporting the tory agenda and the cuts that have seen blood on the streets during their vile reign of terror.
    Where Data Lives Forever: A Look Inside The Doomsday Vault VIDEO
    Facts About the International Space Station VIDEO

    A multi-trillion dollar white elephant that leaves the peasants languishing impoverished on earth.
    Scientists with big pay cheques push the outrageous sums spent on space junk.
    WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? VIDEO
    Qatar: Terrorism financing stories fabricated VIDEO

  • Five things you need to know about what’s going on with Qatar
  • The Real Reason Behind The Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas
  • Gulf Monarchies Sacrifice Neighbor Qatar as “Sponsor of Terrorism”
  • Five Gulf States Accuse Qatar of Supporting Terrorists
  • Gulf nations 'cut off relations with Qatar after country paid $1 BILLION ransom to Al-Qaeda to free kidnapped royals'
  • Saudi Arabia's power play leaves Qatar with little room to manoeuvre
  • Qatar blockade could hit state airline, al-Jazeera and World Cup
  • Met cops changing into same outfits as “terrorists” during the London bridge attacks? VIDEO
    MI5 and Met failings behind UK terror on the streets
    The SR 91 Aurora aircraft Documentary VIDEO
    What is the best form of defence against a terror attack?

    Britain has been riddled with terror attacks over recent months yet the British establishment has left ordinary citizens reliant on a slow reacting police force to protect them from impending danger. The British sheeple have been conned into believing, after Dunblane, that guns are best left in the hands of the ruling mafia, yet most of the landed gentry have vast arsenals stockpiled in case of a peasant uprising especially the royal parasites.

    It is NO USE them putting freemasons disguised as cops on the streets with machine guns as that will never protect an ordinary member of the public facing an imminent terror attack. ONLY an immediate response with being armed would stop someone from dying at the hands of a terror threat. American citizens would NEVER tolerate leaving their own personal safety in the hands of a few armed cops.

    Little did the British public realise the potential nightmare of allowing only those in control to handle guns leaving ordinary citizens prey to attacks both from criminal acts and the much bigger threat of a terrorist attack that is becoming all to common.


  • London attack: Met cops defend dropping inquiry into attacker
  • British cops and MI5 no longer fit for purpose (Protection of the British public has SELDOM if ever been the TOP priority for the FREEMASON controlled security services)
  • Three terror attacks in three months ... and ALL killers were known to police: Fears over MI5 warning system as more slip through security net
  • Theresa May should resign and stop 'shifting blame' over terror attacks says former Downing Street aide
  • Aren't MI5 supposed to protect UK citizens from attacks?
  • MI5 inquiry over failed response to Manchester suicide bomber despite several warnings
  • MI5 launch investigation into why it missed the danger posed by Manchester suicide bomber
  • MI5 failure behind Manchester suicide bombing
  • How did MI5 miss the danger posed by Salman Abedi?
  • How many boxes does an Islamist extremist have to tick before he qualifies for close surveillance by the security services?
    Manchester Terror Attack: Rallying the Youth Around the Occult Elite

    The Manchester Terror Attack took place at a concert for Ariana Grande – an music industry superstar. It was a grand and horrifying clash of the worlds of entertainment and high-stakes terrorism.

    The Manchester terror attack was sickening for several reasons. Its aftermath was also sickening, for a slew of other reasons. It was about forcing horror on children, killing dozens of them and shattering whatever wonder and innocence that was left in the survivors. It was about mixing the worlds of song, dance, and entertainment with fear, death, and horror. On May 22, 2017, a suicide bombing occurred in the UK, immediately following a concert by Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena. Twenty-three adults and children were killed, and 119 were injured, 23 critically. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. Before I go any further, it is necessary to explain the underlying nature of ISIS. Contrary to appearances, it is not an enemy of the world elite. In fact, the emergence of ISIS was “facilitated” by the powers that be.

    In 2014, I published an article entitled ISIS: A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home; it is still relevant today. “ISIS” is continuously used to destabilize governments hostile to the elite, while facelessly causing fear, panic, and terror in major cities. The elite agenda is rooted in fear, panic, and terror. Such emotion is a golden currency, an invaluable asset that can be used to shape and mold society with little to no resistance. The number of terror attacks and deaths blamed on ISIS is staggering and is becoming, sadly, a “new normal”. Places of fun, leisure, tourism, and entertainment are being turned into sites of carnage. And, of course, after each event, no concrete plan or solution is ever proposed. It is almost as if they want modern society to accept the notion that it is “normal” for any person to be randomly killed at any time, for no particular reason.

    Is there any mainstream discussion about the problems that are the root cause of ISIS and concrete ways to solve them? Rarely. However, a bunch of “satellite issues” are often brought up – ones that were clearly on the elite’s agenda for years, simply waiting for the next terror attack to bring them about.

    Here’s what Theresa May had to say in the wake of the Manchester attack:

    Apparently, terror needs to be contained through the regulation of the internet. May stated:

    “We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed – yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide,” Ms May said.

    “We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning.”

    The response to each terror attack is one more incremental step towards an all-out, highly monitored police state that represses all of its citizens. The only response to terror society is capable of, it would seem, restricting the basic rights of privacy, free speech, and democracy of ALL citizens. It is never about understanding the root of it all … because then things get real. And the elite don’t like when people get real. They want people to be afraid while listening to Ariana Grande.

    Ariana Grande

    The Manchester bombing took place in a setting with heavy symbolic value. It occurred during a show by an industry superstar who is particularly loved by children: Ariana Grande. And, in case you haven’t read other articles on this site, she is a tool of the elite – not unlike ISIS. However, Grande works in the elite’s “entertainment” department. Through the handful of media conglomerates who sign and promote a select group of stars, the elite uses this system to shape and mold the masses – especially the youngest and most impressionable – to adopt specific ideas, values, and attitudes. Ariana Grande has been part of the system since she was a young teenager who played the role of “Cat Valentine” in the Nickelodeon show Victorious. This role led her “teen idol” status, a platform that was then used to launch her singing career.

    Not unlike other teen idols, Grande’s solo career coincided with a drastic image change. She quickly became a figurehead of the “Sex Kitten” agenda used to expose children to sexual imagery at a young age.

    Indeed, “Cat Valentine” from Victorious turned into a singing Beta Kitten.

    Throughout her career, Grande has been told to flash the one-eye sign in photoshoots, confirming that she’s part of the elite’s system.

    In 2016, Grande released a new album and a new tour eerily called Dangerous Woman.

    If one analyzes the grand scheme of things, what happened in Manchester is deeply disturbing. Thousands of young people, hooked by the intense marketing machine behind Ariana Grande, were lured into a packed arena. A bomb then exploded, killing and injuring children, violently colliding the worlds of elite entertainment with elite terrorism, forcing an entire generation to face unspeakable evil and horror. If, in the past, the youngest members of Western society could avoid the constant flow of depressing, terror-related news by focusing on entertainment, that era is now clearly over.

    In response to the attack, on June 4th, Ariana Grande headlined One Love Manchester, a benefit concert for the victims of the attack. The show also featured Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. These artists each share at least two things in common. First, their target market is children and teens. Second, they’re all fully part of the occult elite industry and their entire catalogs are drenched in its symbolism. Everything about them refers to the dark side of mind control and cryptically refers to trauma, abuse, and occult rituals. These were the stars chosen to “respond” to terror and to uplift the masses. On a wider scale, they represent the mainstream opposition to ISIS. If you don’t like ISIS and terror, you are told you need to embrace these pawns of the occult elite’s industry. They are the answer.

    Appropriately enough, the concert finished with Ariana Grande singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow – the classic 1939 song written for the movie The Wizard of Oz. In the world of Monarch Programming, “over the rainbow” is a code of dissociation. The movie The Wizard of Oz has been used as an MK ULTRA programming script for decades and the song is used to induce dissociation. The fact that this song is used at the end of a concert for children headlined by representatives of the MK system is rather telling.

    “Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other extreme and become a participant.

    The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the Rainbow…there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream, which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy.

    The term for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.” – Fritz Springmeier, The Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave

    The same way that mind-control slaves are exposed to intense trauma to induce dissociation, the masses are exposed to trauma through terror to the point of numbness … and then are told to “go over the rainbow”. The fear of “terror” is its own black magic, and it can be used to contaminate minds, debase the soul, and, as we continue to see, to disrupt society. The waves of shock and grief it generates quickly become part of the “psychosphere” and end up defining an entire generation. They feed off of death, despair, and distress, and they seek to poison all aspects of society with it. Do not let them contaminate your mind and don’t be fooled by their “dangerous” men or women.

  • Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube VIDEO
    Hangars - Documentary VIDEO
    Theresa May should resign and stop 'shifting blame' over terror attacks says former Downing Street aide

    Steve Hilton - who was David Cameron 's strategy director - launched an extraordinary outburst against the "clearly incompetent" PM over security failings

    Theresa May is "shifting blame" for the London and Manchester terror attacks and should resign, a former top Downing Street advisor declared today.

    Steve Hilton - who was David Cameron 's strategy director - launched an extraordinary outburst against the Tory Prime Minister over security failings. Despite his old boss presiding over years of police cuts, Mr Hilton wrote on Twitter: "Theresa May responsible for security failures of London Bridge, Manchester, Westminster Bridge. "Should be resigning not seeking re-election.

    "Theresa May blame-shifting again. Her spin doctors attack MI5, but she was in charge of them for years." He added: "What's the point of electing someone who is clearly incompetent, however Tory-ish her language may be?" 'Blue-sky thinker' Mr Hilton was David Cameron's strategy director until he left in 2012 and has since become a critic of Tory government policy.

    His comments came as the head of Scotland Yard said "of course" it was right to look at police resources in light of the recent attacks. Labour says the cut in officer numbers, by around 20,000 since the Tories took power, made it harder for community police to nip potential extremism in the bud. Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said: “We’ve now seen these ghastly attacks in London and in Manchester over the last several weeks. During that time we’ve also foiled another five plots.

    “So yes of course, I think it’s appropriate for us all to look at the amount of resource that police have, both the counter-terror police but also our neighbourhood officers. The majority of people who responded on Saturday night and are now keeping London safe aren’t counter-terrorist police. They are general police or people with particular specialist skills. “So of course we must look at that and look right across the strategy and the resourcing in the police and beyond.” A top Tory was barracked on live TV over the issue as she was told police cuts may have put "civilians' blood" on Theresa May's hands.

    Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan monstered Karen Bradley for claiming it was "simplistic" to want more cops on the streets. The Culture Secretary repeatedly refused to say more officers would make the public safer, and refused to give a straight answer to whether the number of armed officers had gone up or down. Told many people would think more police would make the public safer, she responded: "I think that's a very simplistic argument.

    "The Met Police Commissioner has been clear, they have the resources they need to deal with counter-terrorism. "I think it's about how we deploy police officers, I think it's about how we manage the resources we have, I think it's about smart policing, looking at the changing nature of crime, and about the powers.

    "If police don’t have the powers, it doesn’t really matter how many of them there are. "And Jeremy Corbyn has voted against all those powers."

  • May: The fucking tory bitch who cut cop numbers ending in mass murder on UK streets VIDEO

    Tory scum have always use bombings to distract from their EVIL agenda.

    Long before the latest attacks in London the IRA were a great scapegoat for Thatcher and the madmen who run the tory party. Policies that are pure evil need constant distractions so they can point the finger at rogue bombers who take the heat away from their own mass murder and point the rage of the public onto other distractions.


  • PIERS MORGAN: Mrs May talks tough now but what did she do when she was in charge of the Home Office? She cut police numbers by 20,000. And now we're paying the price in blood.
  • Theresa May told police in 2015 you've still got years of budget cuts to come
  • Theresa May has left Britain's police demoralised and angry in 2016. Now we just don't trust her
  • Theresa May accused police of ‘scaremongering’ over spending cuts
  • A vivid illustration of how Theresa May crippled the Police during her seven years as Home Secretary
  • Corbyn accuses tories of trying to "protect the public on the cheap" in a speech focusing on the London terror attack (All the tory's ever do is cut and the cost of those cuts are a massive loss of life not only from terror failures but financially crucifying the poorest sections of society)
  • Cops shot a member of the public during London Bridge attack VIDEO
    Putin Informs Hacking Expert Megyn Kelly That She Has No Idea What She's Talking About VIDEO
    The Nature and Defects of Oligarchy VIDEO
    Dark Matter - Documentary VIDEO
    Witness footage of London Bridge Attack June 3, 2017 VIDEO
    London attack: 'They were running and stabbing everyone VIDEO

  • London attack: Six killed in vehicle and stabbing incidents
  • London Bridge: Deaths after car and stabbing attacks VIDEO
    Who’s funding Britain's terrorists? ‘Sensitive’ Home Office report may never be published

    Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef welcomes British Prime Minister Theresa May, April 4, 2017.

    An investigation commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron into the revenue streams behind jihadist groups operating in Britain may never be published, the Home Office has admitted.

    The inquiry is thought to focus on British ally Saudi Arabia, which has repeatedly been highlighted by European leaders as a funding source for Islamist extremists, and may prove politically and legally sensitive, the Guardian reports. The UK has close ties with Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Theresa May visited the country earlier this year.

    In January 2016, a specialist Home Office unit was directed by Downing Street to investigate sources of overseas funding of extremist groups in the UK. The findings were to be shown to Cameron’s then-Home Secretary May. Eighteen months later, however, the Home Office told the Guardian the report had not been completed and would not necessarily be published, calling the contents “very sensitive.”

    A decision on the future of the investigation would be taken “after the election by the next government,” a spokesperson said. Cameron was urged to launch an investigation in December 2015 as part of a deal with the Liberal Democrats in exchange for the party supporting the extension of British airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) from Iraq into Syria.

    According to the Guardian, Tom Brake, the Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesperson, has written to the prime minister asking her to confirm that the investigation will not be shelved. “As home secretary at the time, your department was one of those reading the report. Eighteen months later, and following two horrific terrorist attacks by British-born citizens, that report still remains incomplete and unpublished,” Brake wrote.

    “It is no secret that Saudi Arabia in particular provides funding to hundreds of mosques in the UK, espousing a very hard line Wahhabist interpretation of Islam. It is often in these institutions that British extremism takes root.” Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said he felt the government had not held up its side of the bargain. The report must be published when it is completed, he said, even if its contents are sensitive.

    “That short-sighted approach needs to change. It is critical that these extreme, hardline views are confronted head on, and that those who fund them are called out publicly. “If the Conservatives are serious about stopping terrorism on our shores, they must stop stalling and reopen investigation into foreign funding of violent extremism in the UK.”

  • "NSA Says It Would Violate Americans Privacy To Find Out How Many Citizens They're Spying On!" VIDEO
    America's Secret Nuclear Experimental Planes VIDEO
    May's masterclass in dodging journalists' questions VIDEO
    Why Border Patrol agents have the highest suicide rate VIDEO
    Nasa gets to spend $1.2 billion to send space junk to the sun VIDEO

    America's ruling mafia have very strange priorities when spending vast sums
    on NASA's folly's while mass homelessness blights the supposed land of the free
    "Stone Cold Justice" - Israeli kidnapping, detention, torture and abuse of Palestinian children VIDEO
    World’s biggest aeroplane the "Stratolaunch" VIDEO

    The world's largest plane has been unveiled by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen
    after it left its hangar in the California desert for the first time.
    Hillary Clinton "This Is MY Truth! even if its FAKE!!!!! VIDEO
    Meet Jessica Pearce, the woman buying houses for Melbourne's homeless
    A woman has been so moved by the sight of Melbourne's homeless people that she has started buying houses for them.

    Jessica Pearce was staying at a hotel in Flinders Street with her partner over the Christmas period when they came face to face with city's homeless problem. "I guess we felt shocked and I suppose a bit guilty — we didn't realise how bad the housing situation in Melbourne was,".

    "The streets were lined with people sleeping on mattresses or on the ground.

    "I guess it just touched me and I thought that maybe there was something that we could do." 'I wanted him to have stable accommodation'.

    The couple spent two nights wandering the streets handing out $20 and $50 notes to those sleeping rough and talking with them about their circumstances. Some of the hundreds of people sleeping rough on Melbourne's streets talk about how they ended up there.

    One of those people was a man who was sleeping on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral. "He had a two- and a three-year-old who were staying with his ex-partner and he wasn't going to have access to them because he didn't have somewhere to live," Ms Pearce said.

    Ms Pearce and her partner invited him back to their hotel for two nights, before putting him up at a motel for a month.

    "I wanted him to have stable accommodation for the children."

    Four for the price of one

    Ms Pearce had recently finished paying off her own mortage and was looking to buy an investment property in inner Melbourne. But after her experience she decided to buy houses in cheaper areas, and two weeks ago purchased four houses "all about three or four days apart from each other" .

    The properties

    Lara: Short-term accommodation for people with children who are on a waitlist for housing
    Corio: Accommodation for homeless young people studying or in an apprenticeship
    Morwell: Short-term crisis accommodation for up to three months
    Moe: Apartment providing permanent accommodation for up to three young people

    "The price that I would have paid for one house in town was the same as buying four in cheaper areas," she said. The properties in Corio, Lara, Morwell and Moe will provide either short-term crisis accommodation or a stable, long-term residence.

    The house in Lara, for example, will be provided for up to three months to people with children who are on a waiting list for long-term accommodation. "It's quite a lovely house, it's very much like you would imagine a grandmother's house to be," Ms Pearce said.

    She said she had spoken to youth housing providers and government organisations about how to best administer the properties, which are still awaiting settlement. "It's very much a work in progress."

    Just why Ms Pearce has taken such a generous step might be explained by her own history. Three days before she turned 16 her mother and stepfather asked her to leave home. "I'd already been working at Hungry Jack's so I just took on some extra hours.

    "It's funny, at the time I didn't think much of it, I kind of took it in my stride." She confided in her maths teacher, with whom she had a good relationship, and he set her up in stable accommodation.

    "He was connected with a house in Elwood that provided accommodation for young people who wanted to stay in school, which is probably a lot of the reason that I had the idea of providing a house like that myself now." Ms Pearce now has a successful business and her four children "have not really wanted for anything". "I've probably got it better than most people," she said.

  • What it's like to be homeless in Melbourne
  • Melbourne homelessness: Meet the city's rough sleepers
  • Israel's MOSSAD: The most dangerous global spying / sabotage network on the planet VIDEO

    The biggest false flag saboteurs on earth
  • Confessions of a Mossad spy
  • Ex-Mossad Officer Reveals How They Operate (VIDEO)
  • "I BEG FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS" Kathy Griffin Apologizes For Posing With A Beheaded Trump VIDEO
    Poverty in America Documentary 2017 VIDEO
    Here's How Hackers Are Trying To Steal Your Credit Card At The Gas Pump VIDEO
    The law's an ass when judeo/freemasons are writing it
    World leaders endlessly chant without the 'RULE OF LAW' we would all end up in the jungle. Well after decades of listing vast injustices that are emanating from every court in the UK and replicated in courts globally, that have members of the legal mafia's bar association who are all answerable to the Inns of Court in London, we can say we would take our chance in the jungle long before those vile courts.

    Laws that are being imposed on the peasants, while the self appointed elite rob us blind with impunity are NOT laws that should be adhered to. Laws that allow a bunch of perverted paedo's to steal our children for their abuse network are NOT laws that should be adhered to. The very murdering bastards manufacturing those laws are the very bastards who do not abide by them and their lodge buddies embedded in the legal system and cop mafia make sure they are NEVER charged for their abhorrent crimes against the long suffering public.

    We can say with certainty the law society has the most ruthless bunch of scum dishing out judgments that make Mugabe look like an angel. Families destroyed by their version of what is law and what is to many decent citizens repugnant and where evil masquerades as good law. It is taking time for all of this to filter through to the masses as yet to face that tyranny and the monstrous evil that passes off as law enforcement.

    They require to heavily enforce those laws that are so inhumane their victims die on a regular basis when pushed over the edge and when they realise what they are facing, pure evil and the more they thieve the stronger their network of twisted laws become with their own lodge buddies controlling the whole ugly operation.




    Join HERE. The majority of the mass media has a hidden agenda and none of it includes fair reporting of men's issues. Please send comments and articles to EDITORIAL.
    World NEWS the government and judicial controlled mass media wont EXPOSE.


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